ARPG 2-231


Discuss with the others

You decide it’s probably a good idea to ask the others what they think of the elf’s offer. You take a few moments to explain his deal with Myla, since she was asleep.

“Eh…” Myla looks at you, then at Ken. “Well, I’m staying out of it. If you wanna go for it, that’s your own thing. I won’t lie. If you can learn some way to keep my head straight, I won’t complain about how you learn it.” Her response is a bit surprising. You expected her to complain at least a little bit. “Besides. I know you. If I got upset because you banged other people, we wouldn’t be able to travel together.” She gives you a smirk. It would seem she’s pretty aware of your activities with others…

“Nope.” Jates shakes her head. “Don’t include me in this at all. I want nothing to do with this perv.” She seems pretty solid on not having anything to do with Ken. You can’t really blame her too much though.

“I am unsure.” Elykae pauses, thinking. “The magic would be useful, though his method of payment is… unusual. I suppose it would be no issue for someone like you though.” You’re not sure what to think of that last comment. “I… do have some interest in learning magic, but I don’t know if I could accept his price…” You consider her interest in learning and get an idea.

Turning to Ken, you ask if he would accept it if you brought a feral to join, and if she could cover the cost of letting Elykae learn. “Eh? A feral?” He gives you a curious look. “I mean, as long as she won’t get violent or anything, I guess that’s fine. Oh, and if she’s cute.” You nod, explaining that Bluebell is very cute. “Ah, and… only if she’s willing. Not doing anything if there’s no consent.” You nod, you’ll have to talk to Bluebell about this.

Though it appears that you’ll have to do this later, as Kaiti returns to the room. “Floria.” She calls for you. “The Commander’s airship has arrived, it seems. We can go see him whenever you’re ready. He should be settled in his office by the time we get there.”

It looks like it’s finally time to see the Commander. You start to collect your party, though Kaiti speaks up once more. “It would be best if you brought only those needed.” She explains. “I’ll likely have to fight his receptionist in order to get you in as it is already. So the fewer you bring, the better.” You assume she’s talking about the rabbit girl, Raylene. “I suppose you’ve met her then. She takes her job very seriously, but she can be a bit… frustrating at times.” You chuckle at that a little. Looks like you need to decide who all you want to bring.



Myla’s pretty chill about this thing. :V