ARPG 2-232


Bring Elykae

You decide it best to just bring Elykae for this. You don’t want to bring anyone unneeded if it will cause problems with that rabbit girl. You explain this to the others.

“Sounds good to me.” Myla nods. “I’d rather just get some rest anyway.” You nod to her, telling her not to push herself too much until she recovers.

“I guess this means that you’ll be a bit busy for now, eh?” Ken speaks up. You nod to him, explaining that this is something important. “Well yeah. If you’re talking to the Commander, I’d assume it’s important. I guess I’ll head back to my shop. If you want to take me up on my offer, just come around at any time. Though uh… if it looks like I’ve been hitting the bottle, maybe don’t come around then, eh? Heheh.” You hesitantly nod to him. The elf bids you farewell and heads out.

“So we shall be going now, correct?” Elykae looks at you, and you nod to her. She turns to Kaiti. “Please lead the way.”

“Of course.” The catgirl nods and starts to lead the two of you out. “When we arrive at the palace, just let me talk until we meet the Commander. I imagine I’ll have to argue with Raylene a fair amount.” As you head out of Kaiti’s mansion, you wonder why the rabbit is so strict about who sees the Commander. “Hm… She’s a bit… She likes order. And by that, she likes forms and applications. If you go through ‘proper’ channels to get an audience with the Commander, she’ll willingly let you in with little issue. However, that sort of thing takes quite a bit of time. I just hope I won’t have to argue too much…”

The three of you make your way to the Palace and head inside. Kaiti speaks with a guard who allows you to head towards the Commander’s office. After some time, you are once again met with the rabbit girl Raylene. “Hm? What’s this?” The pink-furred beastgirl lifts her head from her papers. “Ah, Miss Kaiti. I assume you are here to see the-” She notices you and Elykae. “…I see you brought guests as well. The Commander just arrived, so it would be best if you gave him some time to settle in. I would ask that you return tomorrow at-”

“Raylene, now isn’t the time for that.” Kaiti steps toward the desk. “We have important things to discuss with the Commander. I do not have time to argue this with you.”

“While that may be so…” The rabbit doesn’t back down. “The Commander has much to catch up on. I will not have you disrupting his work.”

“I don’t have time for this!” The catgirl’s voice is starting to sound a bit more angered. You assume this isn’t the first time she’s had to deal with this. “We’ve dangerous people in the city and Caskel needs to-”

“The COMMANDER does not have time for your pointless reports. Take them to the guard captains.” Even Raylene is starting to raise her voice. “Miss Kaiti, you would do well to know that just because you work under the Commander, it doesn’t mean that you can just walk into his office when you find the smallest problems. Furthermore, I will not-”

“What is going on here, Raylene?” An armored man steps out of a door from behind the rabbit girl. “Are you having troubles with-” The man sees Kaiti along with you and Elykae. Looking at him, you recognize him as the Commander. “Ah, Miss Kaiti. And…” He looks directly at you. “You are the adventurer from Malor, correct? I believe your name was Floria, correct?” You quickly nod, a bit happy that an important man like him has remembered you.

“Commander, we have urgent news for you.” Kaiti quickly speaks to him before Raylene can. “And these two need to speak to you as well.”

“Sir, I tried to turn them away so that you could catch up on your work.” Raylene immediately follows her, almost interrupting Kaiti. “However, they insisted-”

“It’s fine, Raylene.” Caskel holds up his hand to stop her. “If it’s as urgent as Miss Kaiti makes it out to be, then I should likely hear of it.” He turns to the three of you. “Please, come inside.” Kaiti nods, and motions for you to follow her. As you step past the rabbit girl, you note that she looks a bit frustrated. Regardless, you all step into the Commander’s office, shutting the door behind you.

“I apologize for Raylene.” The Commander says as he takes a seat at his desk. He offers a chair for each of you, which you take. “Though I suppose Miss Kaiti is quite used to this.” He says that with a smile.

“Sir, if I may, perhaps it would be a good idea to speak with her about that.” Kaiti sighs, obviously frustrated. “This happens more often than it really should…”

“Haha, well, I will have to see.” Caskel chuckles. “Anyway, I am aware that you had news for me. What has happened while I was away then?” With a nod, Kaiti spends some time explaining to the Commander about your encounter with the bat and her connection with the Followers of the Demon Witch. With her explanation complete, the Commander pauses for a moment, thinking her words over with a grave look on his face. “I see. We had gotten suspicious reports of this sort of activity, though nothing was reliable. This is not good news, but at least we are fully aware of it. I will need to assign some of our efforts on this. However…” He pauses for a moment again. “Our knowledge of this organization is limited. It would be in our best interests to do some proper research into this group before taking action. Hm… Miss Kaiti.” Kaiti looks up at the man. “I believe I may have work for you. I’ll have to discuss it with you later though.”

“Yes, sir.” She nods to him. “Ah, these two had news for you as well.” She looks over to Elykae. “This woman is from the Grental Empire.”

“Oh?” The Commander looks over to her. “Hm… Another one then?”

“Commander Caskel. My name is Elykae.” The deergirl bows her head a bit as she introduces herself. “I come as an agent of the Empire to bring you news.”

“Hm…” The Commander pauses for a moment. “Yes, and the news is that my own agents have been captured by the militarists, correct?”

“I… Yes.” Elykae’s voice sounds confused. “You were already aware..?”

“Only recently, but yes.” Caskel nods. “It would seem that your partner found me first. The lamia girl. Though according to her, you were captured.” You decide to speak up and explain how you originally had captured Elykae, but then decided to let her join you. “I see. Well, I’m sure your partner would be glad to know that you are well.” He gives Elykae a smile.

“I am unsure…” The deergirl lowers her head slightly, but then brings it back up. “Ah, but… There was another thing. Did she ask you about support for the Emperor?”

“Yes, she did.” He nods, though his expression is less cheerful. “And I am afraid I cannot assist there. The council would never allow me to send support to the Empire, even if it were in the Alliance’s best interest.” He sighs. Obviously, if it were his choice, he would. “I’m afraid there’s little I can do for you.”

“I… I see.” Elykae looks a little defeated. “I understand. Thank you for your time, Commander Caskel.”

“Hm…” He looks over to you. “It would seem you’ve been caught up in quite a bit, and quite suddenly. I imagine you may be a bit overwhelmed by all this. If you have questions, then I may be able to answer them for you.”



Poor pink bunny. She’s just trying to do her job.


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