ARPG 2-233


Speak with Commander

You decide to ask the Commander what he thinks of the Empire. You already know that he seems to have a positive look towards them, but you’re curious about specifics.

“Hm…” He thinks for a moment. “The loyalists of the Empire would make for an excellent ally. The Alliance has prospered from trade with them, as their magic enchantments far excel from our own. Aside from that, the loyalists may have been more heavy-handed in the past, but it seems that most of them have grown quite wise. While they do not believe in personal freedoms quite as much as we do here in the Alliance, they do what is best for their people as a whole. The Empire has not had an easy time for quite some time, so it’s understandable that they may be forced to do things that are unpopular.” Caskel sighs. “However, the militarists are another story. They would like nothing more than to renew the war with Mesai, and while they ask for alliance with us, that is one I am less confident in. The militarists want conquest. If they managed to take Mesai, it would just be a matter of time before they turned their gaze toward our own nation. I only wish that the rest of the council would understand the threat of the militarists in Grental and would allow us to send some amount of assistance to the loyalists.”

You consider his words for a bit. “However…” Kaiti speaks up. “The Commander’s offers to the council are regularly shot down. Many lean towards supporting Mesai, which is all well and good but… Even Mesai is a bit worrying.”

“Indeed.” The Commander nods to the catgirl. “The Kingdom of Mesai is as dangerous as it’s leader. King Landus has proven to be a very wise and peaceful leader, but his heir is young. If something were to happen, I fear that the lords would easily manipulate the nation into going down a more dangerous path. Not only that, but the people of Mesai are patriotic to a fault. They would love nothing more than to see more lands come under their rule.” He pauses for a moment. “No nation is perfect though. The Kingdom is stable for now, but has an uncertain future. The Empire is on the verge of civil war. And our own Alliance itself has been steadily giving into corruption.” He gives an exhausted sigh. “Such is the game of politics, I suppose…”

You think for a moment and remember the letter you have. You remember that Raylene said it would allow you to accept official jobs from the Alliance, and so decide to ask the Commander if he would have work for you. “Ah, that’s right. Hm…” He pauses, thinking. “I may indeed have something for you and your allies, but I will have to create plans.” He glances over at Kaiti. “I’ll discuss this with Kaiti for now. You seem to be on friendly terms with each other, so I’ll likely offer any jobs I may have through her. I understand that Raylene can be a bit… difficult at times. Aside from that, there are things that I cannot quite trust with even her.” You ask what sort of job he had in mind. “I can tell you that it involves the Empire. Though as I said, I’ll need time to plan it out. Hm…”

The Commander pauses again, thinking. “Is there anything else you wanted to speak about?” You decide to bring up Tassri. You explain what you know of her involvement with the recent incident, though you admit that you still cannot completely confirm if she is innocent or not. However, based on the traps in your apartment, you are starting to think she may have not been on your side. “An Arachne named Tassri? I’ll create a bulletin for her as a person of interest. We will not treat her as a criminal until we have proper proof, but if she knows anything of this organization, then it is important that we find her.”

You thank him for that, and after a bit of thinking, you cannot think of anything else you want to tell him. “Is that so? Hm… Well then, I would like to speak with Kaiti for a while. I assume you may have other business to attend to, so you are free to leave. I thank you for the information, Miss Floria. Ah, and I also thank you for your work, Miss Elykae.” He turns to the deergirl, who nods to him. You and Elykae stand, bid the Commander farewell, and head out of his office.

Outside, you are met with Raylene, still sitting at her desk, dealing with some papers. She doesn’t speak to you, but you decide to apologize for intruding. You can understand that she’s just trying to do her job, and you wouldn’t want her to dislike you for it. “Hm…” The bunny girl pauses before facing you. “Well, it seems the Commander didn’t mind. Even so, he has far too much work to be dealing with everyone who comes in. I can only ask that you only come here if it is something truly important. Preferably with an appointment.” You hesitantly nod to her, not wanting to anger her. For now though, you bid her farewell as well and head out of the Palace.

As you consider what to do next, you turn to Elykae. You note that she’s been quiet for a little while now, moreso than usual. You decide to ask her if there’s anything wrong. “I… No. I am fine.” She says, though you’re starting to learn when she’s lying. Something is obviously bothering her. You call her out on it, and after a long pause, she finally speaks. “Things have not gone to plan. I was not expecting her to reach the Commander first. It would seem I wasn’t needed here after all…” It would seem she’s a bit upset about that, though you get the feeling that isn’t all. “…I apologize.” Elykae speaks again. “Perhaps I just need some rest.”

You wonder what to do now…



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In case you missed it, here’s an update blog I did about what happened:


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