ARPG 2-234


Cheer Elykae up

You turn to look at Elykae for a moment, trying to think of what to do to cheer her up. You decide that if she’s distracted, then she won’t be as upset. With a smile, you quickly reach over and fondle her breasts, causing her to flinch in surprise.

“Ah?! F-Floria?!” The deergirl’s voice squeaks a bit as she’s catch her off-guard with your sudden groping. “Wh-what are you doing?!” You stop and chuckle, explaining that you just wanted to have some fun with her. Getting a little more serious, you tell her that you just wanted to get her mind off of being upset. “I… I see. You have a strange way of doing that sort of thing…” She sighs a bit, though you do feel like she’s a tiny bit better now. Deciding to continue, you reach over again. “Ah, Floria, that’s not…” The deergirl stops her protest when instead of fondling her, you give her a hug. Looking up at her mask, you tell her that things may not be going great, but that sort of thing just happens sometimes. You assure her that it will get better.

There’s a long pause before she finally replies. “You… you are right.” Elykae nods to you. “I apologize for that. It’s just…” You stop her, telling her to stop thinking about it so much. Deciding to distract her, you ask if she has any sort of hobbies that you could do together. With that, she would surely get her mind off of things. “Hobbies..?” She thinks for a moment. “I am unsure if there is anything. My work takes the majority of my time…” You insist that there must be something. “Ah… well… I suppose I enjoy reading occasionally..?” You ask her what sort of books she likes to read.

“Th-that is… Perhaps we should be going?” She tries to change the subject. “Perhaps we should check on the potion merchant? Last night must have been quite an ordeal for her.” You decide to let her change the subject for now. You nod to her, saying that you were considering checking on Gina as well. Thinking for a moment, you imagine that she’ll still be with her dad, who you assume is with that patient he was tending to. After thinking for a bit, you remember the address that Gina had said and start heading that way.

It doesn’t take too long for you to find the place. It’s another home in the noble district, though not a mansion like Kaiti’s home. It’s just a relatively simple-looking home, though it does look like there’s some sort of workshop nearby. Or rather, there was one. It looks like a bomb went off inside as it’s mostly destroyed. You can only see what remains of some mechanical devices, making you think it may have been some sort of engineering workshop. It would make sense. Skilled engineers in the Alliance often end up becoming quite wealthy, so it would make sense for them to have a home in the noble district. You head up to the front door and give it a knock. You’re unsure if you’ll be able to actually go see Mitchell and Gina, but you at least want to know if they’re okay.

To your surprise though, Gina is actually the one who answers the door. You notice that she’s in some clothes that don’t look like her own. You assume that she had to borrow some clothes after last night. “Oh! Floria? And Elykae, too?” The human girl seems quite happy to see you. “What brings you here?” You explain that you wanted to check on her after last night. “Oh, don’t worry! I’m fine now! It was a bit scary last night, but I’m okay. Do you want to come in?” She asks, though immediately stops. “Ah… I guess it isn’t my home to offer that, but… Well, the current owners are missing…” You ask what she means by that. “Um… I don’t know all the details but… The owners went missing and their daughter was caught in an explosion in her workshop. She’s some sort of engineer. That’s who my father is tending to at the moment. Apparently some think it was some sort of kidnapping and murder attempt… Ah but, don’t worry. There’s lots of guards here now, so I’m not too worried.”

“Why would someone attack an engineer..?” Elykae asks. “They do not seem like the type to be targeted.” You shrug, saying that murder attempts can happen for any number of reasons. “That may be true but when the wealthy or influential are involved, it can be a lot more complicated.” You admit that she may be right about that.

“So um…” Gina speaks up again. “Do you want to come inside? I was going to make some lunch, although…” She looks at your belly, still quite large. “I don’t guess you’re all that hungry still.”



So I’m gonna start doing a thing with comments. Just a bit of an experiment. When you make a comment, you can earn “points”. You get no points for low-effort comments, but gain lots of points for interesting comments. Note that it doesn’t have to be a comment idea that I would take. So basically, you’ll get more points for an interesting comment rather than a “correct” comment. Though do try to keep them in the general idea of ARPG. Don’t go way out there. :V

What do you get with the points? Well, the idea is that if you reach a certain amount of points (Not quite yet determined. I think I’ll start with 100) then I’ll send you a silly doodle. Note that it is not a commission or anything. I’ll just send ya something that I think you’ll like. It’ll probably be something dumb like Floria awkwardly groping Myla or something. The reward isn’t supposed to be anything big, just something fun for making good comments. :V

The goal with this is to reward good comments, though not give such a giant reward that people would fight over it. If people do fight over it, then I’ll just stop. It’s just an experiment after all. :V

I may occasionally post the people with the most points in this section. Doodles will probably just be in this sort of style:


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  1. I think we should take up her offer, even if at minimum to learn more on whats going on here. There seems to be a lot of plots happening in this town at the moment. Tassri, Bat and now this? They or some may be related to one another. Tassri is unlikely due to us appearing later, but who knows?

  2. Come on Elykae, you can open up to Floria, she’s everyone’s friend. So let’s stay with Gina for now. She might need some comfort after what happened, I know I would. If either Gina or Elykae feel down, let’s have Floria be the shoulder to cry on. (I like the comment point thing, pretty interesting. I hope people don’t try too hard and disrupt the game somehow. That would suck.)

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