ARPG 2-235


Go inside

You decide to accept Gina’s offer to go inside. You want to apologize to Mitchell for what happened last night, plus you’re a bit curious about what’s going on with this engineer. You tell her that you’ll come in.

“Oh? Good! Come on then.” Gina smiles, motioning you to come in. With the door shut behind you, she starts to lead you to what looks to be the sitting room. “I need to start getting lunch ready, so you two can just relax if you like.” You ask if you could see Mitchell. “My father? I’m sure that’ll be fine, yes. He’s in that room over there. Just give it a knock and he’ll probably let you in.” You nod to her.

“Gina, would you like some help?” Elykae speaks up. “I assume the doctor is with his patient. I do not want to crowd up the room of an injured person.”

“Oh, well sure!” Gina nods to her. “That’ll make things easier, at least.” With that, the two of them head off to another room. You walk over to the door that Gina mentioned and give it a light knock.

“Hm? Come in.” You hear Mitchell’s voice from the other side, so you open it up. He glances over with a bit of a surprised look, not expecting you. “Oh? Floria? What are you doing here?” You step inside and explain that you wanted to apologize for what happened last night with Gina. “Don’t worry. It’s fine. All that matters is that you are all safe.” He gives you a smile. “Gina explained what happened. That’s not something you could have ever predicted, so there’s no need to apologize.” You thank him for understanding and sigh with relief. You were a little worried that he might be upset with you.

“Eh?” You hear another voice, this one coming from the bed beside where the doctor is sitting. “Who’s this now? Another guard?” Looking over, you can see a heavily bandaged girl resting in the bed. This must be the engineer that Gina mentioned. You can immediately tell that her injuries are severe. It looks like she lost an arm.

“Ah, not a guard, Miss Kyleen.” The older man turns to the girl. “A friend of my daughter’s.” You step a bit closer to the bed. “I suppose introductions are in order. Miss Kyleen, this is Floria. She’s an adventurer, I believe. And Floria, this is-”

“Kyleen Alovic.” The girl interrupts the doctor. “Top engineer in all the Alliance!” She says that second part with pride before continuing. “Well, more or less anyway. You know the good doctor then, huh? He’s a pretty expensive guy, ain’t he?” He gives a smile with that. “I mean, he comes to take care of me and it costs me an arm and a leg! Well, half my leg, at least. Heheh.” You blink at that, completely surprised by her ability to joke around at her own loss of limbs. She certainly has a good sense of humour. You question if she should really be so okay with losing body parts like that. “Heh, I’m not worried about it. Once I can get out of this bed, I already have ideas on how I’m gonna make me some better limbs. A good mechanical arm will beat any normal arm, don’t you think?” You ask if she really can do something like that. “Of course I can! I wouldn’t be the top engineer in the Alliance if I couldn’t! Heheh- urgh…” She winces a bit, obviously still in a good amount of pain. “Though… I’m mostly just ready to recover. Getting really tired of being in this bed.”

“You won’t ever recover if you don’t stop moving around so much.” Mitchell sighs. You assume this Kyleen isn’t an easy patient for him. She does seem pretty lively. “But yes, Miss Kyleen is not bluffing when she speaks of her status. She’s been an Alliance Engineer for about 4 years.” You’re surprised to hear that as well. She looks like she’s around the same age as Gina, and the title of “Alliance Engineer” is only given to the best engineers.

“Yup. Most of my work has been on airships, but I do a little bit of everything. Even worked on the Siege Armor project last year.” She nods to you. “Though I guess my work’s gonna be slowed down a bit by all this. I doubt many of my projects survived that stupid bomb…” You ask her about that, asking what happened. “Eh? Oh, the bombing? Hm… Why do you wanna know?” She eyes you a bit. You explain that your own apartment was recently rigged with bombs. “Eh? Really? Wonder if it’s the same people… Hm…” She thinks for a moment. “Well, won’t hurt to let someone else know, I guess.”

“It was about uh… a week ago, I think.” She thinks. “I was working in my workshop. Doing some work on active engines for airships, I think. Complicated stuff, don’t figure you’d understand it. Anyway, I hear something happening in the house. Sounded like an argument, so I figured one of the nobles were annoying my parents again or something. They do that a lot. I’m ignoring it, trying to focus on work, when something gets tossed into the shop through the window. There’s a loud bang, and the next thing I know, I’m in a bed, missing limbs and hurting all over. After that, I learned that my parents are missing.” She gets a determined face. “The way I see it, they must have been kidnapped. Whoever took them must have tried to kill me to make sure I couldn’t come after them.” You ask why her parents would have been kidnapped. “They’re engineers too. Probably the only ones better than me. There’s loads of people who’d want them. And once I build a way for me to get around, I’m gonna go after them!”

“Kyleen, you’re an engineer, not a fighter.” Mitchell shakes his head. “You need to leave your parents to professionals. The Alliance is surely working hard to recover them.”

“Yeah right.” Kyleen shakes her head in reply. “The Alliance has enough issues. And even if they were actually working on that, the guard isn’t exactly known for being, you know, competent.” She turns to you. “So what happened with you then? You said your place had bombs too, right?” You nod, though you explain that you suspect that the magic bombs were planted by a former ally. You’re not sure if you should mention the involvement of the followers of the Demon Witch, but decide it might be best to give all the information. “Huh… magic bombs, eh? Well, that wasn’t what hit me. Definitely a regular bomb. I don’t think our stuff is too related. But…” She thinks for a moment. “You’re an adventurer right? You guys see all sorts of stuff. If you catch any word of a couple of really good engineers being held by someone, make sure you tell me, understand?”

“Miss Kyleen, I’m not sure if you should be putting this on Floria-” Mitchell tries to stop her.

“Hey, this is what they do, am I right?” She shakes her head at him, refusing to let him interrupt. “I’m not asking her to hunt ’em down or anything. I plan to do that myself. Nothing wrong with just keeping an ear out. Anyway, do we have a deal here, Floria?”



Ah, Kyleen. Every now and then, there’s a character that I’ve had planned for quite a while. You can usually tell who they are by the fact that they have last names. :V


2 thoughts on “ARPG 2-235”

  1. I say we agree to it, it doesn’t hurt us to keep an ear out and we may get a new friend who is extremely competent in their job.

    Other than that, we should ask the Doc if casting heal would help in any ways, even if only to reduce pain. Hell, even if it doesn’t, as long as Doc says it won’t hurt, do it anyways and try to soothe the pain while casting. It’s experience and a minor improvement is better than none.

    As a silly non serious note, I’m very curious how she’d look if we shoved her up Bluebirb and she came out birb’d(A breif thought of post birb’s was Robobirb). It would be counter intuitive however because, well, hands. I still am campaigning everyone to be unbirbed by Bluebirb just to see what comes out however. :V

    1. Well, she’s a hoot and a half. So this is one of your surprises Rayen. She’s got quite the personality. Let’s keep an eye and ear out for her parents, but on the off chance that if and when we get a lead, perhaps we should stay out of it. Floria’s a helpful one, but I don’t think we should interfere with personal biz.

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