ARPG 2-236


Agree to keep an ear out

Keeping an ear out for that sort of thing shouldn’t be a problem, so you nod to the girl, telling her that you will. After all, you imagine Elykae should be pretty good at finding that sort of information as well.

“Alright, good.” Kyleen nods to you. “I don’t know how long it’ll take me to actually get up and running again. I still don’t even know exactly how badly my workshop got hit.” You admit to her that it looked pretty bad. “Well, hopefully there’s something I can salvage. As long as some of my tools survived, I should be perfectly fine.”

You decide to ask if, when she gets herself recovered, she might be willing to travel with you. “Hm… I don’t know.” She shrugs. “I don’t really know you. And besides. I figure you got your own stuff to deal with. I’m not really wanting to waste much time when it comes to finding my parents. I guess I’ll keep it in mind though.” That’s about all you can ask for at the moment.

“Well then.” Mitchell speaks up. “I think it’s time for Miss Kyleen to get some rest. She won’t ever recover if she doesn’t.” He looks over at you. You can tell that he mostly just wants you to leave so that he can get her to rest. You give him a nod and take your leave of them.

You leave the room and close the door behind you, heading back to the sitting room. There, you find Elykae and Gina. It looks like they’ve finished making lunch. You note that there’s a decent amount of food present. “Oh, you’re back.” Gina cheerfully greets you again. “Um… if you want some, there’s some food here. I always end up making a bit too much, so it’s fine if you want some!” You nod to her and take a seat next to Elykae. The food does look good, and even if you’re not hungry, you feel like it’d be a bit rude to not eat. You decide to have a little, at least.

“How was the doctor?” Elykae asks. You explain that he was very understanding and doesn’t seem upset at all. “That is good. I admit that I was also worried that he may have been upset with us.” You also bring up Kyleen, explaining everything that she told you. “An Alliance Engineer? If her parents are that skilled, and if they were kidnapped, then I doubt anything good will come of that…” You mention that maybe if you find a way to help Kyleen, then maybe she’d be willing to help the Empire. The deergirl pauses for a moment, thinking that over. “The help of an Alliance Engineer would certainly be of great use. Perhaps we can spend some time on this…”

Deciding to change the subject, and wanting to bring the subject up while her father isn’t in the room, you ask Gina if she’s still willing to teach you some things about unbirth. “A-ah um… Yes, that.” The question seems to catch her off-guard. “Of course I am, although… Well, we’d need to do it somewhere private. And I couldn’t possibly do that sort of thing here in someone else’s home.” She looks off to the side. “And I don’t think my father is going to let me wander off by myself for a little while after what happened. I don’t think I’ll be able to really help you with that too much for a bit. Sorry.”

You think for a bit. You decide to ask if there would be some way for perhaps you and Elykae to practice. Perhaps just some tips she could give for making sure you can do it safely. “E-eh? Um…” Gina pauses for a moment. “W-well um… Eating is pretty safe. It’s easy to know when you should bring someone back up, and doing so isn’t very hard. As for um… the other way…” She blushes a little. Obviously this subject does get her a little excited. “It can be more dangerous. Because it’s a little easy to get um… overwhelmed. And you might forget to let the other person out.” So it sounds like you should always have a third party nearby, just in case.

You turn to Elykae and ask her if she’d be willing to practice these sorts of things with you. “I… What? I do not understand. Why do you want to learn these things so badly?” The cervidae looks at you. You explain that learning how to do it should prove useful in the future. And beside that, you imagine that being in a stomach would make your body get more used to digestive fluids, meaning that you might be able to last longer if you ever end up in a stomach unwillingly. You note that Elykae herself was in that sort of situation not too long ago. “I… I suppose that does make sense. Hm…” She still seems hesitant. “Though… We would need to wait until we have dealt with our previous meals first, correct?” You ask her what she means. “… I do not want to go into your stomach along with the… remains of others.” Looking down at your gut, you realize what she means. Being stuck in that soup probably wouldn’t be the most fun, especially considering a large portion of it was Nerron’s seed. However, it does seem like you’ve convinced her to at least be interested.



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  1. Floria, you naughty birb, you’re corrupting Elykae with your lewd ways XD. So I agree the the digestion resistance training, but only to an extent. I know that type of preparation is important in this game, but I feel like that we spend most of the fights avoiding that. This might be asking too much of Elykae, but maybe she should undergo most of the training, considering that she fights in close-quarters and Floria keeps her distance during a battle.

  2. Quick question:
    Will Kyleens new arm have any abilities of note and, if so, how could they affect any possible lewds.
    (Can’t help but be curious)

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