ARPG 2-237


Return to the mansion

You decide that it’s probably time for you to head back to Kaiti’s mansion, though before that, you ask Gina if she would be interested in having someone help her make potions to sell. After all, you’re still looking for somewhere for Jates.

“Oh? Do you know an alchemist?” Gina asks. You explain to her about Jates. “Hm… well… I already get my potions from another alchemist here in the city. Although, he has been wanting to have an apprentice.” You wonder if Jates would be happy with that sort of idea. “Well, you could always go talk to him as well. His name is Jutho. He has a workshop in the market district, which is also his home. Here, I’ll give you the address…” She quickly writes down the address on a scrap of paper and gives it to you. “It’s a little out of the way, which is why I sell the potions for him. Just let him know that you know me and I’m sure he’ll help you out!”

You give her a nod and explain that you should probably be going. You do note that there’s a lot of food left. She really did make too much. You ask if you can take some extra for Myla. “Oh, of course! I hope she likes it!” She cheerfully agrees. You gather up some food, say your goodbyes and head back out towards the mansion.

It doesn’t take too long to return. Heading inside, you find everyone relaxing in the sitting room, looking a bit bored. “Oh, you’re back?” Myla notices you. You nod, telling her that you also brought her some food from Gina. “Gina? Isn’t that the potion girl?” You nod again, explaining that you stopped by there to make sure she was alright after last night. “Well, not gonna turn down free food.” You hand it over to her, and she starts to eat.

“So how’d things go with the Commander guy?” The wolfgirl continues to ask. It would seem she’s mostly recovered. You explain that not a lot really was accomplished. You mostly just went in and explained what happened last night. You do get the feeling like he might have work for you soon though. “Work, huh? Hopefully it isn’t anything too complicated.”

You turn to Jates and decide to ask her about what Gina suggested. You mention the alchemist here in the city. “Hm…” The decepio thinks for a moment. “Well, I’d have to meet the guy before I really decided, I guess. I mean, if you guys are going to be doing some work and stuff around here, or if you really do plan on going to the Empire, then I might just have to settle with staying here.” You explain to her that she could stay in your apartment until you found a more ideal place for her. Though you’ll have to wait until the apartment gets completely cleared and repaired. “Makes sense I guess. I’ll just have to meet the guy before I decide though.”

With that discussed, you also decide to turn to Bluebell. You spend some time trying to explain to her about Ken’s offer, trying to see if she’d be okay with helping you “entertain” him. However, you mostly just get confused looks from her. “Ken..?” She tilts her head. It would seem that it’s difficult to explain something if she doesn’t know the person.

“Eh?” Garrett speaks up. “I’m not sure if I really understand either…” You realize that he was kind of left out of the earlier conversation, so you bring him up to speed on it. “I uh… I see… Though uh… Should ya really be, ya know, bringing Bluebell into this sort of thing though? I mean, she doesn’t really seem to get it, yeah?” You think for a bit, before asking if he has a problem with the idea. “E-er… Well… It just seems a bit… you know…”

It would seem that Garrett’s actually not all for the idea. You wonder what to do…



Garrett’s gotta protect his innocent Bluebell. Heheh. :V


6 thoughts on “ARPG 2-237”

  1. Yeah I agree with Garrett here, Bluebirb is a little to naive, it feels wrong to force her into things she doesn’t understand… I’m still in the party of putting everything in her and seeing what happens though :V

    1. You keep saying that, though you do have to wonder how dangerous that might be. :V

      Remember that BB doesn’t completely understand what we say. It’d be unfortunate if we expect a TF and get a sploosh instead. :V

      1. That still a good result. I don’t mind on what result happens. Birbification, sploosh or nothing. They are all good. Either we get a birb, them back or Bluebirb has a fun time. I don’t see any downside :V

        1. But what if we shoved a friend up there and nothing but sploosh comes out? I figure a lot of people would be upset if we lost Myla or Elykae to something like that. :V

          1. Then they made an honourable sacrifice for Bluebirbs pleasure. :V In actuality, I wouldn’t recommend doing it, I just think it’d be a funny thing to do that has a variety of interesting results. It’d be funny to me if we made a ritual of testing a persons worthiness by putting them in Bluebirb and seeing what comes out again :V

  2. Lol, Garrett’s against the idea, he’s practically holding her tightly while saying: “No, my waifu.” So yeah, don’t give her to Ken, we spent so much time building up their relationship, I don’t wanna ruin it. Unless you wanna add a little entertaining conflict to their budding romance subplot, in which case, pass the popcorn.

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