ARPG 2-238


Leave Bluebell out of it

You decide to go with what Garrett says and leave Bluebell out of this.

“That’s probably best, yeah?” Garrett nods to you. You mention that he’s gotten quite protective of the harpy. “E-er well uh… you know…” He mumbles something, though you decide not to tease him too much.

You consider what to do next. “I believe we were told that there would not be another airship departing for a few days, correct?” Elykae speaks up. You nod to her. “I suppose we have time then.” After a bit of thought, you bring up the idea of visiting a library. You might be able to do some research into the Demon Witch as well as your own visions. “A library? That would likely be a good place, yes.” The deergirl nods. “I am curious what sort of information would be found in an Alliance archive.”

“Well, have fun, I guess.” Myla shrugs, but you shake your head at her and inform her that she’s coming along as well. “Eh… And why’s that?” You remind her that it’s dangerous to be travelling around in small groups. It would be best if all of you went together. “That… Bah, fine. I’m gonna be bored though.”

You turn to Bluebell, Garret, and Jates and ask them to come along as well. “Sounds good, yeah.” The centaur nods. “Maybe I can teach Bluebell a few things from some books or something?” You nod to him.

“I guess I can come.” Jates shrugs. “It’s better than sitting around here.” You mention that you could also take her to meet that alchemist after visiting the library. “Yeah, that’s probably good. Might be able to get something set up then.”

With everyone in agreement, you gather everyone up and head out into the city once again.


Out in the city, you do some investigating, trying to find where a library can be found. It takes some time, but you eventually learn of one not too far from the Palace. It doesn’t take too long to get there, and you find a rather large building. Heading inside, you’re met with a worker, who greets you.

“Welcome to the Erada City Library.” The attendant politely greets you. “Is this your first time here?” You nod to her. “I see, allow me to explain things to you then. There’s a small fee to enter the library. However, you’re free to stay inside for as long as you like afterwards. You may also purchase books that we have copies of. Most books cost between 50 and 100 gold. You may also buy magic tomes here, though those are a bit more expensive.” You ask about the entrance fee. “You seem to have a group with you, so with everyone, it will be 30 gold.” That’s not much, so you agree to the cost.


You decide to ask her about finding books. “All of our sections are very easily labelled, and there’s several attendants who can point you in the correct direction.” You also ask about what sort of books are here. “We have an extensive collection. The Erada City Library is the second largest library in the world, apart from the magic library in the Empire. However, unlike them, we have much more varied subjects. If it’s not here, then it likely does not exist, aside from books on magic that is. We have plenty of books on magic, though the Empire’s library is a bit more comprehensive on that subject.”

“Now then, what can I help you find?”



So I’ve decided that certain characters won’t officially be “party members”, but instead be “followers”. We don’t see their stats, and they’ll come and go a bit more freely. Followers will be non-combatant characters like Jates, and temporary help like Nerron.

Now then, just comment about subjects you wanna hear about. The next update is gonna have some heavy info dumps. :V


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  1. I know you explained the whole follower thing, but for some reason the moment i read “Jates is now following you” I imagined her stalking Floria XD

  2. Lol, it looks like their posing for a family photo or something. Let’s look for info on the Demon Witch, as well as some Earth and Fire tomes so Floria can beef up her magic. As for others, let’s either look a Wind tome to learn some wind magic, find some other magic we don’t know much about, or find any possible info on the Demon Witch’s followers, which I doubt we’ll find.

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