ARPG 2-239


Look for books

You decide to let everyone split up however they like.

“Alright, I’ll take Bluebell and see if I can’t teach her some stuff, yeah?” Garrett nods to you with Bluebell on his back. “There’s probably a section with some simple books.” With that, he takes the harpy and heads off.

“I shall see what information I can find on the Demon Witch and her followers.” Elykae starts to turn away, but you stop her. You tell her to also look for a book that she’d like to have. After all, it would be good to have something to entertain herself with. “Ah… I suppose I could.” She hesitantly nods before walking off.

“I’m just gonna go look around.” Jates shrugs. “Might find something interesting. I’ll go find Garrett or something when I get done.” You tell her that it might be a good idea to find some alchemy books. “Yeah, I figure I’ll go look for that sort of thing. Anyway, see ya.” The decepio wanders off as well, leaving you with Myla.

“So what are we gonna look for?” The wolfkin asks. You explain that you’d first like to see if you can find something concerning your vision that you had. “Alright, lead the way then.” With that, you take a look around. It takes you a little while, but you eventually find a section that has some books on the subject.

What you find is a bit odd though. Nothing you read seems to quite match up with what you experienced. Everything speaks of oracles and seers, but they all mention premonitions or vague visions. Nothing really seems to match up with how clearly you saw your own dream. Not only that, but many of the books you read speak of oracles who were eventually found out to be frauds. In the end, you don’t learn a lot about this. You wonder if the Empire’s library would have something better.

With that not really turning out too useful, you decide to look into the Ancients instead. You do find a few books on the subject. However, once again, they feel unreliable. Most of the content is theories to what they were, but you eventually gather a bit of an idea of just who the Ancients were:

The Ancients were a race of powerful beings that ruled the world long before the nations were founded. In appearance, they looked much like humans. It is said that they were immortal, and controlled magic that far surpasses any known magic. They used advanced technology that even the greatest engineers cannot understand, and generally are nearly god-like. During their rule, all other races were used as slaves or in experiments. However, the most curious thing about this mysterious race is their end. At some point, they simply vanished. No one knows what happened. Very few are even able to come up with theories. All that’s left is the extensive number of abandoned Ancient ruins scattered across the world. However, calling them ruins isn’t even accurate, as many of them are still in near-perfect condition.

“Not really finding a whole lot, are we?” Myla asks. You sigh, shaking your head and setting the book back down on the table with the others. “There’s definitely some weird stuff going on. I don’t really understand it too much.” The wolfgirl shrugs. “To be honest, I’m starting to wonder if maybe we’re getting in over our heads. I mean, we’ve got an agent of the Empire trying to get us to help with what is basically a civil war. Then there’s that cult, and that mage with the crystals. I never really expected to be running into all this sort of serious stuff…” You ask her if she’s having doubts about continuing. “Eh… I mean, I won’t lie. I don’t particularly like putting myself in a lot of danger. I still do need to go to the Empire at least though.” You mention that she still hasn’t really explained her reasoning behind that. “Er… yeah. I guess I haven’t. To be honest, I’m not completely sure if I wanna say it. Because for all I know, I’m wrong about this. I just… I don’t want to say too much until I’m a little more certain, alright?” You ask if she can at least give you a hint. “Eh… Well, it’s about uh… Hm… It’s about my background, I guess. I’m not sure if what I’ve been told is right.” She leans back in her chair. “And you know, with my head as it’s been, I’m not sure if I can trust my own memories. I just want to find someone who can set things straight.” You give her a nod, though you quickly get a thought. You wonder if there might be some tomes on Mind magic here and decide to take a look.

After a short while, you do manage to find something. Bringing it over, you give it a quick read. It doesn’t seem to be quite as comprehensive as the other magic tomes you’ve read, but you do eventually come out of it with some basic knowledge of the magic. The book does also give you an example of a Mind magic spell, though it appears to be more of an offensive one that claims to be most useful against mages.


However, you can honestly say that this is probably something useful. With a bit of this knowledge, you imagine that you should be able to steadily learn something more useful. With this in mind, you wonder how many other elemental tomes there are. After a quick look, you manage to find a Wave and Spark tome as well. You give the two of them a quick read as well. The Wave tome proves to be a bit more solid and you feel like you’ve gotten a fairly decent start on that style of magic, as well as a simple Wave spell.


However, you’re not certain if the Spark tome is more complicated or if you’re just getting a bit tired from so much reading, but you don’t get a very good grasp of it. You only manage to get the most elementary understanding of the element for now, though not quite enough to really be able to cast a spell with it. At least, not yet.


You notice that there’s also a Divine tome as well, though you’re starting to get tired from reading. You check the prices on the tomes and realize that they’re quite a bit more expensive than the ones at Ken’s shop. You remember that the tomes were about 100 gold each at his shop, but here they’re 250 gold. Ken didn’t have Mind tomes, but those are even more expensive here, costing 400 gold. You put them away for now, deciding to consider the idea of buying them when you leave.

“You’re looking a bit tired.” Myla speaks up and you nod to her, admitting that all this reading is a bit exhausting. She gives you a smirk. “Almost glad I can’t read. Otherwise you’d be making me help. Heheh.” You mention that there’s probably some books over where Garrett and Bluebell are that could help teach her. “Er… Nah. I’m not too worried about it. I’ll just let you guys handle that sort of thing. Besides that uh… would probably be a bit awkward.” You chuckle a bit at her. You can imagine her getting embarrassed or frustrated at learning to read alongside Bluebell. “So uh… what now? You look like you could use a break. Could probably go check on horseboy or the deer.”

You wonder what to do. You’ve spent quite some time in here already, though from what you’ve seen, it doesn’t look like the library closes at night. Myla does seem to be a little bored though. You noticed her playing around with pencils and books while you were reading. You do imagine that you’ll also have to take the others out for a meal at some point.



Okay, info dumps were a bit smaller than I expected. Oh well. At least we learned some magic. :V

Learning a new skill is a bit of a thing. When you learn a new skill from a book, you can start that skill anywhere between skill level 1 to 5. But hey, Floria now has a basic understanding of all elements except Raw and Occult. Of course, those are two that are a bit more difficult to learn. :V


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  1. One thing I learned, Myla’s pencil balance skills are on point. So now Floria is getting to be a versatile mage, I like well-rounded characters, let’s keep at it. We should check on everyone else’s progress before heading out to eat. I’m especially interested in Bluebell’s progress, I bet she’ll say something that’ll make poor Garrett blush. XD

  2. I agree with checking up on the others. Maybe attempt to spy on Elykae to see her book choice :V But before we head out to feed the party, I say we work with Bluebirb a little as well.

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