ARPG 2-240


Stay with Myla for a bit

You decide that you want to spend a little more time with Myla for now. After all, it’s been a while since you’ve had time alone with her. You scoot your chair a little closer to her and lean on her side, resting on her fur.

“Uh… What are you doing?” Myla looks down at you, a bit confused. You tell her that you just want to rest a bit before going to see the others. “Well… okay, but do you have to lean on me?” You chuckle a little, just saying that you want to enjoy her soft fur some. “Er… right…” Looking up at her, you can see that she’s slightly blushing. “I guess I kinda forgot that you’re a really clingy sort of person. Been a while since we’ve really just been like this.” You ask her if she has objections towards it. “Uh… Eh, I guess not. As long as you don’t try anything dumb here in public, that is.”

As you rest a bit, you decide to ask Myla what she thinks of Elykae. “Eh? The deer?” You nod, explaining that she didn’t exactly get along with her at first. “Ah… yeah. Eh, I’m fine with her. She seems pretty smart. I figure she might be able to keep you out of trouble at least.”

After resting for a while longer, snuggling up against your wolf friend, you decide to go find Elykae. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time to find her, reading something at a desk. You decide to sneak up on her, both to surprise her and also to get an idea of what she’s reading. You carefully move up behind her and look over her shoulder. To your disappointment though, it looks like she’s just got a book concerning the Demon Witch. Disappointed, you decide to just startle her a bit by grabbing her shoulders.

“E-eh?!” The deergirl suddenly flips around, obviously started. “Oh… Floria. Must you sneak up like that?” You laugh to yourself, apologizing. Elykae sighs. “Very well… Did you find anything of interest?” You shrug, explaining that you didn’t really find too much, aside from some useful magic tomes, specifically the mind magic tome. “Oh? You have some knowledge of mind magic now then? That should prove useful.”

You ask her what she’s found. “Unfortunately not too much.” She shakes her head. “The books here mostly cover the assassination of the Mesaian king by the Demon Witch. Of course, they simply paint them as terrorists with no thought given to whatever motive they may have.” You frown a bit at that. You had hoped that you’d find some sort of information here…

You ask if she found a book for herself. “Ah… no, I haven’t gotten to looking for that.” She does seem to always put work first. You tell her that you could go together to find a book. “N-no, that is fine. I can find one myself. Perhaps you should go find the others?” You’re getting more curious to what sort of books she likes. “Ah, actually…” Elykae speaks up again. “Could I ask you to help put these books away?” You nod, grabbing a few books. You notice that it looks like the deergirl was also looking into Ancients, though you imagine she had about the same luck as you did. It looks like they belong a couple shelves over, so you start heading that way.

As you round a corner, you accidentally bump into someone, knocking yourself off balance and dropping the books. The man you ran into keeps steady though and quickly turns to you. “Ah, sorry for that.” He apologizes, but you apologize as well, starting to pick the books back up. “Here. Let me give you a hand.” You thank him for that, though you notice him pausing for a moment as he picks up one of the books. “Ancients? I don’t see too many people interested in that particular subject…” Looking at the man, he’s wearing a hood, so it a bit hard to make out his face. “If you don’t mind me asking, why is it that you’re looking into them?”

You wonder if you should tell him…



Poor Elykae. She’s too fun to tease. :V