ARPG 2-242


Ask him something else

You realize that if he knows a lot about Ancients, then there’s a good chance he might know about Raw magic. You decide to quickly get up and go after him to see if he could maybe teach you a little about that. You head over to where he went, however after a search of the immediate area, you fail to find him. The library is fairly large and the layout is a bit confusing, so you assume he just went to another section. After a few minutes of looking, you give up and go back to the others.

“Gone, huh?” Myla shrugs upon hearing that you couldn’t find him. “He didn’t really seem the type to wanna talk too much. I’d say just leave him for now. Besides, we should go find the others, don’t ya think?” You nod to that. “Yeah, besides, I’d like to get some food soon.”

You turn to Elykae and tell her to find a book that she’d like to keep for herself. “Ah, that is…” She starts to speak, but you shake your head, telling her not to argue it. “I um… Very well.” She nods to you, a bit hesitantly. You tell her to pick out a book and come meet you over with Garrett.

With that, you and Myla head over to the children’s section to find the centaur and harpy at a table. Bluebell seems to be cheerfully paying attention to Garrett as he attempts to teach her more words. You greet the both of them. “Oh, hey.” Garrett looks up at you. “Did you guys find anything good? Bluebell’s been behaving really well, you know?” You explain to him what you learned from Revo. “A guy who studies Ancients? That’s pretty lucky, yeah?” You nod to him.

“Garrett teach Bluebell!” The harpy next to him happily chirps. “Words! Apple!” She seems pretty cheerful about all this, so you give her a gentle pat on the head, making her smile more.

“So once the deer gets back, we’re gonna go get some food, right?” You nod, though remember that you also need Jates. “Oh right. Almost forgot about her.”

You wait for a little while, and after a few minutes, you see Elykae returning, holding a book. Jates is also with her with a bit of a smirk on her face. You ask the deergirl if she found the book she wanted. “Ah… Yes, I have.” You look at the book she’s holding, though annoyingly it doesn’t have the title on the cover. You imagine she chose that on purpose. You’ll have to sneak a look at that later. “I… also found Jates. Perhaps we should go have a meal now.” You’re a bit curious as to why Jates looks so smug, but neither of them seem to be willing to say much. You wonder if the decepio managed to find out what Elykae reads, possibly embarrassing the deer.

Regardless, with everyone gathered, you head to the front desk to purchase Elykae’s book. Once there, you also decide to purchase a copy of that Mind tome you found earlier. While a bit expensive, you imagine it will come in handy. The total for everything comes up to 425 gold. You hand over the gold, and take the books.


With that taken care of, your party heads out of the library and back into the city. You spend a few minutes looking around for a place to eat before settling on a relatively cheap place. The food turns out to be pretty decent though, even if you didn’t eat a whole lot due to your still full belly. However, you’ve nearly completely gotten it down to a normal size. Though you have put on a fair amount of weight. Everyone relaxes for a bit with the meal complete.


“That was pretty good.” Myla leans back in her chair, satisfied with the food. “So what are we gonna do now?” You think for a bit. You remember that you can still go visit that alchemist that Gina told you about. There’s also still Ken. You imagine that Kaiti would surely be back home by now, so you could also go talk to her. If you remember correctly, it will still be a few days before an airship will be available.



Elykae is sneaky with her books. :U


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  1. I say we go to visit Kaiti, we’ve had a lot of things happen recently and I think we need to rest and spend time with the party unless any other party member wants to do anything. Combined with that she may have a message for us already.

    I think we should see Bluebirbs progress and see if Jates would tell us about Elykae’s book.

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