ARPG 2-243


Go to the alchemist

You decide that you should go visit that alchemist that Gina told you about. After all, you do need to find something for Jates before you go to the Empire.

“Yeah, hopefully this turns out alright.” Jates nods. “I really hope its not some sort of weird person…”

With a bit of a chuckle, you gather everyone up and head off to the address that Gina gave you. It doesn’t take too long to reach the small workshop. Heading inside, you find a frog-like man working at an alchemy table. Scattered around the workshop are tons of potions, tools, and ingredients. He certainly looks like the busy type. So busy, in fact, that he doesn’t seem to notice you coming inside. You speak up to try and get his attention, causing him to quickly turn to you.

“Ah!” The frogman turns to you with surprise. “Is the door chime broken again? I swear, I just fixed that! Er… Just a moment!” He quickly moves some of the stuff he was working on before stepping over towards you. You note that he’s actually fairly short. “Apologies for the mess, I don’t get many visitors. I do wonder how you found this place. I don’t think I have any signs out front.” You think for a moment, though you do remember seeing a small sign over the door. “Oh? There is?” He pauses for a moment. “Oh right! I forgot about that one.” This man seems pretty scattered…

You ask him if he’s the alchemist that Gina spoke about. “Oh, Gina sent you? Well that explains much more!” He nods to you, pushing his glasses back up as they slide down his face a bit. “Yes, I am Jutho. I am the one who makes the potions she sells. I’m not a very good salesman, you see. And Gina… well she’s not exactly the best alchemist.” You see him shudder just a bit at saying that, making you wonder just how bad she really is. “So the two of us work together on this! Now then, what can I help you with then? I can’t imagine you want to buy potions, as you’d just go to Gina, correct?”

You nod to him, pulling Jates forward to explain that you were wondering if he’d be willing to have an assistant to work with. “Yes.” He almost interrupts your explanation with a nod, causing you to pause for a moment. “I mean, just look at this place! Surely you can tell that I may be overworking myself just a little. Gina was my last apprentice and well… I’m fairly certain there’s an entire research division in the Engineering Academy dedicated to finding a way to weaponize that girl’s clumsiness.” That is concerning to hear, because you get the feeling he isn’t really joking about that. Jutho looks at Jates for a moment. “So you want to become an alchemist then?”

“Er… Yeah.” Jates looks slightly hesitant. “I mean, I already know a fair bit. I would like to have my own workshop one day. Though right now, I just need a place to work.” She seems unsure about the frogman.

“Good good! You have ambition!” Jutho seems pretty cheerful to hear the decepio’s plans. “You can start right now, if you like!”

“R-right now? W-wait a sec.” Jates again seems hesitant. “I mean, shouldn’t you… you know, test me or something? Make sure that I know what I’m doing?”

“Ah… right, that would probably be a good idea.” He pauses for a bit, thinking. He then turns to you. “It may take me some time to give a proper test. You’re free to stay here while we do it. Though, I understand this place is a bit of a mess.”

Jates seems willing to stick around and take Jutho’s test, though she does seem a bit hesitant. He’s certainly a bit odd, though you see it more as just awkwardness than anything bad.



And we meet Jutho the alchemist frog. :V


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  1. I say we stick around to watch/cast shield, if something goes wrong we’re a healer and have a stone shield. Make sure the party doesn’t accidentally poison or blow ourselves up in here.

    On that note as well, maybe ask Jutho what they know about potion poisoning when they get back, just to get more knowledge on it for Myla.

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