ARPG 2-246


Rest with your party

You decide to ask Kaiti if getting smuggled to another nation is really the best idea.

“It’s not really smuggling.” The catgirl shakes her head. “You’ll just be taking a ship that usually doesn’t carry passengers. There’s not you have to worry about, really. Just think it over. The ship will be leaving tomorrow afternoon, so you have time to consider. Just let me know what you plan to do.”

You decide to ask your party what they want to do.

“The sooner I can return to the Empire, the better.” Elykae nods. “It may not be as comfortable, but I am okay with this cargo ship plan.”

“Either way works for me.” Myla shrugs. “I mean, a passenger ship sounds better, but that’s pretty expensive. Cargo ship should save us some gold, I guess.”

“I… kinda wanna ride the passenger ship, you know?” Garrett hesitantly speaks up. “I mean, I’ve never gotten to ride a ship, yeah? And uh… I’m kinda… big. I dunno how much room will be on that cargo ship…”

Bluebell just happily chirps, not really understanding the situation. You imagine she’d be fine with just flying there herself.

With those thoughts in mind, you decide to tell Kaiti your decision later, possibly in the morning. For now though, you just want to relax with your party. Turning to Elykae, you ask her if she’s interested in that “training” you had talked about earlier, now that the both of you have properly digested your meals.

“Training..?” The deergirl looks at you for a moment. “A-ah… you mean… Um… I’m not so certain if that’s…” She seems hesitant, and you start to speak up, but you feel a hand on your shoulder.

“She doesn’t want to.” Myla stops you. “Don’t know what exactly you have planned, but leave her out of it. Don’t force her.” You turn back to to Elykae and ask if she really doesn’t want to.

“I… I apologize.” She shakes her head. “I am just… not really comfortable with that sort of idea…” You sigh, a bit frustrated that your plan has fallen through. “I think for now, I would just like to spend some time resting.” You ask her if she wants to relax together. “Ah, I mean… by myself. My apologies again…” With that, she heads off to another room. You imagine she plans to read her book or something. Even so, you feel a bit denied by all that.

“I think you’ve been pushing her too much.” Myla crosses her arms. “You’ve been trying to get her to do all sorts of weird stuff, you know. I mean, she’s quite a bit more uh… quieter than the rest of us.” You sigh. You admit that maybe you have been trying a little too hard with the deergirl. “What exactly were you wanting to get her to do anyway? It was something weird, wasn’t it?” You hesitantly nod, knowing that Myla will probably think it was a dumb idea.

After a bit more prodding, she gets you to explain your plan to train your ability to resist digestion. Myla just puts her face in her palm. “Yeah, it was something weird. I guess that’s something that could be useful but geez, you are really awful at not sounding like a complete weirdo.” You ask if she’d be willing to join you instead. “You don’t give up, do you? Listen, you do know that’s kinda a risk with me, right? I can hardly trust my own head, and I already know I can digest stuff pretty damn quick.” You note that she’s not saying no. “… Yeah, I guess I’m not. I don’t really like the idea of going into your gut though. Gods, why can’t you come up with a normal idea just once…”



Poor Myla. She calls us a weirdo, but in the end, she isn’t completely against our weird ideas. :V


2 thoughts on “ARPG 2-246”

  1. Yeah, Myla isn’t the best to do any of that form of training with. Her heads still very funny, and if she gets too aroused from anything, the arousal enhancing effect on her means that’s likely the end of us.

    I’m standing by my previous statements and just rest, reconnect with the party, wait for Jates and maybe see how far Bluebirb got. That and maybe hug Myla and Bluebirb.

    …I may still want to experiment with Bluebirb, but it’d be rude to do it in someone else’s home :V

  2. Myla enables our weirdness, wait a minute, I think everyone enables our weirdness.

    So I guess we should look around some more, go to some places we haven’t gone to before we leave.

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