ARPG Side Story 2-19


Try to cast magic

“Uh… maybe no fun for now. My head still doesn’t feel… you know.” You decide that you’re going to try and stealthily cast magic, though you’ll need to focus for it. You just need some sort of spell to restrain the elf and then you can work on actually incapacitating her. “Maybe just some uh… belly rubs for now?” You do want to keep her thinking that you’re on her side though.

“Heh, alright then. Feel free.” Beliya smirks at you as you move forward. It will take quite a bit of effort to keep your magic non-noticeable, but you’ve done it before. You place your hands on her squirming gut and start to massage her. “Once we deal with deerboy here, we can head back to town. Then I can show you a really good time.”

“Ah… uh…” You continue to try and cast, though it’s still difficult to concentrate. It’s going to take a while to build up anything that could actually be useful. “Do you really think we need to do this though? I mean, surely between the two of us, we could convince Monty to stick with us. Or at least maybe just get him to stay quiet about all this…”

“You’re still having doubts about that? Geez…” The elf shrugs, looking at you. “Yeah, we might have been able to, but I don’t particularly like dealing with that sort of headache. Besides, I’m hungry. I’m not the sort who enjoys going light on meals for long.” She smiles at you. “This isn’t gonna be a problem is it? Or are you just gonna argue this till he’s soup?”

“Er uh… n-no, it’s fine.” You quickly work to dispel any distrust she might have in you. “He was just uh… you know, kinda cute. It would have been nice to keep him around?”

“Yeah, you did seem to like him.” Beliya sighs, shaking her head. “Enough that you left me out of it.”

You realize that she’s getting frustrated, so you quickly change the subject. “S-so uh… Why exactly did you want to partner with me anyway?” You quickly ask. “I mean, you seem to be doing fine for yourself…”

“Hm…” The stuffed elf thinks for a moment. “Well, I’ll admit, having a mage around could certainly make things easier. Can’t really tell you how often I meet up with things where it’d be nice to have a good fireball or something. As for you specifically, well… Most mages are pretty stuffy and boring. You actually seem to know how to have fun sometimes.”

You can hear her squriming belly continue to gurgle and groan as it works on Monty. She’s not exactly giving you a lot of time to work with. Keeping your magic hidden while still making something powerful enough to be of use is taking a lot longer than you wanted, and you worry that the boy isn’t going to last long enough…

“Having fun there?” The elf speaks up again, breaking you out of your thoughts. “Cause you sure aren’t doing much of a belly rub.” You realize that as you focused more on your magic, you stopped paying attention to her. She leans forward towards your face. “You sure you wouldn’t rather be having a bit of fun?” She lightly puts a hand under your chin, gently brining your face closer to her own as if to give a kiss. “Because trust me, you should probably stop trying to cast magic.”

Her sudden statement makes you panic briefly, just enough to lose your spell. “E-eh? W-wait, I wasn’t..!”

“I’m not an idiot, Melra.” Her expression changes to one of annoyance. “You were trying to hide it, but I could still see the glow. I may not be able to cast too much, but elves can still see the effects pretty easily. Anyway, you’ve got three seconds to make it up to me.”

“Wait, wh-what?” You panic and try to pull back, but she grabs your head, keeping you close. “L… let go of me..!”

“Wrong answer. If you like your boyfriend so much, then I’ll let you go have some more fun with him!” Saying that, the elf flips your mask off, revealing your face! “Too bad, really. You’re a cutie. Oh well.” She quickly opens her mouth and shoves your head inside. Her physical strength is significantly higher than your own, making your struggles seem pitiful against the elf! You’re pushed into her throat as she quickly and easily starts swallowing your body down! You still try your hardest to resist, but it’s no use as you slide further and further past her lips!

Before long, your head pops into her stomach, where you can see Monty, obviously weakened. “N… Not you too…” He weakly speaks as you steadily slide further in, your body getting squashed up against him. After a few more moments, you feel the last of your feet get slurped down, fully inside the elf. With another powerful swallow, your entire body is forced into her gurgling gut.

“M-Monty! W-we’ve gotta get out of here!” You struggle against the walls, though it’s hard to move with the both of you crammed in the fleshy tight space. “Can you move or anything?”

“S… sorry.” He speaks, though looking at his face, you can tell he’s still partially out of it. “I’m not… I can’t…” You quickly realize that there’s not a lot that he’ll be able to do in his current state. His head is too muddled and his body too exhausted to fight back.

At this point, you feel like your best bet is some sort of magic, but with how much you’ve struggled before, you fear it may be too late for even that. Part of you wonders if you should just give up and try to comfort Monty with what time you have. You hear the stomach around you gurgle loudly as it works to churn the both of you…



This one took a really long time to work out. Hopefully it’s worth the wait. :V