ARPG 2-247


Ask the others

You decide to turn to Garrett and ask if he’d want to join in on this training idea. He’s been standing nearby, so you figure he’s already heard what it involves.

“E-eh? Uh… Well uh…” He stumbles with his words for a moment. “I mean… I could but… What about Bluebell?” You ask him what he means. “I mean, who’s gonna keep an eye on her, yeah? I don’t know if we can really have her in this as well…”

“Horseboy’s got a point.” Myla nods. “I doubt we could properly explain this to Bluebell. And she might get upset if she saw us eat each other. And we can’t really just let her go off on her own. She’s still a feral, even if she has been pretty good lately.” You admit that they’ve got a point. Thinking for a moment, you turn to Kaiti and start to ask her something as well, though you’re interrupted by Myla. “Floria, how about we just leave it for now? You’re trying way too hard for this thing to happen.” You explain to her that you want to do this training just in case something happens in the future. “Yeah, I’m not really buying that. I may not have known you for a huge amount of time, but I’m not stupid.”

You start to argue against her but she stops you once again, grabbing you and dragging you away. “You’re not really listening, are you? I just want you to leave everyone else alone.” She pulls you into the hall near the bedrooms before finally letting you go. You’re frustrated, and start to speak up again. Myla interrupts with a shrug. “Hey, I just don’t really get why you’re pushing everyone into this. It’s really just a two person sort of thing.” You stop for a moment, asking if that means she’s willing. “I haven’t said no at any point, have I? I mean, I think it’s a super weird idea, but we can do it.” You ask if she’s sure that it’ll be safe with her. “It’ll be fine. I mean, you probably won’t get to stay in my gut very long though.” You ask if she’s willing to go the other way around, with her in your belly. “Eh… I guess it’s only fair. I’m definitely getting a bath after this though.”

With Myla agreed to the idea, the two of you head into a bedroom. You close and lock the door behind you. You really don’t want anyone accidentally finding the two of you. It could end up being really awkward. “Well, I guess get your clothes off then.” Myla speaks up as she sits on the bed. You nod and start to discard your clothing, though you also ask if she’s going to as well. “Eh… I don’t really have to. I ain’t gonna tear these or anything. I’ll take em off when it’s your turn.” You shrug at that and finish disrobing, standing naked in front of the wolfgirl. “You really sure you wanna do this?” Myla asks. You nod to her, assuring that you trust her. “I wasn’t really talking about trust. I kinda figured that from you bringing the idea up in the first place. I just meant that I doubt this is gonna be the most pleasant thing.” You shrug, saying that you still want to do it. If it can help you in the future, then it’s a good idea to do it now. “Alright, fine. Let’s just do it then. Feels weird to talk about anyway.”

Myla then grabs you, pulling you a bit closer to her. “Well, here goes.” With that, she opens her mouth wide, pulling your head in. It doesn’t seem to be any sort of trouble for her to swallow you down, as you smoothly slide into her warm throat. It’s a really strange sensation, but not completely unpleasant. You can hear her gulp hard, sucking the rest of your body inside. Within a few moments, you’re already within her belly as it expands outwards. And just a little bit later, your entire body settles inside her gut as she lets out a sigh.

“You alright in there?” You hear her ask. You let her know that you’re fine. The walls are tight around you, but it’s actually rather soft and warm inside, making you pretty comfortable. “Heh, alright then. Gonna be honest, I thought you’d end up in there a lot sooner. And a lot more unwillingly.” You’re a bit confused by her words, so you ask what she means. “I mean, you remember how we met. I was trying to rob you. I expected you to fight back or something, and then I was gonna just have you as a meal afterwards. But then you didn’t fight. You gave me food instead. Didn’t really know what to think of that at first.” She pauses for a bit. “Well, that’s a lie. At first, I thought it was a trick or something. But then I realized that you really were just offering me food. Then you wanted me to come with you. Honestly, I planned to just steal some of your stuff one night and get out but… Well, then you helped with Konic. At that point, felt like I owed ya.” She stops again for a while. “Kinda went off rambling. Sorry.”

You quickly assure her that it’s fine. It actually feels good to have her be honest with you. “Yeah, well I’m done with that for now. I don’t really like talking about that sort of emotional stuff or whatever.” You laugh at that. Myla does always try to appear like a tough person, but you can tell deep inside she’s pretty soft. “How are you holding up in there?” You can tell that she’s trying to slow down her belly, but even so, you can feel the slight tingle of digestion. It’s nothing you can’t handle though. After all, if it gets a bit dangerous, you can heal yourself to give her enough time to cough you up.

“You know, I wonder if anyone would be too upset if I just didn’t let you out.” Myla suddenly says, making you worry slightly. You ask what she means. “Well, you do kinda make things really awkward for everyone. And you’ve nearly gotten me killed at least once. I’m just saying. Heheh.” You realize that she’s playing with you, so you give her stomach a good kick for making you worry for a second. “Oof… Alright, alright, calm down. Geez… It was just a joke.”

Being stuck inside Myla does give you a good, if slightly awkward, way to talk to her. You also need to decide what to do when she lets you out.



Saw a lot of people in the previous post think that Myla was against this whole plan, so decided to make Floria think that too. :V


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  1. Why is that whenever we have a tender moment, it’s after some bizarre situation?

    I’m not really sure how long this training is supposed to last, so let’s tough it our for now. Hopefully, nothing else awkward happens and- aw, I jinxed it.

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