ARPG 2-248


Keep talking

You decide it best to keep talking, that way both of you can keep an eye on each other’s well-being. Trying to come up with something to talk about, you eventually ask if Myla’s really okay with how you’ve been rather… open with your relationships.

“Are you asking if I’m jealous or something?” You hear the wolfgirl reply. You just admit that you may have been going a bit far. “Eh… I’m not really the sort to care too much about that. Though I mean, that’d bother anyone a little, don’t you think?” Her tone shows that it does bother her some, at least. You apologize to her for that. “Heh, don’t worry about it too much. If anything, I think it just means that I should keep a closer eye on you. Maybe get you to keep your pants on a little more.” You hear her chuckle some.

You continue to idly chat with Myla as you continue to sit in her belly. You do have to admit, it’s weirdly comfortable in here. Plus, you know that she’ll bring you out before anything bad happens, so you feel nice and safe. The combination of all this makes you relax some.

After a short bit of quiet time, you realize that you haven’t heard Myla speak in a little while. You can hear her belly gurgle some as you continue to sit within the soft confines.

“Um… Myla?” You speak up. However, you don’t get a reply. “M-Myla, you didn’t fall asleep did you?!” You start to panic a bit.

“Heh, of course not, little bird.” You hear the wolfgirl’s voice, but there’s something off about it. She’s not speaking like herself. “Now why don’t you just relax~”

You feel the tingle of digestion suddenly increase significantly. The walls of her stomach squeeze against you as you realize that something is very wrong. “M-Myla! Cut it out! This is a bit much, so I think it’s time to let me out!” You start to struggle a little, but your body feels sluggish, as if your energy is getting drained.

“But Floria, I thought you loved my body?” You hear the wolfgirl chuckle as she speaks. “Wouldn’t you love to just become part of it~?” You suddenly realize that something is wrong with Myla. And right now, it looks like she fully plans to digest you completely! You struggle against it, but you can already feel your body softening. “Now just relax, little bird…”

“Wh-what’s going on?!” You yell out. “Why are you doing this?!” You don’t get an answer, only hearing the loud gurgles from the stomach around you. You can tell that there’s no way you can get out, but in a way, it’s strangely pleasant? You feel really comfortable, and a weird part of you actually wants to just give in. Eventually, as your strength fades and your body softens even more, that part of you takes over, and you completely relax.

Before long, you feel yourself melting away as the wolfkin’s belly shrinks down around you. Everything fades as you lose conciousness.

Wake up

You jerk awake, sitting in a bed. “Thank gods… Don’t fucking scare me like that!!” You look over to see Myla, looking very concerned at you. You’re completely naked, and soaked with some sort of liquid. From the slight tingle you feel, you assume it’s Myla’s stomach acids. You ask her what just happened. “You passed out or something! One moment you were talking, then next you stopped. I brought you back up and you were out cold! Urgh… I shouldn’t have agreed to do this…” She looks pretty upset over the scare, but also incredibly relived that you’re okay.

Something tells you that she isn’t going to agree to a round two.



I seriously considered splitting this into two updates. :V

But then I decided that I don’t enjoy getting lynched. :V


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  1. :V

    I really don’t know what we expected, that’s happened in similar manners to most previously, but here’s hoping this convinces Floria of the error of her choices. It’s not a matter of health, it’s Energy.
    Yeah, now I think we need to recover and just talk with the party.

  2. Oooohhhhhh, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh.
    Oh, shit. I have a pretty good idea what just happened. If anyone wants to know, ask me, but let’s just say I, or more accurately we f*cked up badly.

      1. Remember that therapy session I suggested? Looks like hypnosis was the treatment method, and not the good kind. Ohhhhh, I screwed this up badly……

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