ARPG 2-249


Tell her about the dream

You’re still a bit shaken by the dream, so you quickly move over to Myla and give her a hug, burying your face in her soft fur.

“E-eh..?” The wolfgirl looks down at you with a confused look. “Uh… What’s gotten into you all of a sudden..?” You stop for a moment and tell her everything you saw in your dream, apologizing to her as well. She stays quiet for a long moment.

“W… Well uh… It was probably just a nightmare? I mean… Uh… Well, from what I heard, Elykae was in pretty heavy danger yesterday, right? Maybe you’re still just a little freaked out by that..?” You can tell by her tone of voice that she’s not completely certain of her own words. She lets out a heavy sigh. “Urgh… Why’d it have to be me in that… I’ll admit, if you had told me about this before we ran into that spider, I’d have just blown it off as a bad dream but… With that vision you had, I’m not so sure any more. Regardless, it didn’t happen. That’s all that matters, right?” She returns your hug while giving you a reassuring smile.

“That said…” Myla speaks up again after a moment. “We should probably get you cleaned up.” You nod, admitting that you’d rather not be covered in acid for too long. Your skin does feel a bit softer now. In the end, you’re not so sure if the “training” really worked at all…

The two of you head to the nearby bathroom to wash up. Inside, you find a large bath. It’s not nearly as big as the public bath back at Jates’ inn, but still pretty big. “Heh, figures that the cat would have some fancy bath stuff.” Myla starts to undress herself as you get the bath ready. You ask if she plans to join you. “Eh, I figure why not. I haven’t gotten a proper bath in a day or two. Besides… I wanna keep an eye on you for a bit.” You thank her for that, and she gives you a smirk. “I just don’t want you passing out and drowning in the bath or anything. Heheh.” She seems to be joking around a bit to try and take your mind off of things.

With the bath ready, the two of you relax in the pleasant water. “Ah… That feels good.” Myla seems to enjoy the water as she leans against the edge of the bath. “So, have ya decided on our plan yet? About the airship thing?” You shrug, still not completely sure what you want to do. “Well, I guess there’s no need to rush it.” You admit that you would like to find some way to help the engineer you met earlier today. “Engineer?” She looks at you, and you remember that she hadn’t met Kyleen. You quickly explain everything you know. “Hm… I mean, the best we can do is keep an ear out, right? I mean, it’s been a week, right? If they were kidnapped, I doubt they’d be in the city.” You ask her what makes her so sure of that. “I mean, don’t you think it’d be a bit dumb to stay so close to the scene of the crime? Besides, they must have some sort of plan for it. But I’m just guessing here.” She shrugs.

You wash yourself, getting the tingling acid off of your body. You feel refreshed, but pretty tired. Myla’s belly must have completely drained you. You relax in the bath once again and look over at your wolfkin friend. Though looking a bit lower, you notice a certain bit of her poking up out of the water. “What?” Myla looks at you, a bit confused. She follows your gaze to realize what you’re looking at and a bit of a blush comes up on her face as she covers herself a little. “Er… Don’t uh… Don’t mind that. I don’t really have much control over it…” You think back a bit and ask her when was the last time she got some relief for that. “Er… Well, I guess the last time we did it. That was before you went to go find that spider, I think. Anyway uh… Don’t worry about it too much. My head’s a lot clearer now, so it’s easier to just ignore. You look a bit tired anyway.” She pauses for a moment, looking at you. “… That said, I ain’t gonna say no. But if you’re tired, you should just get some rest. Don’t push yourself.”



Poor woof. :V