ARPG 2-250


Cast Calm

You get an idea and tell Myla to hold still for a moment. “Uh… alright..?” You focus a bit of magic in order to cast a Calm spell, to see if it can resolve her current issue. You let it go and the wolfgirl glows for just a moment as it takes effect. After a short silence, the glow fades, though nothing seems to change.

“Uh… What was that?” Myla asks. You explain that you were wondering if a Calm spell would make it go down, though you guess it didn’t work. “That… Well, okay. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect you to actually try something like that.” You ask her what she means. She shrugs, giving you a smirk. “You usually don’t shy away from this sort of thing, you know. Heh.” You feel like she’s trying to say something about you, though in the end, you can’t really deny it.

Looking down at her still-erect member, you consider what to do. The last time you did it with her, she was able to control herself pretty well. You’re curious on how she’ll be now that her head is mostly clear. You give her a nod and tell her that if she wants to, then you’d be happy to help her out with it. You just ask her how she wants to do it. “Eh? Well… I mean, we could just… do it here?” She shrugs. “I mean, don’t have to worry about getting sweaty or anything when we can clean ourselves off right after, right?”

You give her a nod, moving yourself up out of the bath to sit on the edge. You decide to just let her take charge this time. Myla moves over you, gently caressing your body. After some time of this, she leans forward to give you a kiss, which catches you a little off guard. Thinking about it, you’ve never actually kissed her before. The two of you spend the next several minutes making love in a surprisingly gentle fashion. It’s obvious that Myla is able to control herself significantly better. Not only that, but it feels a lot nicer than usual. Her embrace, her kisses, and her caresses all make you feel much more relaxed.

Eventually, with the both of you satisfied, you go back to washing yourselves off. You admit to Myla that it felt a lot different than usual. “Yeah. It did.” She nods, blushing some. “It uh… It feels nice to not overdo it, I guess.” You smile to her. It did feel more special that way, at least.

The two of you finish washing up and get dressed, ready to head back out to the hall. “So what, are you just gonna get some sleep after this or…” Myla asks as she opens the door. However, she stops short as she notices someone on the other side. Kaiti stands in the hall holding a towel and some clothes, with a slight blush on her face. “E-eh? Oh uh… Sorry. Didn’t mean to hog the bath or anything.”

“N-no, it’s fine.” The catgirl shakes her head, quickly. “You two were uh…” She trails off for a moment. You realize something and ask if she heard the two of you. “Um… Actually… I saw it.” She admits, blushing. “I stepped inside for just a moment, but I guess the two of you didn’t see me. I didn’t want to intrude though, so I left.” Looking over at Myla, you can see her blushing pretty heavy. None of you manage to really say anything for quite a while, causing a long awkward silence. “Ah… I was going to take a bath…”

“Oh… yeah uh…” Myla moves out of the way, letting Kaiti pass the door. “Uh… Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine! Don’t worry.” Kaiti shakes her head again. “Just um… remember to lock the door next time?” With that, she heads into the bath, closing the door behind her.

“… I could have sworn that I did…” Myla seems pretty embarrassed. “Bah… I’m just gonna go uh… I don’t know. Check to see if Jates is back.” Saying that, she heads off. You wonder what you should do.



And coincidentally, on Valentine’s Day, we get romantic lewds. :V