ARPG 2-253


Go find Elykae

You ask Kaiti where Elykae is. “Oh, she was still asleep when I came out here.” The catgirl nods to you. “I believe she was up late with her book. Up later than I was anyway. We did speak for a while though.” You ask if she thinks that you should confront the deergirl about who she is. Kaiti pauses for a moment, thinking. “I don’t think so, no. At least, not yet. Perhaps it would be best to speak with her on the airship, whichever you decide to take. Have you decided on that yet, by the way?” You nod, explaining that it would probably be best to take the cargo airship this afternoon. “Very well, I’ll make arrangements. Come to the airship dock later today and we’ll get you set up.”

With that taken care of, you decide to go see if Elykae is awake. After all, you do still plan to visit Ken this morning. If you can find some way to get her some magic lessons, then you’d like to do it. On your way to the bedrooms, you find Myla sleepily walking towards the kitchen. “Eh… Morning.” She greets you, obviously not completely awake yet. You greet her back. “Where you going?” You explain that you want to check on Elykae and see if she’s awake, and then plan to head out to visit Ken. “Oh, grab me before you head out. I’m going with you.” You tilt your head a bit, curious to why she wants to come. “Just wanna keep an eye on you, is all. I mean, you are kinda putting yourself at the mercy of a pervert. If he does something dumb, I wanna be there to knock him out.” You laugh at that and give her a nod. “Good, I’ll be getting something to eat in the kitchen.” With that, she walks past you and you continue on.

At Kaiti’s bedroom, you give the door a knock. “It is open.” You hear Elykae answer, so you head inside to find her getting dressed. “Good morning, Floria. Is there something you need?” You’re a bit hesitant, because part of you wants to ask her about what Kaiti mentioned. First, you tell her that you’ve decided to take the cargo ship this afternoon. “Oh? That is good. I will be glad to return to the Empire.” Saying that, you also ask if there’s anything else she needs to tell you. “I… No..? I don’t believe so…” You can tell that she doesn’t seem to suspect your questions, so you imagine that she never caught onto Kaiti’s doubts.

You decide to just drop it for now. You explain that you plan to head out to Ken’s place this morning, and want her to come along. You tell her that you would like to get her some magic lessons, if you can. “I see. Thank you.” Elykae nods to you. “Then we will be leaving now?” You nod to that. You let her finish getting dressed and head back towards the kitchen to pick up Myla.

With the three of you together, you head out of the mansion and into the morning rain. It’s not coming down too hard, so the walk shouldn’t be too bad. Plus, the city has plenty of overhangs that you can walk under to shield yourself from the rain. You head out toward the market district, and after a long walk, you find yourself at Ken’s shop. It looks like he’s still opening up, so you approach and greet him. “Oh? Hey. Wasn’t expecting you to show up this early.” He looks at the three of you standing outside his shop. “Actually, let’s get you out of the rain. Come to the side and I’ll let you in.” You nod to him and head over to the door.

Stepping inside, you can see that his shop also doubles as a house. It’s cleaner than you imagined, though honestly, you expected him to be a bit of a slob. Overall, it just looks like a normal home. “Make yourselves at home.” He speaks up. “I gotta ask though. Three of you? Did you manage to talk them around, or are they just your escort?” You shake your head, explaining that you’d like to get a magic lesson for Elykae as well, though you’re willing to pay for it if needed. “And the wolf..?”

“I’m here to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.” Myla crosses her arms. “Besides, not so sure if you’d uh… Well, ya might find something unexpected with me.”

“Not really sure what you mean, but I wouldn’t say no to those tits.” Ken chuckles a bit, looking at the three of you. Or rather, at your chests. You notice that he doesn’t look at your face too much. “Well regardless, my deal still stands. We have some fun, and you get a lesson. Bring one of your friends in and I’ll give the deer a lesson too.” He shrugs. “Or the 1500 gold. That works too. But I mean, I’m flexible. I don’t need to go all the way with all of you or anything. I mean, a handjob or something would be good enough from your friends. I do need a real good time from one of you at least, though. Heheh.”

You look at your friends, asking them what they want to do. “I… I would like to avoid anything with him…” Elykae speaks quietly. “I am uncomfortable with that sort of thing…”

“Tch. He’s a mess, isn’t he?” Myla shrugs. “I don’t know. Part of me wants to give him him a bit of a surprise. Might be good for a laugh, but I’m worried he might be into that.” Unexpectedly, Myla doesn’t seem completely against the idea, which you comment on. “Eh… The deer wants a magic lesson. I don’t really want to do it, but if it’ll save us a ton of gold, I figure it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I ain’t doing anything big though.”

“So?” The flame elf speaks up again, looking at you. “What are we gonna do then, cutie?”



The airship decision has been made. Now we just need to decide on this elf. :V

Also, as a side note, I’ve decided to unlock Nerron and Kaiti’s races for future character creation. I mean, we’re basically friends with them at this point, even if they’re not really part of the party. :V

So that means Impure Lesser Drake and Impure Feline are now usuable races. :V


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  1. Consider it strange, but I really don’t want Floria to go through with this. At least fully. Maybe see if we can pay partially but also do some lesser stuff with him. If it comes down to it, maybe, depending on the opinion of Myla(Since she would be the one joining us with him)

    Otherwise, maybe keep an eye on Elykae, just to see if she starts acting weird as we get closer to the empire, if so, we may need to act on it.

    Beyond that we have Myla here, she should keep us safe from anything too weird. She could just beat Ken over the head if he get’s too forceful.

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