ARPG 2-256


Go out to eat

Before leaving Ken’s place, you ask him if he’s able to identify a ring that you have. “Eh? You have a magic ring or something?” The elf asks and you nod, showing the ring to him. “Hm… let me see. It’s definitely enchanted. Some sort of… Oh.” He stops suddenly with a concerned look on his face. “Listen. Don’t ever put this on. Seriously.” You ask what he means. “It’s enchanted sure, but it’s what we usually call ‘cursed’. If you put this on, you’ll only be able to get it off with a special sort of disenchanting magic. Besides that, it looks like this one will just sap your strength from you.” You ask why such a thing would exist. He shrugs in reply. “Honestly, no idea. I figure some do it as traps for overly greedy looters, but there’s some of these cursed items that are a bit more uh… Well, they’re popular with slavers.” Thinking back to the fact that you picked this ring up from the bandit fortress, you imagine it might have been used for that. You thank him for his help. “No problem. You three cuties are welcome to come by any time.”


With all that taken care of, you head back outside into the rain. “So where are we going now?” Myla asks. Thinking for a moment, you decide that you are a little hungry, so it might be a good idea to go get something to eat with just the three of you. “Something to eat? Fine by me. Let’s head out then.” You nod to her and the three of you head off.

As you walk in the rain, Elykae eventually speaks up. “Actually, I think… I think I will head back to the mansion.” You look over at the deergirl, asking why. “There are a few things I would like to discuss with Kaiti before we leave.” You’re a bit hesitant to let her go off herself, but decide that it’s probably best to not deny her. It sounds like she wants to talk about something important with the catgirl, so you give her a nod. “Thank you. I shall see you there then.” With that, she heads off back towards the mansion.

“She’s been acting a bit odd lately.” Myla notes. You nod, admitting that you’re still not completely sure about her. “Well, I’m sure she’s fine. Maybe you’ve just weirded her out too much lately. Heheh.” While you do admit that may be part of it, you can’t help but think there may be more. Perhaps what Kaiti was talking about earlier could be part of it. Regardless, for now, you just continue to look for a place to eat with Myla.

As you continue, you suddenly get a weird feeling in your belly. It causes you to stop for a moment. “Hm? What’s up?” Myla turns to you, asking. You quickly recognize this feeling as an egg ready to be laid. You’re still not used to it, and you doubt that you can really keep it in for very long at all. Looking around, you see a small alleyway which would get you out of the public eye. You quickly explain to Myla what the issue is, asking if she can block off the alley from anyone coming through while you take care of it. “Oh geez… Yeah, yeah, fine.” She blushes a bit, thinking about it. “Go do your thing or whatever, I’ll keep an eye out.” You give her a nod, thanking her as you head into the narrow alleyway.

You walk just a bit down, out of sight of the main street. A quick look around doesn’t seem to show anyone nearby, so you quickly remove your pants. The egg comes smoother this time, though it’s still a difficult thing to get used to. Even so, the act does take a little effort, so you sit for a moment to recover, also thinking of what to do with the egg. Deciding that it’ll make a good snack for later, you just put it in your bag. If nothing else, you know that Bluebell will take it.


As you move to grab your pants again, you suddenly hear a voice from nearby. “Heh, that was quite the show.” You quickly whip around to see where the voice came from, spotting three figures step out from around a corner. A male harpy, a male with what appears to be catlike features, and a woman in a hooded robe. You can’t quite make out what she might be. “Don’t suppose you’d be willing to have some fun, would you?” The harpy chuckles at that. You worry that they don’t have good intentions.

“Just once, I would like it if you would not be an idiot.” The woman sounds frustrated, then turns to you. “You are to come with us.” You’re surprised at her sudden demand. You question her as to why. “We are not your enemy. You’ll bring your wolf friend along as well. There are things we need to discuss. We’re here to stop you from making a mistake.” You ask why she can’t just say it here. “It is something that must be said in private. Aside from that…” She looks up at the rainy sky. “I would like to get out of this weather.”

Myla’s should still be at the entrance of the alleyway, though she’s just out of sight at the moment. These three seem to be armed, and you’re not completely sure of their motives. You consider your options.



Now who is this~? :V


3 thoughts on “ARPG 2-256”

  1. Okay, this seems to be yet another attempt by the previous group. First off, ask who they are, even if only for what group their from, why they want us in particular. That can’t be _too_ important to remain secret. Ask where they’d want to go as well.

    Be careful around Hooded woman, the last one was Bat and that ended up with a lot of issues, very quickly.

    If their not gonna fight, then we shouldn’t fight, But I don’t want us going into a bad situation with less numbers, see if we can meet later, on our terms. Other than that, if they want to fight, flash and run. We’re fairly close to the main street and at minimum I feel we can hide at Kaiti’s.

    On an off note, very glad I pushed for that ring to be examined, that could of ended very poorly indeed if we had tried testing it in another manner.

  2. Oh great, THIS song and dance again……

    The way I see it, we have two options, we comply or we run. And considering how we can use the egg as a distraction by throwing it at them, I’d say that narrows it down.

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