ARPG 2-257


Agree but…

Looking at the three, you get the feeling that if they intended harm on you, they would have already done it. Regardless, that doesn’t mean you trust them. You ask where they want to go to have this chat, and offer to do it in your apartment, which isn’t too far away from here.

“That will work, if it makes you more comfortable.” The hooded woman nods. “I understand that we may have come across as threatening, but time was not exactly on our side. We already know of your plan to leave the city today.” You’re a bit concerned by how much they know, so for now you just get your pants back on and lead them out to meet back up with Myla.

“Hm? All done?” Myla turns to you, but stops once she sees the others. “Er… Did you make some new friends in there or something..?” You quickly explain to her that they seem to want to talk. You admit to her that you’re not completely certain of their plans, but ask her to play along for now. “Well… alright. This better not be another trap…”

With everyone together, you quickly head off toward your apartment. Whatever traps were left in there are surely gone by now. Even a strong mage like Tassri wouldn’t be able to make magic traps that last more than a day. Arriving, you can see that the front door is still damaged, but it should be private enough for the group, so you head inside. It’s in a bit of disarray from the traps and explosions, but that’s not really what worries you at the moment.

“It is good to be out of the rain.” The girl sighs, taking her hood off. On her head are some long horns, and she has some animal-like ears, though you’re not completely certain what her race is. “Now then, I suppose it’s time to explain.” You nod to that, first asking who exactly they are. “I am Kimno. An agent of the Empire. A real agent.” Her introduction makes you worry. Immediately, you know this has something to do with Elykae. “As for these two, they are simply my escorts. Naeck, our fighter. And…” She motions over to the harpy. “Oriz, our idiot.”

“H-hey. I was just… Gah, whatever.” Oriz looks annoyed at Kimno’s comment, though you get the feeling the title she gives him is appropriate. You notice as well that Naeck is a very quiet sort of man. You have yet to hear him speak at all.

“Wait, you said an agent of the Empire, right?” Myla speaks up. “This… isn’t about Elykae, is it?”

“Partly, yes.” The girl nods. “But first, I suppose I must explain a bit more. I do not work for the so-called ‘loyalists’. I instead serve the current emperor’s son.” You realize that this means she’s an agent of the militarists. “We have been keeping an eye on you since we learned of your plans. We needed a good moment to speak to you without that Cervidae girl.” You ask her what exactly it is that she wants. “I do not ‘want’ anything. I’m simply here to give you a word of warning. Do not involve yourself in the Empire’s problems. You will only end up causing more issues for yourself and your allies.”

“So… you aren’t here to get us to help your side then?” Myla asks. “I don’t really get it. Why bother with this?”

“It only makes sense for us to work to prevent the opposing side from obtaining more strength, even if it is managable.” Kimno replies. “Regardless, we just do not see a need for outsiders to become involved in our own issues. However, if you were to offer your assistance to us, we would not turn it down. If not though, then we are fine with you simply staying out of it.” You ask what she’d do if you refused. “Nothing. I am not one to use force. Regardless, if you do insist on assisting the emperor, then it will be the Cervidae who pays the most for it.”

“What are you talking about?” Myla asks. You nod, wondering what she means by that.

“You are aware that the Cervidae called Elykae is not an agent, correct?” The girl replies. “The lamia she worked with before was an agent, but she herself is not one. She is nothing more than an ordinary citizen of the Empire.”

“Wait a sec.” Myla has a confused look. “What do you mean Elykae isn’t an agent? Why would she be doing all this if she wasn’t?”

“I do not know. We have investigated, but have yet to find any visible reason.” Kimno shakes her head. “It may be best for you to ask her yourself. But as I was saying before, if you continue your current path, you will only cause her, and yourself, problems. Impersonating an agent of the Empire is a serious crime. Even if she managed to bring support for the emperor, she would still be in violation of the law. I am unsure if she realizes this, but if she brings you to the Empire, then she will be imprisoned for her actions if it is revealed that she has been acting as an agent.” Her words worry you. If she’s speaking the truth, then you’ve got a problem.

“I don’t get it. Why would Elykae be doing this?” Myla turns to you. “I don’t know if these guys are telling the truth, but I think we better have a talk with the deer…” You nod, admitting that you probably can’t get away from that at this point.

“I am aware that you may have questions.” Kimno speaks once more. “I can do my best to answer any that you have, though be aware that there may be things I cannot share.”



Well, now what? :U


2 thoughts on “ARPG 2-257”

  1. First and foremost, Ask why they support their side. I’d prefer to know both sides of the story. Then ask what the empire is like for them, we’ve never really learnt much about how the empire is beyond the occasional comment.
    Another question is to ask how difficult it would be to avoid getting involved if we headed over there, we have general goals as is, but who knows how easily we could get caught up in the grand game. Hell we’re already partially caught in it as is. Another thing is to ask what Agents actually do, considering our main source of this info is in fact not one. Another on behalf of Jates is how easy it would be to set up an Inn in the Empire.

    Beyond that, I suppose not promise anything that we can’t confirm, but yeah it’s time to have a talk with our Deer friend.

    Oh yes, ask politely of what she is as well, I’m curious.

    I feel like we need to make a grand deal about our egg. It must be used in a grand manner… Or given to Bluebirb, that’s a grand enough one as well. Maybe she could give us one of hers next… be it natural or a “volunteer” :V

  2. Rayen, don’t you do it, don’t make Elykae be a bad person.

    I will stand by lockets’ suggestions and ask for their story and what race is the hooded girl.
    Oh, and ask where we can find them if we need to talk to them again.

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