ARPG 2-259


Talk to Elykae

Turning to Myla, you tell her that you just need to talk to Elykae about all this, sooner rather than later. “Yeah, I agree with that. We need to clear things up.” The wolfgirl nods. “What about those three though?” You admit that you need to ask them a couple more things before heading back, but beyond that, there’s not a lot you think you can really do with them. With that, you call them back inside.

“Is there something else you needed?” Kimno asks as she takes her hood back off, inside once again. You ask her if Elykae were to meet back up with her lamia partner, if that would avoid her getting in trouble. “I am afraid not.” The sheepgirl shakes her head. “Her crimes have already been done. It’s a matter of time before they are known about. If I am to be honest, if she wants to keep her freedom, then she will likely need to avoid going to the Empire. Or at the very least, when she does go, she needs to stay incognito.” So essentially, Elykae is going to become wanted one way or another.

You ask the sheep one more question. You ask why, if she’s been keeping an eye on you so much, she hadn’t assisted when Elykae was nearly digested by the bat the other day. “We do our best to not directly interfere.” Kimno explains. You tell her that she can’t really say that she’s looking out for the best interests of her citizens if she’s not willing to help. “I said that we do our best to not directly interfere. However…” She looks at you for a moment. “Who do you think it was that got the drake guard to come assist you?” You’re a bit surprised that she claims that she was the one to get Nerron. “If you do not believe me, feel free to ask the drake himself.” Regardless, even with Nerron’s help, Elykae ended up in a lot of trouble. You explain this to her. “I am aware, yes.” She sighs. “I will admit, at the time, I did not have my escorts with me. I myself am not a fighter in any sense of the word. I am afraid that if I were to interfere, it would have not been any help.”

“Seems a bit weird for an agent to lack any sort of fighting ability.” Myla puts a hand on her hip. “I mean, I figured you lot would need to be at least decent in a fight.”

“Not all of us, no.” Kimno shakes her head. “Myself, I am more of a diplomat, or occasionally, just someone who keeps track of people of interest. This is why I have my escorts. Now then…” She looks back at you. “Is there anything else you need to know?”

You think for a bit, but cannot come up with anything else to ask her. With that, you bid her and her companions farewell, and start heading back to Kaiti’s home. You’re not completely certain how you’re going to talk to Elykae about all this, but you have little choice at this point.

After a long walk in the rain, you finally arrive, heading inside. After a quick search, you find Elykae with Kaiti in the sitting room. “Ah, you are back?” Elykae notices you. “We will need to be leaving soon, I believe.” You hesitate for a moment, but tell her that you really need to talk to her about some things first. “Ah..? Is… Is there something wrong?” You admit that there is, which catches Kaiti’s attention.

“Is it something I need to know about then?” Kaiti asks. You turn to her and think for a moment. For now, you admit that you just want to speak with Elykae about it. It’s likely that you’ll need to talk to Kaiti afterwards. You do tell her that it may be likely that your trip to the Empire might be delayed. “I see… Well, let me know as soon as you can.” You nod to her and turn back to the deergirl. You take Elykae and Myla and head to a private room to speak.

Once inside, you have her sit down. “Floria, what is this about? Did something happen?” The cervidae asks. You hesitate, not really sure how to question her about all this.

“Alright uh…” Myla speaks up first. “Elykae, listen. We trust you, okay? I mean, you’ve proven to be a pretty good ally. But well… we need you to be 100% honest with us, alright?” You appreciate Myla’s help here, at least. She seems to be staying calm and understanding, which is good.

“I’m… not sure I understand…” You notice Elykae fidgeting a bit, whether from nervousness or from simple confusion, you’re not yet sure. You decide it best to just dive into the question. You ask Elykae if she is really an agent of the Empire. “I… What?” You can see her visibly recoil from your question. “I… Y-yes, I am. Why would you ask such a thing..?”

“Because…” Myla speaks up, though obviously as hesitant as you are. “Well, because we kind of ran into an agent on the way back. She showed us a pin, which she claims that every agent has some sort of to identify themselves as such.” She pauses for a moment to think. “And well… she told us that you aren’t an agent. And that you’re going to end up in trouble with the Empire if… Urgh, I don’t know. Elykae, just… tell us if you’re not really an agent, please.”

The deergirl completely freezes at Myla’s words. It takes her a while to finally speak, but you can tell that it’s not going to be the best answer. “I… I do not understand…” Her voice shakes a bit. “T-trouble? What… what sort of trouble..?” You explain what Kimno told you about how acting as an agent without being official is a big crime for the Empire. You also admit that she spoke of imprisonment, so you assume it’s considered a major crime. You try to tell her this in as calming a way as possible, but it’s obvious that Elykae is troubled about this news. “I… I did not mean to cause… Why did she not tell me..?” You ask her once again if she is really an agent. After a long pause, you finally get a defeated response. “I… I am sorry. I am not… I-I did not mean to mislead you…” Elykae may be wearing a mask, but you can tell by the sound of her voice that she’s tearing up.

Myla sighs next to you. “I’ll uh… I’ll let you handle her for now.” You nod to her. Spending time with the deergirl alone would probably best for now. “I’ll go talk to the cat. Though uh… what do you want me to tell her. I mean, not really sure what this is gonna do to our trip…” You consider what to have her tell Kaiti, and also how you’ll deal with Elykae…



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  1. Kiss the poor deerbutt gently on the head, tell her that everything is going to be alright, as if you are a caring mother comforting her child after she wakes from a nightmare.

  2. HUGS

    I’d say wait to talk to Kaiti until after Elykae is feeling better (it should be up to her whether or not we go to the empire right now).

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