ARPG 2-261


Think of plans

You continue to try and comfort Elykae, though you tell her that you need to come up with some sort of plan. Just taking her with you to the Empire is too dangerous at this point, so if you can’t find some way to get her pardoned or disguised, you’ll have to leave here here. However, you explain to the deergirl that you don’t want to leave her behind, and will only do so if you can’t do anything else. “I… I understand.” She nods to you. “But… what can we do..?”

“Maybe a new mask would work, yeah?” Garrett offers. “I mean, Elykae is almost always wearing it. With a new mask, it’d be a lot harder to spot her, I think.” It does seem like a reasonable idea. You ask Elykae what she thinks of it.

“I would have to get the new mask enchanted or else I would not be able to see…” She replies. “Aside from that, I may not need to be directly recognized. If it is known that I am travelling with you, I may be found regardless…”

You think over that for a bit. The only mage you really know is Ken, and you’re unsure if he’d be able to supply the needed enchantments. Her other worry creates problems for any traditional disguise as well. You continue to think as your eyes wander around the room, eventually looking at Bluebell, giving you an idea. However, you’re unsure if Elykae would even be willing to do such a thing. Regardless, you offer the idea of perhaps letting Bluebell transform Elykae into a harpy.

“I… Wh-what..?” The deergirl seems surprised by your idea. “I am not sure I understand…” You give a quick explanation of how Bluebell transformed you back in the wilderness, though you know Elykae isn’t going to be totally comfortable with the idea. “Is such a thing really safe though..? She is still a feral…” Looking over at Bluebell for a moment, you tell the deergirl that you trust her, even if she is a feral. She’s pretty smart, and you believe that she would know what you wanted her to do. “I… I see. Perhaps… Perhaps we should leave that as a um… last resort?” You understand her hesistation and give her a nod. You have time to think, so there’s no need to rush to a decision.

You continue discussing ideas with her and Garrett, though none of them really seem possible. After some time, Myla and Kaiti return. You greet them, asking where they went. “Er… Yeah. Sorry about that.” Myla sighs. “The cat kinda made me slip up and tell her what happened.”

“So my worries proved to be true…” Kaiti sighs as well. “This does create more issues.” You ask what it was that they were doing. “I needed to speak with the Commander about this. And Myla…”

“I wanted to see if I could find that sheep again.” The wolfgirl shrugs. “But I don’t know. She’s definitely not easy to find. Maybe she’ll realise that we were looking for her and show up later or something.” You nod. Kimno could be useful, if you can get her to help.

Turning back to Kaiti, you ask if there’s anything the Alliance could do. “I’m afraid not.” She shakes her head. “We can’t really get involved in this at all, officially. I can continue to help you as friends, but that’s about it.” You thank her for that, at least.

“Floria, can we talk for a bit?” Myla asks. “Like, in another room?” You nod to her, standing to go with her. The two of you leave the others and head to another bedroom. You close the door behind you as the wolfgirl pauses for a moment.

“Listen, we’re running into a lot of problems lately.” She speaks again. “We’ve gotten in over our heads. Are you sure you wanna continue with all this? I mean, there’s nothing stopping us from just like… Going to Silot or Dolnor or something and just living there. We can keep Elykae safe there as well.” You ask if she’s just wanting to give up. “…Yeah, I guess.” She sighs. “I mean, I’m gonna follow you, whatever you decide. You’ll just get yourself killed if I let you go alone. Just… I mean, think about it, alright? We don’t have to do all this stuff.” You ask why she’s become like this lately. This isn’t the first time she’s suggested this sort of thing.

“It’s…” Myla pauses for a moment, hesitating. “For whatever reason, I’ve actually started to care what happens to you. And the others. I just don’t want all of us to end up in bad situations for no reason. Just think about it, okay? We don’t have to get involved.” Myla really doesn’t seem too keen on continuing like this.

“Well, that’s my awkward bit of conversation for the day.” She shrugs, starting to head back toward the door. You nod and follow her. “Let’s just see if the others- Huh..?” She’s cut off as the both of you hear a noise from behind you. Turning around, you’re met with a sight that fills you with dread…



I haven’t done a proper cliffhanger in a while. This post was gonna end up way too long anyway, so this seems like a fun place to end it for today. At least it’ll just be a one-day cliffhanger, right? :V


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  1. Oooh. Cliffhanger. Can’t really say anything because of it :V

    I say that all plans involving Bluebirb and Elykae involve no knowledge of Elykae. She must be fully unaware of when we do anything involving it, Jam her in works best without her knowing :V

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