ARPG 2-262


“I believe I may have a solution for your current problem.” A familiar cloaked man stands in the bedroom. The same man from when you fought Nysk.

“Y-you…” Myla takes a step back, instinctively. You do as well. Having him teleport in behind you is startling, to say the least. Even more worrying is that he’s apparently been watching you. You ask what he meant by what he just said.

“It is simple. And there’s no need to worry.” He speaks again, his voice sounds normal and calm, but for some reason, you just can’t shake the feeling of dread. “I am not here to bring harm to you or your allies. I simply seek to give you some guidance.”

“A-and what sort of ‘guidance’ would that be?” You can tell that Myla’s concerned about this. Possibly even a bit afraid. She probably remembers what happened last time.

“Your friend needs a way to disguise her appearance, correct?” He asks. You hesitantly nod. “There is a solution outside of this city, near to that small town of Malor. You’ve seen it yourself, haven’t you?” He looks at you, though you’re not sure what he means. “There is what you call an Ancient Ruin in the wilderness near that town. Go there, and you will find a solution to your problem.” You do recall seeing some ruins when you were dropped in the wilderness by the bandits.

“And just what is that solution then? You can’t expect us to just take your word for it!” The wolfgirl seems to doubt him. “What’s there?”

“Find out yourself.” He simply replies. You’re not going to get anything else out of him. You can already tell that. You ask why he’s even offering to help, though you’re not completely sure if this is proper help. “Your goddess seems keen on helping you. I see no reason why I shouldn’t do so myself. Besides, if nothing else, I can see it as a test.” You’re not sure why he’s testing you, and you’re not certain if you really want to know at this point. “Go there, and you will find a solution. Of course, you are not required to take this path. I will be watching to see what decision you choose.”

“J-just… Who the hell are you?!” Myla snaps at him. You can tell that she’s not happy with him toying with you like this, but at the same time, both of you know better than to get violent with him.

“Ah, that’s right. I’ve yet to introduce myself.” Bringing his hands up to his hood, he slips it off his head, giving you a clear view of his face. “My name is Rohum.” He looks at you. “And as much as I would enjoy entertaining more questions from your pet, I must take my leave now.” That last comment obviously angered Myla, but she keeps her cool for now. With a shimmer of magic, Rohum teleports away.

You and Myla are quiet for a time. “Th… That guy…” Myla finally speaks. “I don’t like him. What he said, it’s a trick, right?” You shake your head, unsure. You don’t know why he would choose to help you. “Y-yeah. Urgh… But… if it’s not a trick then…” She sighs, obviously not certain of what to do. “I don’t like the way he can just show up like that though. We can’t really avoid him.”

You nod at that, a bit concerned. Though for now, you tell her that you should go speak with the others. The two of you once again start to head towards the door, when you hear another noise behind you. You quickly spin around, seeing Rohum appear once more, but before you can react, a circle of magic appears at your feet! “Ah, there was one more thing…” He speaks up.

“F-Floria!” Myla shouts as she quickly tries to push you out of the magic, though a burst of energy from the cloaked man knocks her away, slamming her into the wall.

You struggle to try and get out of the magic yourself, but it seems to be binding you in place somehow! “I would prefer it if you did not take on the traits of animals.” Rohum speaks once more. As he does, you get a strange feeling in your body. Looking down, you can see the feathers on your arms fade away, steadily getting restored back to their original human appearance. Your boots also tear away as your talons turn back into human legs and feet. It only takes a few moments, but then the magic fades, completely robbing you of your harpy features. “There. I will leave you to your decision now.” Again, he teleports away, leaving you alone with Myla.



You quickly move over to the wolfgirl, stumbling a bit with your changed legs. You quickly ask if she’s okay. “Urgh… I should be the one asking that…” She groans a bit. You assure her that you’re fine. “Alright. Yeah. I’m fine too. Gonna have a bruise from that one though…”

The door suddenly opens, as Kaiti rushes in. “Floria? Is everything okay? I heard some…?” She suddenly spots you and Myla. “Wh-what happened? You’re..?” You quickly give her an explanation of what happened with the cloaked man appearing. “Th… That is the powerful mage I’ve heard about in reports then..?” You nod, explaining your previous run-in with him. “I… I see. I may need to pay the Commander another visit…”

You ask her if she knows anything about the Ancient ruins that Rohum mentioned. You imagine that the Alliance does keep track of them, at least a little. “Near Malor? Hm…” She thinks for a moment. “I’m not completely sure. I think the last we checked, there wasn’t anything of interest there, though that was quite some time ago.”

You consider what to do now…



The return of spooky cloaked man.

And human Floria. :V


5 thoughts on “ARPG 2-262”

  1. Step one. Get Bluebirb to return us to Birb. None of this human nonsense.

    Step two. Figure out what happened.

    Step three. Find out more about this ruin.

    I now hate that man. We need help of Bluebirb. The debirbing is not something I approve of.

    If we can, we are totally jamming him into Bluebirb later. Regardless of what happens it’s a good response.

  2. Tbh, I feel like should try to reach Rohum’s skill ceiling on the mage scale, I mean, come on! Dude turned Floria back to a human with a snap of his fingers! It’d be awesome if Floria can pull off the same kind of power!

    So we should definitely check out those ruins, what’s happened here pretty much confirms that we’re gonna get involved with the ancients, like it or not, people. If he’s gonna offer us a helping hand, then we should accept it cause of lore and plot reasons.

  3. RIP birb floria
    You will be sorely missed.

    This is going to make lewds with Myla all awkward again, so best that we stock up on birth control potions (checking on Jates could be fun anyway).

  4. We should go to the ruins. If he knows of the goddess-y revive thing that we used on Bluebell than what he says holds some merit. Also thank goodness we did revive Bluebell, we’re going to need her to turn us back into a harpy

  5. Don’t get me wrong I also would like to see Flobirb back, but am I really the only one who thinks that immediatly doing the one thing an all powerful mage that apparently knows everything we’re doing told us specificaly NOT to do, is not a good idea?
    Call me a spoilsport, but I’d prefer voice of reason.

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