ARPG 2-263


Talk with the others

Turning to Myla, you tell her that you need to discuss this with the others. Though for the moment, you do think it might be best to do what Rohum says.

“Normally, I’d tell you you’re an idiot for going with what’s obviously a trap but…” The wolfgirl sighs. “The last thing we need is to end up on his bad side. Well, assuming he has a good side. We just have to be careful.” You nod to her and the three of you head back to the other room with Elykae and the others.

Once there, you step inside to find everyone looking at you strangely. Everyone except Elykae that is. She still doesn’t have her mask on. “F-Floria?!” Garrett is the first to speak up. “What happened? You’re… You’re human again..?”

“What?” Upon hearing the centaur’s words, Elykae quickly puts her mask back on to see. Upon seeing your human body, she seems a bit startled. “I do not understand. Did you… take a potion..?”

Bluebell hops off of Garrett’s back, moving over to you with a confused look on her face. She doesn’t seem upset, just completely confused by your lack of bird-like features. “Floria… change..?”

You quickly explain to the three of them what happened, as well as telling them about what the cloaked man told you about the ruin near Malor. After explaining to Elykae and Garrett, you spend a bit more time trying to explain your transformation to Bluebell. You eventually get her to understand. She doesn’t seem too upset though. If anything, she looks excited. “Floria change?” She happily chirps. “Bluebell change Floria!” You quickly realize what she’s offering, though explain to her that if you do take the option, it’ll have to wait. She seems a bit disappointed, but after hopping back up on Garrett’s back, she seems back to her cheerful self.

“I apologize…” Elykae speaks up, after hearing what you had to say. “I do not mean to put you in difficult positions like this…” You explain to her that it’s fine. You’ve basically already decided that you’re fine with exploring those ruins, but you just wanted to know what they thought of the idea first. “I… If there is a way to resolve my current problem, then yes. I am willing.”

“It’s gonna be dangerous, yeah?” Garrett asks. You nod, admitting that you don’t know the dangers. It could be a trap. “Well, if it’s to help Elykae, then I’ll help too. Those ruin places usually aren’t too tight, so I shouldn’t have too much problem moving around in em, yeah?” You ask if he’s been to a ruin before. “Just once. I was helping the doc over near Silot. There was some researchers or something checking a ruin near there and the doc was treating one of them.”

“Hm… So you’re planning on doing this?” Kaiti turns to you. You nod to her. “I see. Well, from what reports I’ve seen in the last few days, the area around Malor has gotten significantly safer ever since we dealt with those bandits. Travelling there shouldn’t be any sort of issue, even at night. Do you know when you’ll be leaving?” You tell her that you’ll likely leave as soon as possible. “You’re right. Hm… Floria, while you’re travelling to Malor, I’ll see if I can find any sort of information in the archives about that ruin that might be of help. Whatever I find, I’ll send via a courier in the morning. I hope that there will be something of help there.” You thank her for that.

“So we’re doing this then?” Myla asks. You nod to her. “Alright. We should go stock up on anything we might need then. Should probably let Jates know as well. I figure she’s at that alchemist’s lab.”

You do mention that you’ll need to get your clothes fixed. “Oh, come with me, Floria.” Kaiti leads you to another room where she speaks with one of the mansion workers. “This girl can fix your clothes for you. It shouldn’t take too long.” You nod to that, thanking her. After some time, and a lot of measurements, you get a newly tailored set of clothes. You hope that you won’t have to get this done again for a while.

With the decision made, you and your party head out of the mansion and into the city. You consider if there’s anything you want to stock up on…



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  1. Well, First off we should get food, just because it’s always a good thing for an adventure. Other than that, get a few more energy poisons, they saved Deer before, we may need them later.

    Otherwise, grab a few sets of clothes in Harpy form for us and maybe just some spare just in case.

    We should thank Bluebirb for the offer, we should take it after the ruin, or before, one of the two. We should give her the egg, a kiss and a hug. Bluebirb has the greatest of ideas.

    We need to conspire with Bluebirb on changing more than just us. Try Deer if everything doesn’t help or just pick other party member for us to >JAM THEM IN :V!

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