ARPG 2-264



As you head towards the Market district, you take stock of some of your items. You have plenty of weapons and equipment, though you will stop somewhere to see if you can get something done with Nysk’s Crossbow and maybe see if it can be repaired. You do decide that finding some sort of talon blades for Bluebell would be a good idea though. As far as consumables and potions go, you do want to pick up a couple more energy poisons, as those turned out to be quite useful.

Once at the market, everyone restocks on what items they can use. Your party seems to carry some money of their own, so you don’t have to worry about their basic supplies at least. You see that Gina is working at her little stall again, so you head over and greet her. “Oh, hello Floria- Eh..?” She gives you a confused look. “You’re human again..? Oh, did you use the potion then..?” You shake your head and explain that the harpy transformation you were under got dispelled. “Oh. That’s too bad. Your feathers were really cute…” You ask if everything is okay with her now. She nods to you. “Yes. My father has let me stay at home again, so things are back to normal. Oh and I saw that Jates is working with Jutho now?” You nod, though you admit that the two of them might have some difficulties. “Jutho is a bit odd, but I’m sure they’ll do fine! Anyway, did you need anything?”

You spend a little time buying some potions from her. It does seem like she’s giving you a discount though. You aren’t going to complain about that.


You bid the girl goodbye and head over to the blacksmith’s shop to see what you can get done with Nysk’s Crossbow. You speak with the drake about the weapon, showing it to him. “Lass, this isn’t exactly something I can fix.” He scratches his head, looking at what’s left of the crossbow. “Ya haven’t really brought me here a weapon, but rather a pile of broken parts.” You ask if there’s anyone who could repair it. “You’d need an engineer or somethin’. Even then, it wouldn’t be a repairing really. It’d be more of a rebuilding. I doubt it’d be cheap.” You sigh upon hearing that. Putting the broken crossbow away, you ask if he has talon weapons for a harpy. “Ah, yeah. I got a couple. Hang out here for a sec.” With that, he goes to the back for a few minutes before returning with some Talon Blades. The price seems fair, and this should help Bluebell if you end up in combat. A feral with some bladed talons would be quite dangerous.


You meet back up with your group to discuss what to do next. “Should probably go tell Jates what’s going on.” Myla speaks up. “No need for all of us to go though. I can go tell her myself.” You nod but ask her to at least take someone else with her. “Ah, right. I’ll take Elykae then.” The deergirl nods to her, and the two of them head off toward the alchemist’s lab.

There’s some benches nearby with a bit of shielding from the weather, so you decide to wait with Bluebell and Garrett for the others to return there. However, you aren’t seated for long before you are approached by a few familiar faces.

“It would seem that you were looking for me.” Kimno and her allies approach you. “It would also seem that you have something to explain.” She looks at your now human body. You’re hesitant, but decide to give her some details about your encounter with Rohum. These three might be able to give you some sort of idea of who he is. “He sounds to be a powerful mage, but I do not know of anyone with that name…” The sheepgirl considers what you explained. “And he wishes for you to go to ruins near Malor?” You nod. You admit that you know it could be a trap, but if it can help Elykae, you’re willing to risk it. “I see…”

You ask if there’s anything she could do to help Elykae. If you can find an alternative, then that would be nice to have. “I am afraid not.” She shakes her head. “The most I can do is not reveal what she has done. Although…” She thinks for a moment. “I will admit, this mage that has met with you is something of interest.” She looks at her two allies, then back to you. “If you would accept, I would like to send these two to scout this ruin. I am sure that whatever information they find would be of use.” You ask if sending them is such a good idea, since it may be a trap. “They may not look it, but they are skilled scouts. I trust their ability.” You admit that having some help would be nice, though you also ask if she would be going with them. “No, I am not as skilled when it comes to that sort of thing. I will remain here in the city. I do still have other tasks to attend to.”

“So uh…” Oriz speaks up. The harpy looks at you for a moment. “I guess we’ll be working together sorta? Well, I guess we’ll be scouting, so I dunno how much we’ll actually work together…”

“Oriz, try to stay focused.” Naeck sighs next to him. This is the first time you’ve heard the cat speak. He turns to you. “We will go ahead and check on the area. We’ll meet you when you arrive.” With that, he grabs the harpy boy and heads off.

“I imagine they will arrive at the ruins far before you.” Kimno watches the two of them as they walk out of the city. “If they can assist you in any way, just ask them to. I am sure they will oblige.” You ask why she’s offering their help so readily. “I do not have too much of a need of them here in the city, so offering their help does not cause me too much trouble. Though I admit the primary reason is to learn more of what this mage you spoke of is planning.” So in the end, she’s just trying to get information. It does make sense with who she is. “I should be going though. I am sure we shall see each other again.” Saying that, the sheepgirl leaves.

“She’s a bit serious, yeah?” Garrett comments. “But I mean, more help is always good, right?” You hesitantly nod, though you’re still not completely sure of her. After a few more minutes, Myla and Elykae return. With that, it looks like you’re ready to head out of the city.



I forgot to mention this in the last post since a lot of people didn’t know/forgot about it: Floria doesn’t have to worry about pregnancy, even as a human. It was decided a while back that she can only get pregnant if the majority of players actually want it to happen. So right now, she will just magically not need to worry about it. :V


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  1. Yay, more cute Bluebirb! :V

    Otherwise, it’s neat that Kimno is offering an amount of assistance, I still don’t trust the ancient guy a single bit. He’s tried to kill us in the past and this may just be an elaborate trap to do it again. We need to head to Malor then find the ruin, maybe check in on Marcus and Tahtsu.

    We should be really careful with this ruin, I’ve got bad feelings about this.

    On a less serious note, as much as I want to Birbify Floria again immediately for personal preference and just to spite the guy who’s tried murdering our party in the past, we should wait until or after the ruin. I feel it maybe linked to human stuff.

    Yay, Bluebirbs following us close! Even she wants to >JAM HER IN! on us! She’s just waiting for permission… We’ll need to convince her of that for if we do it to the Deer, otherwise just wait a little longer Bluebell~ :V

  2. The baabaa is taller than I thought…

    So I guess we should accept their help, we need to make sure they won’t betray us though, make sure they get the message.

  3. Is BB’s birbification unique or could Myla or Elykae change Floria if they wanted?

    P.S. BB is a really cute abbreviation. 🙂

    1. BB knows some sort of magic to do it, so it’s currently unique to her. In theory, the others could learn it, though probably not from BB in her current mostly feral form. :V

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