ARPG Extra Story 1-2


Meet with your allies

You consider your options of how to do things as you walk to the company barracks. Heading inside, you are met with three of the company guards that are currently not on a job.

“What’s up, boss?” A large drake woman greets you. Her size is imposing, but you’ve known Tess for a long time. She’s actually been working with the company longer than you have. She’s almost like an older sister to you. “Don’t see ya in here very often. Got a job for us?”

“I am afraid I do, yes.” You nod to them, calling the three of them to a table so that you can talk.

“Sounds serious.” Datev comments as the feline man takes a seat. “It’s to do with Melra, isn’t it?” You’re surprised that he knows about that. Melra’s situation was supposed to be a secret. Though in a way, you almost expect him to know everything that goes on. The man always shows up with interesting information. Though there are times when he breaks company rules, but in the end, you have to overlook it for how useful he is.

“Yes, it is.” You nod to him with a sigh. “I would ask how you came to know of that, Datev.”

“Saw some papers. Heard some things.” He shrugs. “The usual ways. I take it things haven’t gone well.”

“Is Melra in trouble..?” Lorre asks. The flame elf girl is fairly new to the company, but has been long-time friends with you and Melra. She’s a bit quieter than the other company workers for certain, but her magic has gotten you out of plenty of tight spots in her short time here. “It doesn’t sound good…”

“Sorry, Lorre.” You shake your head. “We are not completely certain yet, but… we believe that job she was on was a trap. As far as we can tell, she did not make it back.” The elf looks upset at your words, but holds herself together. “Let me explain everything…” You explain to them about what the merchant reported to your father, and about what he has tasked you to do. “… at the moment, that elf is our primary lead. There is the storage barn as well, though I am not so certain about it. It could have just been a meeting point.”

“So we get to bash an elf’s head in?” Tass crosses her arms. “I’m fine with that.”

You shake your head to her. “This is not about revenge. We have to learn what is going on first.”

“First, you say…” Datev notes your words. “Then revenge comes after?”

He’s good at catching slip-ups like that. As much as you want to remain professional, you can’t deny that the idea of revenge is certainly on your mind. You weren’t terribly close with your sister, but an attack against a family member still fills you with rage. “… We will decide that when the time comes.” You finally reply to him. “Right now though, we need to come up with a plan. What would you suggest?”

“I think I’ve heard of that elf before.” Tess thinks for a bit. “She’s a tough one, so it might be a good idea for me to stand with ya if ya wanna go talking with her.” You look up at the strong drake woman. “Not that I’m saying ya can’t handle her, boss. Yer tough, but safety in numbers, right?” You aren’t a pushover when it comes to combat, for certain. There’s a reason you’re in charge of the company’s guards. Even so, when it comes to straight-up melee combat, Tess outperforms you. Having her along would be helpful if a fight breaks out. However, having her along might also ensure a fight breaks out. She’s not the best at keeping her cool.

“I could check the barn.” Datev suggests. “Or ask around and see what I can find out. Or… I could deal with the elf myself while you check the barn. I’ll make sure she gives an explanation.” He shrugs. “Can’t guaruntee that you’d get any part of her though. If a problem comes up with her, I won’t hesitate.” He offers a solid idea. Datev’s always worked well as a solo scout, so having him check the barn might be a good use of his skills. Though his suggestion to deal with the elf could work too. You doubt she’ll survive the encounter though. Datev’s not one for mercy. Regardless, sending him alone does still create risk, no matter how skilled he is. If he gets detected, it could create more trouble, even if he gets away.

“I would just… I would like to come with you, whatever you decide, Telr- er… ma’am.” Lorre speaks up. “I’ll support you however I can.” The mage has proven to be a valuable asset for your group in the past. While she doesn’t know much in the way of purely offensive magic, she’s skilled with illusions. On top of that, she’s a good healer, knowing many supportive spells. She’s always stayed close to you since joining the company, and you doubt that she could work well on her own. Though you know that, despite her gentle appearance, she has had the occasional outburst of anger. If Melra is truly dead, it might set her off.

With the three having said their own ideas, you think to your own abilities. You’re decent in a melee fight, primarily with a sword and shield. You also have a crossbow, which you are quite familiar with. Alongside your physical weapons, you know limited magic. Just a few basic fire spells, but nothing you can heavily rely on. While not overly skilled in any one area, you are a bit more balanced than your allies. Your true skill comes in leadership. Not only that, but you know how to de-escalate a situation when possible. Your father’s diplomatic skills have obviously been passed down to you.

Regardless, taking all three of your allies could cause problems if you want to avoid suspicion. It’s likely that whoever is behind all this might be expecting your company to do something. Just taking two of them should be fine, and you could send the third to do work alone. Groups of two would work as well, though you worry about splitting your strength too much should you come under attack at any point.

After all, a part of you wonders if this could be just a big trap…



Choose yer party. :V

Hopefully I’ve given you all enough info to go with. :V


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  1. Oh my god, Lorre is adorable, protect her at all costs!

    Send Datev to do work alone, a scout should be pretty good at flying solo, right? Take Tass and Lorre with you, that should be a good setup, I think.

    (Pls make more of Lorre, I just can’t get over how cute she is ^w^)

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