ARPG 2-267


Give Tahtsu advice

You think for a bit, not completely sure what to tell the elf girl. Regardless, as much as you’d like to have another ally to follow you, you tell her that it may be best for her to spend some time in Malor, or maybe Erada to regain her footing. You mention that Ken in Erada City might be able to help her with her head, though you do warn her that he can be difficult to deal with. The one thing you don’t suggest is going after Tassri, especially by herself.

“Y-yeah. I know that.” She nods. “Maybe I’ll talk with that guard…” You ask if she means Marcus. “Yeah. You know him, right?” You nod, telling her that he would definitely help her out. “I will then. What are you going to do? Are you going to try to find that woman? Tassri?” You shake your head, telling her of your current plan to go investigate the ruins. You explain that you’d offer to let her join, but you’re honestly still not certain if it’s a trap.

Thinking a bit more, you remember that you have some of Nev’s belongings. Specifically, his armor and his weapon. You pull them out of your bag and hand them over to Tahtsu. You probably weren’t going to use them anytime soon, and getting your own shouldn’t be too hard. Right now, you just feel bad for the elf and want to help her as much as you can. “Th… this is…” She hesitantly takes the equipment, staring at it for a while. “Thanks…”


You’re getting hungry for breakfast, and imagine that the others are as well. You decide it polite to ask Tahtsu if she’d want to have breakfast with your group. It might help get her mind off of things, if only for a bit. “Oh uh… Thanks but… I already had a meal this morning. Besides… I kinda wanna…” Her voice trails off. You give her a nod and let her know that you’ll be around for a little while if she wants to talk. With that, you excuse yourself from the elf and head back to Myla.

“Well, that could have gone worse.” Myla shrugs as the two of you leave the church. “It’s gonna take her some time to deal with that, I guess. I’m sure Marcus can get her back up.” You nod to that. “Anyway, let’s go get some food. I’m starving.” You nod again, saying that you should meet up with the others for some breakfast.

It doesn’t take you too long to find the others near a couple shops. You greet Elykae as you approach. “Oh, good morning.” She nods to you. You ask why she wanted to come to the shops so early. “Ah, I wanted to buy a few more supplies. Thinking about our current objective, I am worried that it may be a trap of some sort. I would simply like to be prepared.” You agree with her on that. Though you’re not certain how much preperation will really help if that cloaked mage really wants to cause problems. Regardless, it looks like she’s bought some new equipment, including some better armor. You guess that she had a fair amount of personal money for that.

With everyone together, you head out and have a good breakfast at a nearby shop. Malor is still a small and quiet town, but there are a handful of businesses around. Though the lack of any real industry has obviously had it’s effects. You hope that the mines to the north help the town grow, though with that dwarf in charge, you worry that it won’t help too much.


With everyone fed, you head back to the barracks to check with Marcus. You greet the guard captain as you head inside. “Morning. I take it you all slept well?” He asks. You nod, as the barrack’s beds weren’t really all that bad. Though you certainly do prefer the soft beds of Kaiti’s mansion. “Well, a courier came by earlier with a message from someone in Erada City named Kaiti. I assume that’s the medic who came here with the Commander, correct?” You nod, explaining that she was going to check for any information about the ruins. “I see. Well, here.” He hands you a folded paper.

Taking it, you quickly read it aloud:

‘Floria and company,
I have searched the Alliance’s archives for information about these ruins. However, I’m afraid my search has brought up naught of interest. The last expedition there was five years ago. With no interesting artifacts to research, the site was declared a cleared ruin and no futher action has been taken on it. If there is something of interest for you there, it has likely been put there recently. Please be careful.’

Marcus crosses his arms as you finish reading the letter out. “So the same as I found then. Not much of use.”

“Perhaps it is not some sort of artifact that we are looking for.” Elykae suggests. “It may simply be something that has been moved to those ruins. There was much bandit activity in this region recently, correct? Perhaps they found something and stored it there.”

“Which means there may be more of them there.” Myla frowns. “Gods, I thought we’d be done with them by now. I’m really sick of messing with Nysk’s merry band of bastards.”

“If there are remnants hiding out there, there surely aren’t many.” Marcus speaks up. “I imagine that it should be managable. We should be able to take care of it.” You notice the fact that he said “we” there, and ask him about it. “Hm? Well, I’ll be coming along. If there is something there, I’d rather find out myself than just ask for a report when you return. Besides…” He gives you a bit of a smile. “I do like to get out of the town on occasion.”



Okay, first off: An apology. I caught a fever earlier this week and have been recovering from that. Really sorry for missing the updates. D:

But I’m back now and (mostly) fine, so we can get on with whatever’s in this mysterious ruin! :V


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  1. Okay, I’m certain now that that damn bandit group is controlled by that guy. That and we’re gonna have more of that crystal stuff used against us. Regardless, the sooner we’ve dealt with this, the sooner many issues will be solved. I still don’t trust this in the slightest, we need to be very cautious. All that Ancient guy has done in the past is try and kill us, directly or indirect, and debirb us. All of these are negative things.

    Once this ruin is done, either by abandoning or completing, I still want Bluebirb to change us back. I still think that HarpyFloria is more suited to what we do, she’s much more agile and it adds a level of complexity to what we can do.

    Regardless, Marcus coming along is of use, he’s been known to be good at what he does, especially with us being a little more easy to hit now.

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