ARPG Extra Story 1-3


Take Tess and Lorre

Looking at your allies, you make a decision on how to do things. “Tess, Lorre, I will have the two of you come with me to confront this elf mercenary.” You look at those two, then to Datev. “Datev, I would have you learn of what information you can. Search out the storage barn in question and just… do what you do. That said, do not over extend yourself. I understand that you are skilled, but I would rather this not turn into a rescue mission.”

“Got it, Tel.” The cat gives you a nod. “I’ll meet you when you’re done with the elf.” With that, Datev heads out of the barracks. You only hope that he heeds your orders and doesn’t get into trouble.

“Off to have a talk with the elf then, eh?” Tess looks at you. “Best not keep her waiting.”

Giving her a nod, the three of you head off towards the tavern where the elf was last seen. It takes just a short walk through the snow-covered streets of the city until you find yourself there. You stop to speak with your allies. “I would have the two of you go in first.” You tell them. “It may be that she could recognize me. If it appears that I go in alone, then she may keep her guard low. I would rather we not have a fight break out in public.”

“Should we speak with the tavernkeep about this?” Lorre asks. “He is a friend of the company, after all. If he is informed of what might happen, it might make things easier.”

“Yes, I shall leave that to you then.” You nod to the elf. “Tell him to not take any sort of action though. It is good to give him some warning though.”

“Right, don’t keep us waiting, boss.” Tess gives you a nod. “We’ll watch yer back.” With your plan set for now, the two of them head inside.

You wait several minutes before heading in yourself, giving Tess and Lorre plenty of time to get settled. Walking inside, you take a long look around. The tavern is large, though during this time of day isn’t too busy. It doesn’t take long for you to spot your target. A red-haired elf sitting alone at a table. Of course, it looks like she’s taken notice as well. She obviously spots you, and she doesn’t look too thrilled. She goes back to her drink though, not making a move of any sort. With your mask, it may be that she wasn’t able to figure out if you saw her.

On the other side of the tavern, near the bar, you see Tess and Lorre. It looks like they’ve already spoken with the owner of the tavern. The inn rooms are towards the back, behind the bar, and you imagine that the elf has already rented one for use. You consider how you want to do things now…



And the elf shows her face. :V


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  1. (Eventually) pull an Inigo Montoya on this girl by saying: “My name is Telri. You killed my sister. Prepare to die.” And have her repedily say throughout the fight to throw her off. (LOL jk XD)

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