ARPG 2-272


Change back

A part of you actually likes this new form, but you decide that it might cause you to attract even more attention, and that’s the last thing you really want right now. You turn to the old woman and accept her offer to change you back.

“Yeah, I’ll be taking that too.” Marcus nods. “I don’t think I want to keep these things…” He lightly pokes at his own rabbit-like ears. He then looks over to Elykae. “What about you though? What will you do?”

“I… I do not know…” She shakes her head. You try to explain to her that this does seem like the best way to keep her from getting in too much trouble. “I know but… To use an illegal magic to avoid punishment for a crime I did not know I was committing… I just…”

“Well, all the shapeshifting magic in the world isn’t going to help unless you take off that mask.” The woman speaks up. “That sort of thing will make you recognizable no matter your form.” You realize that she’s right about that, though explain why it is that Elykae wears it. You decide to ask if her shapeshifting magic could potentially cure her blindness. “Hm… It’s not something I’ve tried before. I see no reason to not try it, assuming your friend here will stop hesitating.”

Elykae still seems unsure about all this. “Just… who are you? Why are you offering your magic so freely?” She asks. “You have no reason to help us, yet you do. I just cannot be sure that I can trust you…”

“Your friends seem to.” The old woman glances over at you. “Besides, I’m only helping you so that you’ll get out. Do not mistake that for kindness. Because of that, I’d rather you just make a choice already.” The woman seems to be getting impatient.

“Floria.” Elykae turns to you. “Are you really sure about this woman? You trust her?” You nod to her. She hasn’t acted at all out of malice, and seems to have been honest with you so far. Again, you remind her that this is really the only way that you currently know to really fix the situation. “I… I see… Perhaps…” She hesitates for a moment. “Perhaps she can restore the two of you while I think…” You give her a nod.

“Well, it shouldn’t take long.” The woman turns to you and Marcus. “The young man first. Come here.” Marcus nods, stepping foward to the old woman. She grips her staff, and starts to focus some magic. You watch closely, curious if you might be able to learn something. As she channels the magic into his body, the beastkin-like features start to shrink down and disappear, quickly reverting him back to his human form. “There.”

“You made that look easy.” Marcus comments. “But I thank you. I feel like the others in town would have had a bit too much fun with that.”

“Now you.” The woman turns to you. Giving her a nod, you step forward. “The magic that transformed both you and the guard is an unstable one.” She comments as she starts to focus her magic again. “This may take a few tries with how much you absorbed.” Before you have a chance to comment on that, she releases her magic into you. Your body feels strange for a moment, though nothing seems to happen. “Hm…” She focuses again, and once again releases magic. This time it seems to have some effect, and your fur starts to fade away. However, not all your rabbit-like features disappear, still maintaining your ears and poofy tail. “The magic is still unstable.” She sighs. “Until it settles down more, that’s about all I can do.” You ask how long that will take. “We can try again after I deal with your cervidae friend.” You nod to that, and the woman turns to Elykae. “Of course, that depends on what your friend has decided.”

As Elykae continues to think, Myla speaks up. “Hey Floria. What about those guys outside?” She asks. You assume she means Oriz and Naeck. “I mean… If Elykae walks out of here looking like a completely different person…” You realize what she means. While they do seem like decent guys, the possibility of them using this sort of thing as blackmail against Elykae isn’t something to be ignored. If she walks out of here as a completely different person, they’re going to be suspicious. “And I mean, shapeshifting is illegal, right? Marcus might be fine with this, but there’s no promise that they will. Or worse, they may decide to try and get her to help them.”

“What’s this you’re talking about then?” The woman asks. You explain to her about Oriz and Naeck, though with Elykae in the room, you only mention that they’re escorts for an agent of the Empire, not mentioning their loyalties. “Hm. I will not get dragged into that pointless conflict. Your wolf has a point though. My magic would be of quite some interest to them. Enough that they might even be willing to be rather insistant.” She thinks for a moment. “As long as they are around, I cannot change your friend.” You ask if you could just blame it on the ruin’s magic, like what happened with you. “What I intend to do with her is not something that random magic is really capable of doing. They would likely be suspect of that, and want to investigate. You’ll have to be rid of them.”

It looks like Elykae will have a bit more time to think things over. You have to figure out a way to deal with the two escorts before then. “So what do we do?” Myla asks. “I mean, if we just tell them that we found nothing, they might buy it. But if they want to come inside, it’ll be hard to hide the old woman’s stuff.” She sighs. “And if it came down to a fight, it’d be pretty bad if one of them managed to escape…” You consider what to do…



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