ARPG 2-273


Make a plan

You think for a while, trying to come up with a plan of some sort. Eventually, you offer to maybe tell the two that there was nothing here, just a trap in the form of a malfunctioning Ancient device that exploded, causing you to transform into your current form. After all, it’s not a complete lie. “And if they decide that the want to investigate anyway?” Marcus offers. You don’t have an answer to that, but you do know that you won’t fight them.

With your plan decided, all of you start to make your way back up, though Myla pulls you aside before you go outside. “Floria, if this plan doesn’t work…” She seems concerned. “If those guys find the old hag, that’s probably not gonna go well. This shapeshifting magic stuff is illegal, right?” You nod to her. “They’re either gonna try and arrest her for that, or make her help them. Something tells me she’s not gonna go for either of those.” You nod, admitting she’s probably right about that. “It’s just… if they insist too much or anything, there’s gonna be a fight. We gotta make sure they don’t get down here. I just get the feeling that old woman isn’t a pushover, and the last thing we need is for her to have a reason to attack us or whatever.”

You think for a moment over Myla’s words, then ask if she has a plan. “Well, sorta.” She scratches her head. “It’s not exactly ideal but… If they still want to come in here after we give them our excuse, then maybe… If we ‘accidentally’ reveal that they’re militarists in front of Elykae…” You realize what she’s suggesting. You note that could end up making Elykae lash out at them. “Yeah, I know. We’ll have to hold her back in that case. Either way, she isn’t going to be happy. That should give them reason enough to shove off. Besides…” She sighs. “The longer we keep this from Elykae, the worse it’ll be when she does find out.” You give her a hesitant nod. You’ll go with her plan if your original one doesn’t work. “Alright, let’s do this then.”

With that, you meet back up with the others and head outside. “All good? Did you find any… thing..?” Oriz speaks up as he sees you, but gets a confused look once he notices your bunny-like features. “Er… What?” You give your excuse, explaining about the malfunctioning machine, and how it transformed you when it broke. The two of them think over your words for a moment. “Huh… Well, it looks like you’re okay then. Too bad it didn’t happen to the deer. That would have solved your issue, right?” You nod with a sigh. “She came up earlier saying that you ran into some issues with that barrier, but it looks like you guys got it down.”

“Was that really all that was there?” Naeck speaks up. You give him a nod. “Hm… you were in there for a while. I do not mean to suggest that your search was not complete, but it may be best if we take a look as well.” As he starts to stand you assure him that there was nothing else. You also mention that the magic is still present, which could be dangerous. “We still have a duty to ensure that.” It looks like they still intend to go inside. You glance over to Myla.

“Can’t just trust us then?” The wolfgirl sighs, shaking her head. “Listen. We aren’t blind. Er… Well, most of us aren’t.” She glances over at Elykae for a moment. “Anyway, if there were something there, we would have seen it. I get that you’re here for your militarist buddies but… er…” She stops, acting as though she messed up.

“What..?” Elykae looks at Myla, then to you. “Wait, did she..? Are they militarists? Floria, what is going on?” Her voice sounds a bit angry, but you quickly try to calm her. Though you feel it best to confirm what Myla said, admitting Oriz and Naeck’s loyalties. “You knew? And you have been letting them follow us?” Your efforts to calm her don’t seem to be working.

“Er… Hey uh…” Oriz starts to speak up. “I mean, yeah. It’s the truth, but don’t blame her. It was our job to keep an eye on you. We were gonna do it anyway.” His words do nothing to soothe the angry deergirl.

“Idiot.” Naeck sighs. “Oriz, we are leaving.” The harpy gives him a confused look. “They have to settle this themselves. Our continued presence will only complicate things.” He then turns to you. “We will leave for now. If you manage to calm her, we may contact you again.” You hesitantly nod to them. “And we will check this ruin another time.” With that, they head off.

“We cannot just allow them to leave!” Elykae starts to step after them, but you stop her. “They are militarists! The faction who wants war! If we let them go, then they are just going to-”

“You’re not an agent, Elykae.” Myla speaks up, joining you. “What exactly do you expect to do with them? Besides, those two are just escorts. The actual agent stayed in Erada. Stopping them is going to do nothing.”

“Why did you keep this from me?” The deergirl asks. “Were they the ones who told you everything? About how I was not an agent? How can we even trust them to be telling the truth? They could just be tricking us into believing that I am not allowed to perform this work!” You don’t have a completely solid reply to that, but you just try to calm her down, explaining that keeping her safe is more important to you. “Safe? All you’ve done is… is…” She struggles with her words, too upset to continue. Before you have time to say anything else, she turns and goes back into the ruin.

“… I’ll go keep an eye on her.” Marcus speaks up. You realize that he also didn’t know of the agents’ loyalties. The guard follows after the deergirl, leaving you outside with Myla, Garrett, and Bluebell. Garrett himself just stands awkwardly, obviously unsure of what just happened.

“Well uh…” Myla sighs, scratching her head. “That… could have gone better.” You worry that you’ve broken any trust you had with Elykae. “Eh… I’m not so sure. Maybe she just needs some time. At least, I hope so.” She looks over to you. “Sorry, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea afterall.” You shake your head, admitting that it at least got the escorts to leave, though now you’re unsure what to do…



This one was a bit harder to write. I’ll admit, I’m having some more writer’s block lately. ._.;