ARPG Extra Story 1-6


Check on Datev

You think for a moment. The last thing you want to do is work with this elf. You turn to the others. “We check what Datev has found.” You glance back at Beliya. “Then we will decide what sort of plan we will take. Lorre, go find Datev.”

“Yes, okay.” The elf gives you a few nods, and quickly heads out.

“So, waiting for a friend, eh?” Beliya looks at you. “Well, while we’re waiting, I think I’ll get me a drink.” She starts to step forward, but you turn and stop her.

“You are not to leave our sight.” You speak firmly to the elf. “You may have offered your help, but you are still nothing but an assassin to us.”

“Then come with me to get a drink. Hell if I care.” She frowns. You turn to Tess and give her a nod. The three of you head back to the tavern section, staying close to the elf.

The elf spends some time drinking while you wait for Lorre and Datev. She doesn’t seem to be making any sort of moves, which only concerns you more. There’s no way she doesn’t realize that you aren’t going to just let her out of this. You still aren’t fully sure what she’s capable of, so you make sure to keep a diligent watch on her.

After some time, the elf and cat return. You have Lorre take your place in watching the elf while you speak with Datev to find out what he learned.

“Place is locked down tight.” He speaks, a bit quietly. “Not of chance of getting inside undetected, even for me. I did some quick research though. The barn’s a shared storage. Two companies. Copperbirch and Alikan.” You think over those names. Both of them are merchant companies like your own. Copperbirch is one that has roots in Mesai, though has operated a small amount of business here. They’ve never really been of any sort of note, as they only handle a few imports from the Kingdom. Alikan, on the other hand, has been here nearly as long as your family’s own company. However, the two of you are on quite friendly terms, and you’ve done a fair amount of guardwork for their caravans as well. “Either way, if you weren’t part of one of those companies, there’s not a chance that you’d get in there.” Datev thinks for a bit. “Not a lot to go on, but we’ve got our suspects narrowed down at least.” He looks over at Beliya. “Any luck with the elf?”

“She claims to not know her employers.” You reply. “And she has offered her own plan to see me delivered to their messenger.”

“And you aren’t gonna do it.” He crosses his arms. You give him a nod. “Good. There’s no way that wouldn’t be a trap.”

“But where do we go from here?” You think for a moment. “We could perhaps bring her to father. He may have an idea.”

“We do that, and if her employers are keeping any sort of eye on her, they’ll know she’s been compromised.” He looks over at the elf. “Hell, they may already know. She might not be the only muscle they hired as well.”

“Do you have any plans then?” You ask.

“Hard to say.” He shakes his head. “Either way, I don’t plan to see that elf walk. And to be honest, I’d rather we just deal with her ourselves. We can just tell the old man that it was self defence.”

“You as well then…” You sigh. All your allies seem keen on the idea of revenge. Though you can’t really say that you’re against the idea yourself. “Hm… Perhaps…” You think of something, though you need to check with Lorre first. You call her over to you, sending Datev to take her place.

“Yes, Telri?” The elf hurries over to you.

“Your illusion magic, Lorre.” You think for a moment. “Would it be possible for you to use it to disguise our appearance? Perhaps to make one of us look like that elf?”

“Eh? That would be…” She thinks for a moment. “It wouldn’t be perfect, but I think I could, yes. It would be difficult to prevent it from being dispelled though. And… if we wanted one of us to look like her, it’d have to be you or me. I can’t disguise Tess’s size, and Datev’s body shape is too different…” Thinking about it, it sounds like a bit of a risk, but if you could disguise one of you to look like Beliya, then it could be possible to go to this meeting without her. You wouldn’t have to worry about her backstabbing you then.

You consider what to do, both for a plan, and what to do with Beliya herself…



Show me yer plans :V