ARPG Extra Story 2-7


Deal with Beliya

You make your decision. “Very well, back to your room.” You turn to the elf. “We will decide on how we are going to do this there.” You have no intention of following her plan, but you’ll need to take her somewhere private in order to deal with her.

“Alright, fine.” The elf gives you a nod, standing up and heading back towards the innrooms with the others following her. You lag behind slightly.

You turn to the tavernkeep once the others are out of earshot. “If you hear a struggle, leave it be.” You instruct him. “We have need to deal with a murderer.” He gives you a silent nod. He owes you quite a few favors, so there’s no doubt that he’d be willing to overlook this.

Following the others, you enter the elf’s room. “So?” Beliya turns to you as you shut the door. “What’s the plan then? Am I gonna take you or your mask?”

You look to the others for a moment before turning to the elf. “Neither. We will handle this ourselves.” You speak firmly. “I know better than to trust a sellsword like you.” You nod to Tess, having her go to restrain the elf.

“To hells with that!” The elf frowns at your decision, and as the drake approaches her, Beliya lets out an alarmingly quick punch! The elf’s fist makes contact on the drake, knocking her back a bit with surprising force! Beliya quickly moves toward the other side of the room where her equipment is, trying to grab her weapon. Before she manages to reach it though, you hear the sound of an arrow fired from beside you. Datev’s quick shot pierces the elf’s leg, causing her to fall to the floor!

With the elf downed, Tess quickly recovers from her hit and moves over to restrain her. It’s obvious it takes some effort though. “Tch… Damn elf is a lot stronger than she looks.” Tess has an irritated look on her face. “Got it under control now though, boss. What now? We taking her to yer old man?”

“I should have known you were as stupid as your sister.” The elf snaps at you, still struggling to get out of Tess’s grip. “You wanted to find out who set this up, right? Well you’ve lost your chance. Without me, you aren’t gonna find shit.” She’s still defiant, though you can tell that she’s not liking this situation.

“I am more surprised that you seriously thought that we would accept your help.” You step closer towards her. “And we have no need of you. We have an alternative option.” You turn to Lorre. “Lorre, show her.”

“Ah, right.” The flame elf gives you a nod before starting to focus a spell. After a short time, she releases it upon herself, and the illusion slowly takes form. Her bodily features start to resemble Beliya’s. It isn’t a perfect match, but certainly close enough to fool most. Though she remains in her robes. “If I am to truely take her form, then I’ll need her clothing. Keeping this illusion up is difficult enough without trying to hide my clothing as well.”

“Y-you gotta be kidding me.” Beliya looks at the elf, taken by surprise by the magic. “Wait a sec. You can’t be serious.”

“Give it up, elf.” Datev speaks up. “You weren’t going to get out of this one. Even if you’d have been honestly trying to help, which I doubt, you can’t really have expected that we’d just forgive your murder.”

“You made the wrong choice.” You speak directly to the elf. “As for the official record, let it be known that this elf became hostile to us, and we did this in self defence.” As you speak the words, your allies all give you a nod.

“You’re bloody crazy!” Beliya resists. “All you’re gonna do is give those guys more ammo against you! They’ll just say you murdered me! Is that what-” Before the elf is able to persist her complaints any further, Tess gives her a sharp blow to the head, knocking her out.

“Sorry, she was gettin’ on my nerves.” Tess gives you a smirk. With the elf knocked out, you have her stripped, so that Lorre can use her clothes. Tess keeps the unclothed elf pinned, just in case she wakes up. “So what do you want to do now, boss?”

“She wasn’t wrong about saying this may end up causing us trouble in the future.” Datev notes. “It’s not unlikely that whoever is responsible for setting all of this up will eventually find out what happened here. Not to say that it would have been better to go with her plan. You made the right choice, I’d say.”

You gather up Beliya’s clothing and hand it over to Lorre. “Get changed, Lorre.” You instruct her. “We will need you in her full armor if this is to work. It may be heavy, but with luck, you may not need to do much.”

“Yes, I will but…” She looks over at the downed elf. “What will we do with her?”

“I’d say just be rid of her.” Tess comments. “I’d be willing to do it myself, but I wouldn’t blame you if you’d rather do the deed yourself. I mean, it was yer sister she murdered.”

“It might be best to get rid of her before we deal with the meeting point.” Datev nods. “It would be best if we didn’t have to leave someone behind to keep her in check. We may need our full strength.”

You consider your options for the elf. There’s no reason to rush it.



And what fate awaits the elf? :V


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  1. I feel like we’ve been way to rough with her. We could have at least tried to talk to her about the plan instead of restraining her right away. She might be cold and callous, but I, for one, have become quite fond of her and would hate to see her killed over as petty a reason as revenge.

    1. Imagine someone killed your sister. I dislike my brother but if someone killed him I would do my damndest to put the murderers head on a pike.

        1. Soo murder should be forgiven then? No as the old old saying goes. Death begats death. You reap what you sow. Elfy sowed death and reap it she should.

          1. There is a huge gap between killing someone and forgiving someone and taking their life. I think the best solution will lie between these two extremes.

            (Make no mistake, I’m not claiming to have any answers, a topic such as this is far too much for any one person to answer, I’m just standing by my decision to rule out one of the many possible choices one may make)

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