ARPG 2-276


Try to get them to leave

You decide to tell the two scouts that the reason you went back inside is because Elykae was upset by the earlier revelation. Marcus went after her, and you followed. This much, at least, is actually the truth. You explain to them that the deergirl is still upset over all this, and if they went inside now, it would likely just cause more issues.

“Issues or not, this is our job to-” Naeck starts to speak up once more, his voice getting increasingly frustrated.

“Naeck, hold on.” Oriz cuts him off. “Just… go take a walk or something, okay? Let me talk to them for a bit.” The cat looks annoyed at his suggestion, but after a moment, nods and walks off. He still stays within view, but out of earshot. “Right uh…” The harpy sighs, turning back to you. “Sorry about him. He’s more of the muscle of our little group, and not really so good with negotiation.”

“There isn’t much to negotiate here, bird.” Myla crosses her arms. “We’ve already told you what we found. Some broken shit that screwed with Floria. That’s it. If you guys keep insisting, then you’re just going to end up having to deal with Elykae. And she’s pretty likely to just start a fight at this point.” The wolfgirl glances over to you for a moment. “And if there’s a fight, we’ll be on her side. Not your’s.”

“R-right.” Oriz sighs again. “If it were up to me, we’d already be out of here. The last thing I wanna do is fight with you guys. But… well, you can probably guess that I’m pretty much the bottom of our group.” He pauses for a moment, thinking. “There’s gotta be something you can tell us that will make Naeck agree to leave, right? I mean, can’t you go down there and get her? Just you guys leave and then we’ll go down?” You admit that you probably could, but you aren’t sure how long it will be before she’s no longer mad at you. Until then, you likely need to stay out as well. “Urgh… So nothing’s gonna work…”

You do note that the harpy is at least being more reasonable. Though you can’t say the same for Naeck. The cat approaches you once again. “Have we reached a decision?” He asks firmly.

“We aren’t going to let you cause more issues with Elykae.” Myla responds just as firmly. “So you can just piss off. Come back tomorrow or something if you’re so desperate to go into an empty ruin.”

“And give you time to hide whatever it is that you have found?” Naeck turns to her. “I’ll have none of it. You will let us pass.”

“N-Naeck! Come on!” Oriz seems to be starting to get a bit desperate. “If we go down there and start a fight, we’re not gonna get anything out of this!”

“I don’t really get what’s going on but…” Garrett stands next to you, with Bluebell on his back. “Elykae needs some time, yeah? There’s no need to rush this. If ya just-”

“If you will not let us through, then we will-” The cat’s voice is obviously starting to get angry, though he stops as all of you hear a noise from within the ruin. “Hm?” All of you turn to face the large stone doorway of the ruin, hearing what sounds like heavy footsteps coming forward. The dim light from inside shows a shadow of something moving forward, but it’s difficult to make out from here. Though what you can tell is that it is very large.

The footsteps stop for a moment and you see an orange glow coming from the shadow. An orange light, much like a flame. You quickly realize it IS a flame, and it’s getting more intense at a very fast rate! With a roar, a sudden huge blast of fire erupts from inside the doorway of the ruin, shooting outwards into the rain! Everyone outside quickly throws themselves away from the blast before quickly standing again.

“Wh-what the hell was that?!” Myla stammers confusedly. You shake your head, unsure as well.

“N-nearly singed my feathers..!” Oriz stumbles a bit as he tries to stand back up.

However, Naeck seems the most steady of all of you, pulling out his weapon, ready for a fight.

The shadow moves forward through the lingering embers, and as it comes out into the light of the outside, you instinctively take a few steps back. A red dragon steps forward out of the ruin. You move backwards, completely confused by the sight. After a moment, a thought occurs to you, but you aren’t certain until you hear a voice.

“I could hear your bickering from inside.” You hear the old woman’s voice come from the beastly form before you. “The argument didn’t sound like it was going in your favor. I’ll take care of this my way.” The dragon seems fixated on the two scouts.

“N-N-Naeck! W-we can’t fight th-that..!” Oriz seems to be panicked at the sight in front of him, unable to even stand properly. However, Naeck still stands firm. Though the look on his face betrays the fact that he knows he isn’t prepared for this.



I’m garbage at drawing dragons. :V

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Anyway, does anyone wanna stop the dragon? I’m sure it’ll go well. :V