ARPG Extra Story 1-8


Tie her up

“Tie her up.” You make your decision on Beliya. “We will deal with her later.”

“Alright but I hope you don’t intend to just leave her here.” Datev crosses his arms.

“Of course not.” You shake your head and look at Tess. “Put her in a sack, and take her to the company barracks. Father should have some say in how we deal with her. Take the side streets, avoid the main road. When you get her there, have some of the others keep watch over her. You are then to come to this meeting point.” You look over at Lorre. “We will start going that way. We will not move quickly though. You will have time to catch up.”

“So we’re gonna do this then?” Tess gives you a nod. “Alright. We’ll hang back just a bit to make sure we don’t get spotted or anything, but we’ll be there if a fight breaks out.” You give her a nod. With that, Datev and Tess bind the elf and take her away.

Alone with Lorre, she changes into Beliya’s equipment. “This armor is pretty heavy…” She notes. “Though she had a leg brace of some sort. Does she have a bad leg?”

“It does not matter.” You shake your head. You pause for a moment, thinking. “Lorre, are you ready for this?”

“Of course, Telri.” She nods to you with a determined face. “I have to do this. For Melra. I still just don’t understand why they would target her…”

“Hm…” You think about it for a moment. “It could be any number of reasons, though I am uncertain of their goal. I hope in the end that this turns out to just be someone foolishly overambitious. If it is an entire company, then it will only complicate things.”

“It’s just so… frustrating.” Lorre sighs. “We’re a merchant company. We shouldn’t have to deal with these sorts of shady dealings. I thought the only need for our company guards would be to keep out theives, or protect caravans from beasts…”

Looking at her, you can tell that she’s upset about what Beliya did to your sister. “About the elf…” You pause, thinking. “What would you have us do with her, if it were entirely up to you?”

“Huh?” She looks at you before thinking for a moment. “I… I’m not sure. I always try to be a forgiving sort of person but… She went too far. It… It may sound cruel of me, but I would have us show her the same amount of mercy that she showed Melra. I just… I can’t forgive her for taking her.” You’ve never really seen Lorre angry like this before, but then again, you’ve never been in this sort of situation before either. Regardless, it seems to be driving her forward. You only hope that she doesn’t end up making a poor decision because of it.

“Very well.” You give her a nod. “Are you ready?”

“Yes.” She nods, fully equipped in Beliya’s equipment. “I am.” With that, you head out of the inn together.

You decide to stick to side streets as much as possible, and try to keep up the illusion that Lorre is Beliya. It doesn’t take too long before you’re outside the town. “Alright, here.” You hand Lorre a bit of rope. “Bind my hands in a way that I can easily free myself. We want to make sure they think that I am your prisoner.”

“Right.” She nods, and does as you say. With your hands loosely tied, everything should look the part. “Do you think the others will be able to catch up in time?”

“Of course.” You nod to her. “When Tess says she will do something, she does it. We may have to hold our own for a few moments before they join proper, but I am certain we can do it. However…” You look forward, out into the wilderness. “If we can discover their plans before a fight, that would be ideal.”

With that, the two of you head further out, towards the meeting point that Beliya told you about. It takes you some time to reach it, as you move slowly to ensure that your allies have time to catch up. You eventually reach the place. An old burnt out husk of a building. You pause for a moment, scanning the area for any sign of others. You start to worry for a moment that there was some sort of signal that Beliya would have used, but your worries vanish after a short while.

A hooded man and two others appear out from behind the old ruined building. The hooded man appears to be human from what you can see, though perhaps an elf of some sort. You’re unable to tell if he’s armed. However, the other two are definitely armed. A lamia man, and a human woman. Both of them are armed with melee weapons, though a quick look shows that the woman also has a bow. You don’t recognize any of these people, though you can’t be certain if they’re from one of the two companies that you suspect.

“We were starting to worry that you were going to bail on us, elf.” The hooded man speaks up. “Though if I am to be honest, I didn’t expect you to actually bring her alive. It looks like she’s somewhat willing as well. I thought you were more of the brute force type, but this works as well.”

You’re faced with these three, though you don’t dismiss the idea that there could be more. You have to decide how to approach this.



A lot of people seemed to want to save the elf for later. Let’s just hope we get the chance to deal with her. :V


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  1. Oh, those eyes are a dead giveaway, let’s hope they don’t notice.

    Adding to that, let’s try and distract them in such a way so that they don’t focus on Illusion!Lorre. Also let’s try to get some information.

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