ARPG 2-279

> Go to Malor

You decide it best to just go to Malor. You can likely meet up with Elykae and Marcus there when they return. It’s unlikely that Kimno will be able to find you that quickly anyway, since she likely is still in Erada City. As you walk, you check on Bluebell to see how she is. She seemed pretty shaken up back there.




“I think she’ll be fine.” Garrett speaks up, the harpy still hugging him tightly as she rides on his back. “Just a bit scared by the dragon, yeah?” You nod to him. You’re sure he can take care of her. “Though uh… I kinda don’t really know what’s going on myself. That dragon thing was a pretty big surprise for me too.”


“We didn’t really expect it either.” Myla shrugs as you walk. “I mean, yeah. I could see she was a shapeshifter, but I thought that meant she could turn into different races. Not a bloody dragon. Gonna be honest, I hope we don’t have to meet her again.” You admit that she does seem really dangerous, though as long as you don’t pester her, you think you’ll be fine.


It takes you some time to make your way back to Malor, but the rain does finally start to let up along the way. Back in town, you decide to just head to the barracks. It seems like the best place to wait for the others. As everyone settles in, you notice that you’ll have some downtime. You decide to spend this time studying your magic. You try to focus on all your magic mostly evenly, though you do try to learn a bit more about Mind magic specifically. While you don’t learn any new spells, it does feel like your skill with magic is improving.


As you continue your studies, you eventually hear the door to the barracks open. “Ah, might be the others.” Myla stands up. “Hope so anyway. I’m getting hungry.” Though as she says that, you hear a voice in the entrance room. You recognize the voice as Tahtsu appears in the doorway. “Oh, just the elf.” The wolfgirl sighs as she sits back down.


You greet the elf girl. “Oh, hi.” She greets you back. “Er… Is that guard here?” You shake your head, explaining that he’ll be back soon. “Oh, I see… Maybe I should come back later?” You offer to let her stay and wait for them to return. You tell her that he shouldn’t be gone for too much longer. “I… I guess I could, yeah.” She gives you a nod and sits on one of the beds near you. You ask her if everything is okay. “Yeah, it’s fine. I’m still just kinda… you know.” She sighs. It looks like it’ll take her quite some time to recover. An awkward silence fills the room as you struggle to find something to talk about. You realize after a moment that she’s staring at you, specifically your new ears. “Um… sorry. I have to ask.” You shake your head, telling her that you ran into some issues in the ruins.




“Hey, elf. Your head is still kinda screwed up, right?” Myla breaks the silence. “That spider messed with your head from what I know.” The elf nods to her, a bit hesitantly. The wolfgirl looks over to you. “I mean, you could probably help her some, right? You’ve been learning that magic.” You hesitantly nod, telling her that you have been learning, but you still aren’t terribly skilled. It would be more of experimentation than proper treatment.


“You know magic that could help me?” You explain again that you’re still new to it, and if you mess it up, it could just cause problems. You remember back to when Tassri messed with your head. “Well uh… I don’t know. If it could help, then I guess I would be willing to try? Ever since that stuff happened, my head has been a bit weird. Hard to think sometimes…”


You wonder if you should really try this. Or maybe there’s something else you could do.




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  1. Return of the awkward guilt trip encounter! Will the angst and feels get us this time?

    Let’s not attempt screwing with Tahtsu’s mind. I doubt Floria could pull of a ARPG-style jedi mind trick at the moment, much less recover memories tampered by someone much more skilled in the field. (I still haven’t forgotten that last seer vision, you know? The one where it was revealed that Tassri could have implanted a mind switch on Myla?

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