ARPG Extra Story 1-9

> Get them talking

You glance back at Lorre, but decide that it might be best if you do the talking. It’s possible that the others may be able to notice if Lorre’s voice or speaking manner is different from Beliya’s. You decide to pretend like you don’t know a few things, as the longer you keep a conversation going, the better.


“Where is Melra?” You immediately ask, firmly. “What have you done with her?”

“Hm… So that’s why you came along.” The man crosses his arms. “Not here. Well, not quite anyway.”

“What do you mean by that?” You continue asking. “Why did you have this elf bring me here?”

“If you want to blame someone for your sister’s disappearance, then blame the elf behind you, not us.” He motions towards Lorre. “We asked her to bring us the girl alive. It was her who decided that your sister would make a better meal than a hostage.”

You turn your head to look back at Lorre, trying to keep up an appearance of anger. The elf finally speaks up, trying to keep the illusion up as well. “You… Where is my payment?” Her voice is slightly hesitant, but not so much as to completely give it away. “I brought her here. I’ve done my job.”

“Indeed, you have. You even did it properly this time.” He motions towards one of his companions, who pulls out a bag of coin. “Here.” The man tosses the money to Lorre, who manages to catch it. It seems pretty substantial. “Payment suitable for the job you performed. Be glad you’re getting this much.” From the sound of it, it doesn’t look like he’s paying the full amount.

“What do you want from me?” You ask again. “And why target my sister as well? If you’re going after our company, she had nothing to do with us.”

“True, but it was the best way to lure you out.” The man shrugs. “We had not intended harm against your sister, though it would seem our choice in hiring mercenaries was… a bit poor. As for you…” He pauses, looking at you for a moment. “You are to come with us. No more questions.”

You aren’t certain how honest they’re being, though if they are truthful about not intending to harm Melra, then this may be more complicated than first thought. Of course, it could all just be a lie.



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  1. I don’t think they’ll give us the info if we just ask. Also, I don’t think it’s the best time to spring the trap. If there’s a safe option, I would like to go with that, please.

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