ARPG 2-280

>Attempt Magic

You want to attempt to help Tahtsu if you can. However, you remind her that you are not experienced, and there is a chance that you could only cause more harm. You ask that if she has any sort of doubts, to not let you do this. The last thing you want to do is break her mind even more.

“I… I know.” She gives you a nod. “If there’s any chance it can help, I want to try.” She gives you a look of determination. “As I am right now, I’m of little use to anyone. I lose focus too easy. The sooner I can break this, the sooner I can do something useful.”

“I hope by ‘useful’ you don’t mean going after that spider.” Myla speaks up, crossing her ams. “Cause I don’t suggest that. You’d do nothing but get yourself killed.”

“Y-yeah, I know.” Tahtsu gives another nod. “Perhaps one day I will get answers from her, but I understand that blind revenge won’t fix anything.” She sighs. “I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for her anyway…”

With the elf having made her decision, you decide to give the magic an attempt. You have her lay on one of the beds before you start. Remembering something that Tassri said before when she worked on Myla about how this magic is easier on sleeping people, you decide to cast a Drowsy spell on the elf to try and put her to sleep. It takes a bit of time, but the spell does eventually leave her peacefully asleep. With that done, you start trying to cast some sort of restorative spell. Something to clear the clouds in her mind. You spend several minutes focusing on this, until you just can’t focus enough to continue. While you don’t feel like you were entirely successful, it does feel like you did make some effect. However, you won’t be sure until she wakes.


“Well, hopefully that worked.” Myla notes, looking at the elf. You reply with worries of if you actually just ended up causing more damage. “Hey, don’t worry too much. I mean, you’re new to this. If you did cause any problems, I doubt they’d be too big. And if you did somehow completely break her, we could always just take her to that pervert in Erada.” You note that she seems surprisingly willing to take her to someone she calls a “pervert”. “Eh well… Yeah. He’s a total perv, but… I don’t know. He seems the type to actually help someone who really needs it. I mean, he did that for me. He only suggested perverted things afterwards, right?” You note that she does have a point. “Besides, you’re kinda a pervert yourself, you know.” She gives you a smirk, saying that.

After a short while, the elf finally wakes back up, obviously feeling a bit drowsy. You ask her if she feels any different, for better or worse. “I’m… not sure.” She shakes her head. “I can’t really feel anything different, I think. It’s hard to tell. This sleep spell you used is kinda keeping me really tired…” You note that it probably would be a good idea to learn a “cleaner” sleeping spell if you plan to do more of this in the future. “Maybe I’ll be able to feel something once I wake up some more?” You give her a nod, deciding it best to just let her rest the Drowsy spell off, leaving her in the bed for now.

With the elf resting some more, you decide to speak with your group some. You get some opinions on what they think should be done with Elykae’s situation, specifically about Kimno and Oriz.

“I’m uh… I don’t really know, yeah?” Garrett scratches his head. “I mean, Oriz seems okay, right? I don’t think he’s too bad. But uh… I don’t know about that girl. She seems really serious. If she doesn’t believe Oriz, it could go bad…”

Just to see if she can somewhat understand, you try to explain to Bluebell who the two are, to see what she thinks of them. “Oriz..? Oriz harpy?” You nod to her, explaining that he was the harpy boy. She gives a chirp. “Oriz nice!” Somehow it doesn’t surprise you that she would like a male harpy like that. Of course you then ask her about Kimno. “Kim… no? Kimno…” She tilts her head, as if thinking. In the end, she just ends up repeating the sheepgirl’s name. It would seem she doesn’t really have an opinion on her, which is to be expected, really.

“The bird’s fine.” Myla shrugs. “An idiot, sure, but no worse than you can be. I doubt he’s got anything bad planned. I wish I could say the same about the sheep though.” She sighs, shaking her head. “I get the feeling we’ll be seeing her real soon. It kinda just depends on if she believes our story about the dragon. If she buys it and backs off, then we’re fine. If not…” She pauses for a moment. “I don’t really wanna say it, but she’s just gonna end up being a problem for Elykae at that point. And a problem for Elykae is kinda a problem for all of us. It sounds kinda terrible, but we may end up just having to deal with her ourselves.” You sigh at her words, unsure yourself what to do if that becomes an issue.

Regardless, you spend some more time simply relaxing, while also studying your tomes some more. Until Marcus and Elykae return, there’s not too much you can really do. As evening starts to fall, the door to the barracks finally opens up to show the two returning. You quickly go and greet them, asking how things went on their end.

“Well, the old woman certainly has some surprises.” Marcus shakes his head, looking a bit tired. “And a lot of books. I wasn’t really expecting so much work when we said we would stay and help her pack her things.” You ask him what became of Naeck. “Ah, right. She made it clear that he chose his fate. I’m not a fan of arguing with dragons. I seriously doubt he lasted long in her gut. As far as the woman though, she’s no longer in those ruins. She didn’t seem keen on telling us where she went, but in her dragon form, she flew off towards the southeast. If I had to guess, she is probably making a line for Mesai territory.”

You turn to Elykae, asking how she is. “I am fine. Thank you.” She nods to you. She still remains in her changed form. You ask if she’s gotten used to it yet. “It is not so much different from my old form, yet… it is still so strange.” You note that she still has to disguise her mask. “Yes, I know. The captain here has told me that we can obtain some paints here in Malor. With those, I can paint the mask, and that should be sufficient enough to not give myself away.” You give her a nod.


“We’ll need to hide Elykae away when that sheep eventually comes to meet us.” Myla notes. “Even if we paint her mask, she’s not an idiot. She’ll be able to figure it out pretty quick.” You give her a nod. “Though, even if Oriz rushes to her, I doubt we’ll see her until morning. And something tells me that bird is gonna hesitate to go to her with the news that he’s got.”

You nod to that, but for now, it seems like it may be time to just paint Elykae’s mask. “Floria.” The deergirl speaks up. “If you would… I would like you to help me with the painting.” You tilt your head, asking if she shouldn’t be doing it herself. After all, it is something she almost always wears. “Ah, well I… I admit that I am not terribly creative. My mask has always been plain in part because of that.” You give her a nod.

Within a few more minutes, Marcus goes out and returns with some paints. You start trying to come up with some ideas…



Today’s update has a bit of a bonus thing. :V

For those of you more creative, I’m gonna let you guys come up with a paint design for Elykae’s mask. :V

I’ll just be picking the one that I like the most. For a template, look here: Template


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  1. Hopefully, Tahtsu gets better, our attempt didn’t seem to do any damage.

    So I have an idea for the color scheme of her mask. It would the original Elykae’s colors, the new Elykae’s colors and her favorite color or colors, whichever combination. As for the design, how about we implement her horns in the design? Both new and old horns.

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