ARPG 2-281

>Paint Mask

You nod to her, telling Elykae that you’d be happy to help her with her mask. You start looking through the painting supplies after Marcus sets them down.

“Well, you two can have fun with that.” Myla shrugs. You ask what she plans to do. “I plan to find some food. I’m starving.” You nod to her, admitting that you’re pretty hungry as well.

“I don’t have too much food here at the moment.” Marcus speaks up, thinking. “Though we could leave Floria and Elykae to this mask business while we go pick up some food. We’ll bring some back for you as well.” You give him a nod for that. With that, everyone leaves the barracks, leaving you alone with Elykae.


You get an idea for how to paint her mask, so you start doing so. As you do, you start to chat with Elykae. After a time, you decide to ask if she’s still upset with you for not telling her about Kimno and the others.

“I am not.” She shakes her head. “I think… I think I understand why you did not tell me. I apologize for my outburst before.” You shake your head, telling her that you didn’t expect it to go smoothly. She had a right to be upset with you, after all. “Though I am still unsure what to do…”

You realize that the deergirl is still somewhat down, so you stop painting and give her a gentle hug, assuring her that you’ll all figure something out. “Thank you.” She nods, smiling a bit. “I know I have caused problems for you. I can only hope that, in the end, I am able to return the kindness you have shown me.”

You spend more time painting her mask, eventually finishing it. While it’ll still need some time to dry before she can wear it, you present it to her.


“This is…” She looks at it closely. “It is much better than anything I could have done. Thank you, Floria.” You manage to get a genuine smile from the deergirl. You ask her what she wants to do now. “It has been a long day. I think a bath would be nice. With all the rain, it may also be good to clean our clothes.” You nod, that sounding like a good idea. You ask though, if she’s hungry. It may be good to go meet with the others to get some food. “Ah, I am a bit hungry, yes. But I can wait until they return.”

You consider what you’ll do yourself. You’re getting a fair bit hungry too.



2 thoughts on “ARPG 2-281”

  1. Out of curiosity, who won the mask design “contest”?

    Getting some food seems like a good option at the moment. If we still have some time, let’s study some magic, wave and shock are my suggestions.

    1. It was a mix of a couple different people’s designs. Maljurok’s (from the Discord channel) design probably had the biggest influence though. :V

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