ARPG Extra Story 1-10

> Insist until a fight

“You expect me to follow when I have no guarantee of survival?” You shake you head. There’s no way that you can safely go with this man. You refuse to do so, and instead decide to keep pressing them. You must try to get as much information as possible before a fight breaks out. “The elf already told me that I would be accepted dead or alive. Now tell me what this is about.”

“The elf told you that? Hmph.” The man shakes his head in frustration. “Dead was only to be a last resort. Should things go poorly, we would rather deal with kidnapping charges, rather than murder. She was the one who seems to have misunderstood that.” He glares at Lorre. “Regardless, we’ve already stated our terms. We will answer nothing more here. You are in no position to be arguing. Now you will be silent and follow, or we will have to use force.”

It doesn’t look like you’re going to get much more out of this one this way. You can tell that his companions are also getting more prepared for a fight. With only one shot at this, you decide to take the aggressive route. Your allies surely must be nearby by now.

You quickly pull at the loose bindings that hold you, easily pulling them apart. Pulling your weapon out, you swiftly strike out at the hooded man, as he stands closest. “What?! How did you get free of your-?!” Your attack catches him off-guard, and you land a decent hit on him. He stumbles backwards from the attack, falling over as his allies quickly come to his aid. “Damn it! All of you, subdue her! You too, mercenary!”


However, Lorre seems quick to come to your aid as well. Her disguise starts to fall apart as she begins casting a spell. By the time she finishes the spell, she has returned back to her normal form. She releases this new spell, which causes light to warp around both you and her, causing your appearance to become somewhat distorted. For your foes, it will likely be more difficult to accurately hit you.

“What is this?! Damn it, a trick?” The man angrily looks at the two of you as he realizes Lorre was disguised. “Seize them both! Archers! Damn it, where are those damn idiots?” He looks around, making you realize that he expected more support. Though at the same time, your own support has yet to show itself.

His own two allies move forward though, ready to fight. You position yourself to keep some distance from the snake-like man, knowing that his ability to bind could cause serious issues.

Luckily, it seems like the hooded man may not be much of a combatant, preferring to stay back behind his allies. He isn’t casting any sort of magic, so you doubt him to be a mage. If this proves true, then it looks to be an even fight, so long as more don’t show up.

Lorre remains behind you, ready. “Telri, please be careful! If you need me to do something, then please tell me.” You give her a nod. Lorre primarily uses illusion magic, but is also a competent healer. However, her ability to actually inflict damage is limited. You’ll need to keep this in mind.

Your foes appear to be primarily melee fighters, though the human girl does have a ranged weapon. You begin to think about how you want to handle this…



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  1. Yay, the cute elf returns, out of her disguise 🙂

    Continue to use Lorre’s illusion magic to keep the melee fighters off your tail, then attack either the snake man or the ranged weapon girl, whatever is the highest priority at the moment.

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