ARPG 2-282

> Get some food

You think for a moment, and decide to ask Elykae if she wouldn’t rather get something to eat and then take a bath. “Ah, well…” She pauses for a moment. “I actually was hoping to have some time to myself. I still have much to think about…” You hesitantly give her a nod before reminding her that if she ever needs to talk about anything, you’re always willing to listen. “Yes, thank you.” She nods again before heading off to another room, leaving you alone.

With not much else to do, you glance over at Tahtsu, still asleep on a bed. You don’t really want to just leave her here alone like this, though you still would like to go and have food with the others. You sigh, not completely certain what to do. After a short while though, you hear the front door open. You go to investigate and find that everyone has already returned, with what appears to be a few bags of ingredients. You tilt your head, a bit confused.

“Yeah, so guardboy decided that instead of just buying some meals, we’d get stuff to make food and cook it here.” Myla shrugs, looking slightly annoyed.

“Well, it wasn’t much of a decision, really.” Marcus sighs, shaking his head. “With the inn still closed, there isn’t really any place to just buy a meal. Anyway, it shouldn’t take too long to cook something up. Just give me a few-”

“Not a chance. I’m helping you out.” Myla grabs some of the bags from the guardsman, walking towards the kitchen. “I’m bloody starving here. Not gonna just wait for you to take your time cooking. Let’s hurry this up.” She disappears into another room as Marcus just gives you a shrug before following her. It would seem that the wolfgirl doesn’t have a ton of patience when she’s hungry.

This leaves you with Bluebell and Garrett. “So uh… did you guys get Elykae’s mask done?” Garrett asks. You give him a nod, leading the two of them back to the bunkroom. The deergirl’s mask still sits where you left it to dry, so you show it to them. “Oh, neat! It looks a lot different, yeah? It’ll be hard for anyone to recognize her at this point. Though we still need another name for her too, right?” You nod, though that’s something you’d rather have her decide on herself.


Thinking for a moment, you decide to ask him how him and Bluebell have been getting along. “Oh, well you know… She’s still just kinda…” He glances back to the harpy sitting on his back. She tilts her head with a slightly confused look on her face. “Well, she’s pretty attached, yeah?” You chuckle at that, asking if it’s starting to bother him. “Oh, nah. It’s fine. Just a bit weird, I guess. I’ve been trying to teach her more words though. I’m uh… I’m not very good at teaching though, you know?”

You step to his side and look up at Bluebell. You decide to simply ask her how she’s been. It’s been a while since you tried to have a proper conversation with her. “Bluebell good!” She happily chirps. She always seems to be quite cheerful, though at the same time, with how fast she’s learning how to speak, you wonder about her past. You try to ask her about it, but end up with nothing but confused looks from the blue birdgirl. Eventually, you hear her stomach growl as you talk. “Bluebell hungry…” She speaks up, looking down at her belly.

“Don’t worry, the others are making some food, yeah?” Garrett assures her. You nod to that as well. “At the very least, she’s gotten good at not looking at every new person we meet like some sort of meal.” He chuckles a little, saying that. That was one thing you were a bit worried about, but it does seem like she’s learning that quite quickly.

Some time later, Elykae returns from her bath, dressed in some simple clothes. “Oh, is everyone back already?” She asks. You explain that they came back to cook food, and ask how her bath was. “I see. It was relaxing, thank you.” You note that her mask should be dry by now, and offer for her to try it on. “Ah, yes. I suppose I should.” She gives you a nod, taking the mask and putting it on. “It still smells a bit of the paint, but this should be fine.” You give her a pleased nod. The mask looks nice on her.


As you continue to speak with the others, you hear a noise from the beds. Looking over, you realize that Tahtsu appears to be waking up at last. You quickly move over to her and ask her how she feels. “Ah, I feel… not much different, I think…” She replies as she sits up in the bed. “I guess it didn’t really work or something?” You sigh, admitting that she’s probably right. “Well, you said yourself that you were new to it. I appreciate you trying at least.” Even though she says that, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed. You note that Marcus is back as well, so she could probably go and speak with him, if she wanted. “Oh, he’s here? Right, I was going to talk to him.” She nods, getting out of bed. You tell her that he’s cooking some food for everyone, and offer that he’d probably be willing to make some for her as well. “I see. Well, I should probably just go and talk to him now.” With that, she walks off toward the kitchen.

“I hope she’ll be okay…” Garrett speaks up as Tahtsu leaves the room. You nod with a sigh, unsure what to really do for her now.

After another while of waiting, Myla finally steps into the room. “Food’s ready. Get in here so we can eat.” She still seems a bit grumpy, but you’re certain that after she gets some food, she’ll be fine. You give her a nod and everyone follows her. In another room, you see quite a lot of food laid out on a big table. It all looks pretty good, showing that Myla and Marcus make a good cooking team. Everyone takes a seat at the table, including Tahtsu, who seems to have decided to stay for the meal.

All of you enjoy the meal, and have pleasant conversation during it. It’s quite cheerful and relaxing, even for Myla, who becomes less grumpy as she eats. After a while, everyone seems to have eaten their fill. All of you relax for a while at the table before Marcus starts to clean up.

“That was pretty good.” Myla sighs, patting her belly. “Now I just need a bath and a good sleep.” You nod to her, admitting that all of you probably could use a bath after being in the rain all day. “Eh, guess so, yeah.” She nods.


“The bath here in the barracks is pretty big.” Marcus nods to you. “I’m sure a few of you could go together, if you’re comfortable with that. I just have to remind you that some of the other guards also use it.”

Elykae has already gotten a bath, so she’ll likely sit it out. Though you wonder if you could convince the others to all bathe together, including Garrett. You chuckle at the idea of him surrounded by all of you girls in the bath. Of course, you also don’t want to cause any problems for Marcus, so it might be a good idea to just take turns and get some rest. Regardless, now would be a good time to decide what you plan to do tonight, and for the morning.



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  1. The name Angela mean (truth seeker) in my home town but may be best to let her pick name yes I do like the name & it may suit her in a way lol

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