ARPG 2-283

> Ask if others want to join

You decide to offer to the others to have a bath together. You make it an open invitation, not really limiting it, though not specifically asking any particular person. Of course a couple of them immediately refuse.

“I have already had a bath, so I will pass.” Elykae shakes her head. You give her a nod, completely understanding.

“I’ll wait until you girls are done.” Marcus also passes. You expected as much, but you admit that you wouldn’t have minded him joining. “I need to clean up these dishes first anyway.”

“Um… do you all usually bathe together?” Tahtsu asks. “Seems a bit strange…”

“Floria thinks it’s normal for some reason.” Myla sighs, shaking her head. “Of course, trust me when I say she isn’t offering just to be nice. She’s just a perv.” You start to argue that, but the wolfgirl stops you. “Don’t try to deny it. It’s happened pretty much every time. Regardless, if you want to go with someone, I’ll do it. But uh…” She looks over to Garrett and Bluebell. “Maybe leave them out of it.”

“Uh… y-yeah. I’m not so sure about it, you know?” Garrett nods, agreeing with Myla. “I mean uh… Bluebell might uh… I don’t know.”

“The bird’s the one I’m worried about.” The wolfgirl shakes her head with a sigh. You tilt your head, a bit confused. “She still doesn’t really know about my uh… you know.” After a moment, you realize she must be talking about her dick. “I don’t really know how she’d react to it. And remember what Marcus said. This is kinda a public bath. We can’t be fooling around or anything.”

You sigh, admitting defeat with this bath idea and accept to just go with Myla. The two of you head to the bath, undressing and getting in. The water is nice and relaxing.

“You just can’t leave other people alone, can you?” Myla sighs, also relaxing in the bath. Though she does look a bit annoyed, most likely at your earlier suggestion to the others. You tell her that you just want everyone to be more comfortable with each other. “Yeah right. You just want to see if something will end up happening.” She seems pretty frustrated at you. You ask her if it bothers her that much. “It’s not so much that it bothers me as… Gah, I don’t know. I just figure that most people don’t really want to be known as a pervert, yet you kinda keep pushing that out there.”


You sigh, not really sure how to reply to that. After the two of you relax for a while longer, you decide to ask Myla if she would be willing to continue your training sometime soon, perhaps reversing roles. “Are you kidding me?” She frowns at your suggestion. “Not a bloody chance of it. Not after what happened last time.” She sighs, frustrated again. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you sometimes. The last time we did that, you passed out in my belly, and then had some sort of weird dream. A dream that could have been one of your vision things, for all we know. I’m not doing that again. Not unless you do something stupid enough to deserve to go back in, and if that’s the case, you aren’t coming back out. Got it?” She actually seems a bit angry at you suggesting that.

The wolfgirl doesn’t really seem to be in the best of moods right now, and your suggestions aren’t really helping. You decide it best to drop the subject for now. After some silence, she speaks up again, changing the subject. “So what are we gonna do with Elykae? I’d say we need to keep separate from her until we meet up with the sheep again.” You nod, though you’re unsure when you’ll meet with Kimno. “I get the feeling we’ll see her soon enough. One of her buddies got ate by a dragon, and I figure she isn’t gonna completely buy whatever that bird tries to tell her. He doesn’t seem too great at telling lies. The problem is gonna be dealing with her when she shows up. If we can’t get her to believe that Elykae’s gone or whatever, then it’s gonna be annoying.” You admit that Myla really doesn’t seem to like Kimno much. “I don’t trust her. She sorta helped us out, yeah, but… I don’t know. I just get the feeling she’s gonna end up asking for favors or something and using Elykae to force us.” You’re not sure yourself, but admit that her worries might end up being true. It’s something you’ll have to think about.

The two of you finish washing up and get dressed once again before heading to the bunkroom again. With you out of the bath, Garrett takes Bluebell in to take their turn, leaving you with Elykae. You ask her where Marcus and Tahtsu are. “I believe Marcus is still cleaning up.” The deergirl looks over to you. “And the elf left. I imagine she already has a place to stay.” You think for a bit, and decide to talk to her about what you’ll be calling her in the future. “Hm? Oh. I suppose with this new form, I will need a new name… Hm…” You nod, telling her that she’s free to come up with her own name, though you might be able to come up with one yourself. “Hm… I suppose it would not hurt to get some ideas from you two?”

“Eh, I’m not so great at that, but uh…” Myla thinks for a moment. “I dunno, I’ve mostly just ever been around people from Mesai, and you people from Grental seem to have weird names compared to them. If you want a name like that, then maybe uh… I dunno, Eliza or something?”

You ask Elykae if she has any sort of name that she would choose. “Hm… Perhaps something simple?” She thinks for a moment. “It may help us keep from making mistakes… I am not very good at this sort of thing though.” You think for a bit, trying to come up with something she may like…



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  1. I seriously feel like towards the end of this, Myla will be so jaded with Floria that she’ll cut us off and leave with absolutely zero f*cks given.

    A new name for Elykae…. How about Melra, in honor of our fellow fallen deerbutt, whom I hope we will avenge soon.

  2. I vote for Kaeryn, beyond that just chat with the party, maybe see if Tahtsu is doing okay still and that we haven’t messed her up.

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