ARPG Extra Story 1-11

>Focus on Lamia first

You take a step back towards Lorre, and give her a command as quietly as you can. “Focus on disorienting the snake.” You speak to her. “He is the more dangerous one here.” She gives you a quick nod, though you notice that the two haven’t rushed to fight you just yet. It gives you a bit of an idea.

“You were to have support, correct?” You speak up to them. “Our own support has likely already dealt with it. It would be in your best interests to give up and turn yourself in.” You look at the three before you. “You two seem to be simply mercenaries, am I correct? We have no quarrel with you two. We only seek him.” You motion toward the hooded man. “And we only need him for information. There is no need for bloodshed today.”

“She’s bluffing.” The lamia speaks up. “Those two morons just happened to take a break at the wrong time.”

“Then it’s still an even match.” The woman replies to him, sounding a bit frustrated. “And if she isn’t bluffing?”

“Why are you even talking?!” The hooded man blurts out, sounding even more frustrated. “Surely you can handle these two? Do it quickly and we won’t have to even worry about potential support!”

“Tch. Fine.” The woman turns back to face you. “Looks like we’re still doing this.”

Even though she says that, they still seem hesitant to make the first move. The lamia at least seems confident that his support will arrive, meaning that he’ll try and drag this out. Regardless, Lorre takes advantage of the situation. She quickly starts attempting to cast another spell, focused on the snake-like man. You see the man flinch as the spell hits him, though you can tell that he’s unharmed. However, it’s likely that Lorre is messing with his vision, trying to make it more difficult for him to see.

The woman seems to have had enough waiting though. She quickly takes a few steps back, pulling out her bow. She swiftly readies and arrow and fires it at Lorre! The arrow strikes the elf hard, though it looks like Beliya’s armor managed to deflect it somewhat. Even so, the elf stumbles backwards from the impact. “Lorre!” You call out to her. “Are you alright?”


“Y-yes! I am!” She steadies herself from the hit. “D-don’t worry!”

The archer is going to be troublesome, but even so, the lamia is still the bigger threat. As long as Lorre can keep up her illusion magic, the archer will struggle to consistently land shots. Of course, getting into melee range to strike the lamia is an even worse idea. You draw your small crossbow and quickly fire off a shot at the snake man. He’s a big target, so your shot lands, and he lets out a pained noise from it. It’s going to take quite a few more of those to take him down though.


The lamia slithers forward aggressively. His vision may be impaired, but he still is able to know about where you are. He swings his blade at you, and it manages to catch you a bit as you try to quickly hop back away from him. It’s nothing but light damage, but you’re starting to realize a problem.



While you can keep impairing them, you aren’t able to output a lot of damage yourself, since Lorre is almost entirely defensive with her magic. You worry that these two may end up able to wear you down over time. Of course, there’s still hope that Tess and Datev will show up, though you aren’t certain what’s taking them so long. At the same time, you aren’t sure what happened to your foe’s support. If they were to show up, this could go badly quickly.

At the very least, the hooded man seems to be staying out of it. If he were a combatant, you feel like he would have joined in by now.