ARPG 2-285


You decide it best to try and explain this yourself. You make yourself appear upset at Kimno’s mention of Elykae, though not too much. You don’t want to overdo it. You start to explain to her how things happened, deciding to go with a mostly truthful approach. You explain about going inside, finding the strange ancient device that changed your form, telling her that this likely is what was intended for Elykae by the hooded man. Thinking about the old woman though, you tell Kimno that you instead found a dragon capable of speech, and how it was not immediately aggressive, it did not want you to be there.

“Hm…” The sheep thinks over your words so far. “The dragon. I assume this is the one that Oriz told me of.” You give her a nod, explaining that you heeded the dragon’s wish and left the ruin, though when you told Oriz and Naeck about it, the cat wanted to investigate more. This eventually led to a confrontation, and while you did manage to escape, you unfortunately lost Elykae and Naeck to the dragon. Kimno is quiet for a short while after you finish your story.


“If your escort hadn’t pestered that dragon, then things would have ended up fine.” Myla speaks up, crossing her arms. “So yeah, you may not be so happy about all this, but neither are we. We both lost someone out of this mess.”

“I see…” Kimno looks up at you. “And what will you be doing now?” You’re hesitant, but give her an honest answer, explaining that your next course is to find someone who can help cure Myla, which may lead you to the Empire. You tell her that you may end up spending some time in Erada first though. “Hm…”

After a bit of silence, Myla speaks up again. “What about you?” Her tone of voice doesn’t really give off the feeling that she’s concerned for Kimno. “Are we done? Cause I’d rather not have to deal with this sort of mess anymore.”

“I also have need to go to the Empire.” The sheepgirl looks over at the wolf. “While I am capable of traveling without escorts, I am sure that you can understand that I would rather travel with others. Perhaps I could accompany you. I can imagine that having someone knowledgeable about the Empire would be useful for your trip.” She pauses for a moment. “Though, I suppose I also understand if you would rather not.”

With her suggestion, you glance over to Myla. The wolfgirl wears a frown, and you know that she doesn’t want any part of that. Either way, traveling to the Empire with Kimno would just cause more problems. However, you’re concerned about something. Kimno came to you seeming legitimately angry and upset, but with just a simple explanation, she seems to have calmed down significantly. While you haven’t always been the best at spotting tricks, something about this feels off to you. On the other hand, perhaps your explanation was all she really needed to hear. She does still seem a bit upset, though less angry.

After a bit of thought, you decide to ask Kimno if she can give you a moment to discuss this with your allies before giving her an answer. She gives you a nod, and you pull the others to the side to talk. You express your concerns to them, saying that something doesn’t feel right.

“Um… I guess?” Garrett doesn’t seem sure. “I don’t really know what to do here, yeah? I mean, I feel a bit bad for her, but… I don’t know. I’m really bad with these sorts of things, you know?”

“If you say ‘yes’ to her, then you know that’s gonna cause a big issue.” Myla crosses her arms, frowning. You nod with a sigh. “But… Yeah. Something doesn’t feel right about this. I don’t know if I’m okay with just letting her walk.” You ask her if she has a suggestion. “Well… Not really one that you’ll probably like much.” She glances off to the side. “Easiest way to deal with a problem is to get rid of it, right?”

You realize what she means by that, and so does Garrett, it seems. “W-wait, we don’t have to do anything drastic, yeah?” He doesn’t seem to agree with Myla. “I-I mean, we just go our separate ways, and everything’s fine…. R-right?” You’re not really so certain anymore.

Regardless, you break off the discussion and head back over to Kimno. “I can understand if you are uncomfortable with me traveling with you.” The sheepgirl looks at you as you approach. “I simply thought I would give the offer. If it would cause issues among you and your allies, then I do not mind continuing alone.”

You consider what you want to do. You obviously can’t let her join you to a point where you’d meet back up with Faera and Marcus, though you try to decide if there might be another way to deal with this…



5 thoughts on “ARPG 2-285”

  1. We’re a sundial for pests, aren’t we?

    Don’t take her along, it will ruin the plan. If we meet with Elykae again, limit our meetings so Kimmo doesn’t put two and two together. Let’s either just see if she isn’t being honest or break off contact with her. If we deal with her, then someone’s gonna hear about it, it’ll basically lead to a huge mess we could have easily avoided.

  2. I also don’t think we should let her tail along for now, anything that happens to her will cause a large commotion that will probably get us interrogated and they may use truth potions (if that is a thing) and it Myla isn’t fixed at that point we may lose her forever, we may also lose Garret for he doesn’t want Myla near her, and he’ll surely take Bluebell with him, which will just leave the three, and who knows what Fae will do.

  3. I agree with Marcus, having her join us would make one of us slip up. I don’t want more drama from this either so preferably we should resolve this each going our separate ways. If Myla wants to cause more issues then they need to learn that they have consequences. A registered Agent that checks in reasonably frequently suddenly going missing? That’s asking for an investigation that may already have our names on it.

    Regardless, we should keep an eye on them, even if not directly. I feel like they maybe following us or about to investigate the ruin themselves…

  4. Something doesn’t feel right. She wouldn’t just change her emotions that quickly. She’s a spy, so she knows how to manipulate emotions, whether it’s those of other people, or her own. However, if something happens to her, we might be in for a possible shock. For as much as I want Myla to eat her and become Chublya, we shouldn’t do anything to her. Just make sure she no longer follows us.

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