ARPG 2-286

>Let her follow for a bit

While a big part of you just wants to tell Kimno to go away, you realize that you’re going in the same direction regardless. You explain this, and tell her that you’re fine with her accompanying you on the way, but as soon as you reach Erada, you’re going separate ways.

“I understand.” The sheep nods to you.

“Tch.” Myla seems less pleased about it and starts walking. “Then let’s just get going.” You sigh, giving the wolfgirl a nod and continuing down the path with Kimno alongside.

An awkward silence drops upon your group as you walk. After some time, you decide to ask Kimno about Naeck and Oriz. She did seem pretty upset when she found out about the cat, after all. “My escorts? That is all that they were, quite simply.” She shakes her head. “However… Naeck was dependable. And it only would make sense that I show some grief for someone I had traveled with for several weeks. Surely you can understand that.” You nod. “Oriz though…” She sighs. “Perhaps I was a bit harsh with him. I originally believed him to be telling a lie. Something to cover up a mistake he made. But as I think about it more… He had never been very good at hiding the truth, and his words seemed honest…” You ask if she’ll try to meet back up with him when you return. “I do not know. It may be for the best for us to stay apart.”

“Um… I mean…” Garrett speaks up. “If you’re worried that he’s mad at you, then uh… I don’t know. He seemed pretty forgiving, yeah? Besides, he seemed like he kinda liked you too.”

“That was…” Garrett’s words cause Kimno to just sigh again. “That was painfully obvious. The day we left the Tower, he was nearly tripping over himself when it came to me. Of course, he did the same for any other woman we came across.” She looks at you. “Including you. I would not take his infatuation too seriously.”

“Where is he now anyway?” Myla asks, still keeping eyes forward.

“I left him at the inn where he gave me the news.” The sheep looks at the wolfgirl. “I do not know if he is still there.”

“Right.” Myla suddenly stops, turning towards the sheep. Everyone else stops as well, confused. After a moment, she speaks up again. “When we get to Erada and go our separate ways, you’re gonna just keep following us around, aren’t you?” You blink a bit at the wolfgirl’s sudden and blunt question.

“And if I said I was?” The sheep replies firmly. “Would that be a problem for you?”


“Yeah. It would.” Myla takes a step closer to the sheep with an angry expression. “You did us some good. You told us about the trouble Elykae could have been in. But you also sent your buddies to that ruin with us. We never asked for the help, and something tells me that if we asked you not to, you would have done it anyway. And it was your buddies who ended up causing the problems. And besides that, I don’t think anyone would be comfortable with some spy following them around.”

“Well, if it eases your mind, then allow me to say I do not have any reason to continue.” Kimno calmly responds to the wolfgirl’s angry accusations. “With the cervidae gone, my primary reason for investigation is finished. And without escorts, I am ill-equipped to continue anyway.”

“It doesn’t ease my mind.” Myla growls. “Because I don’t see any reason to believe you.” You try to calm Myla down, but she’s having none of it. “Forget it! I’m sick of watching you make stupid choices. This sheep is gonna stab us in the back. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it’s gonna happen.” She aggressively takes another step towards Kimno.

“A-ah…” Kimno takes a step back, her composure starting to break slightly. “I was… I was unaware that recent events had created such a distrust. I had thought that I had offered enough information to be trusted but…” She glances over to you. “I fear that the loss of the cervidae may have made your friend more upset than I realized. P… Perhaps you should try to speak to her?”

You’re realizing that the situation is escalating pretty fast. Myla seems to be ready to get rid of Kimno once and for all. Looking over to Garrett, the centaur looks panicked, unsure what to do. You didn’t realize yourself how against the sheepgirl Myla was, but it looks like now you have to make a decision quickly.



5 thoughts on “ARPG 2-286”

  1. Honestly, I would say to let Myla have her. It’s because of Kimno that all this happened in the first place. She’s too insistent. If we let her go now, we lose Myla more or less.

    We will have Chubbyla!

    1. I really don’t think that’s a good idea, we already have a cult group after Floria, we don’t need the empire after us too.

  2. No, stop Myla now. We don’t need to cause any unnecessary bloodshed. We may be making stupid choices, but Myla’s getting reckless, offing Kimmo WILL be a mistake, I know it. Just get between them, look her dead in the eye, and demand that she stop or leave.

  3. Alright, we should first try and calm Myla down a little more, preferably while also telling Kimno to leave and we don’t want to see or hear of her again. If we do then we won’t try and stop the woof.

    Otherwise, if the hothead wants to take the direct way, we let her eat them, but make it clear we disapprove. For almost everything else we’ve tried to talk our way out, with varied success. Brashly dealing with the problem like this doesn’t make friends and can potentially hurt us in the long term. If she complains then well I guess with that line of thought only one of us should be here, after all, we talked it through with her.

    I don’t care if the woof wants to leave after we tell that, she’s done it to us a lot so lets see if she can take her own medicine.

  4. Stay chill & tell them all to do the same & if not remind them you don’t like this no more then her & you are trying to stay on a good side of things but if she is untrustworthy this is the last time you to deal with her till we go empire if that’s not working tell them & show them a charging mined spell & say (don’t make me use this please)

    Hmmmm sorry best I got 😉

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