ARPG 2-287

>Try to calm things down

You need to act quickly, so you swiftly move to stand between the two of them, facing Myla. You quickly tell her that while she may end up being right about not trusting Kimno, she needs to calm herself down and think about what she’s doing. Glancing back at the sheep, you decide to offer a different idea. You tell Myla that for now, it might be best to simply take Kimno captive until you can decide on what you want to do.


“You’re defending her then?” Myla growls at you, but you quickly shake your head. You tell the wolfgirl that if she really does want to get rid of Kimno, then you won’t stop her. All you’re asking is for her to think about it for a bit. “I’ve already thought about it for a while now.”

“Th-this is not…” You hear Kimno stutter a bit from behind you. “I… Surely there must be some way for me to prove my honesty to you?” You can tell that she’s getting more worried. “If… If you must take me captive, then I will accept that. B-but I assure you that I am not-”

“Can it, sheep.” Myla cuts her off before looking at you for a few moments. Somehow, it looks like she’s calmed down just a little. “What would you do then? How do you plan to deal with her?” Being suddenly put on the spot makes you hesitate for a moment, but you shake your head, admitting that you aren’t completely sure. That’s why you suggested capturing her for now.

After a bit of thought, you suggest that you could perhaps turn her over to the Alliance. You also consider the idea of attempting to wipe her memory, but with your lack of skill, it’s more likely that you’d end up just completely breaking her mind, which is just as bad as letting Myla have her.

Myla thinks over your suggestion for a moment before shaking her head. “I don’t trust the Alliance to keep her. Hell, they couldn’t even keep those bandits locked up, remember?” You admit that’s true, but offer that they may work harder to keep an agent contained. “They might. They might not. I’m tired of taking these risks.” You argue back that getting rid of her is a risk in itself. You aren’t certain if there could be some sort of consequence to this. “As long as we do it out here, then no one will find out. You already said you wouldn’t stop me, so just let me do this.”

“M-Myla you…” Garrett speaks up, hesitantly. “I-I don’t know about this. It kinda… you know… it feels like…”

“It feels like what?” Myla snaps at him. “Spit it out already!”

“E-er… it feels like…” The centaur stammers a bit more. “Like you’re acting like some sort of b-bandit or something, y-yeah? Y-you’re just being really uh… Y-you know…” His words seem to hit Myla pretty hard, and she stops for a moment.

“No, I’m not… I’m just trying to…” She pauses a bit, trying to find the words. “I’m just trying to make sure we don’t end up getting blackmailed or… or uh…” She stops again. “Okay, hang on a second. I just… We can’t just let her follow us. And if we just let her go, she’s gonna do it. So we don’t really have a choice, we have to…” Her composure seems to have been broken by Garrett’s words.


“I-if I may…” Kimno steps out from behind you to face Myla. “I… I understand your worry. I should have been more… I suppose more open with you. I…” She hesitates again. “My primary mission was indeed to simply observe the cervidae. I was not meant to interfere at all, but… I saw an opportunity to remove any sort of issue that may occur with her.” She looks over to you. “When I told you about her not being a true agent, I did so because it would mean that she would no longer need to be watched. After that, my plan was to simply report that and be done with this mission. However…” She sighs, looking back to Myla. “With your encounters with that mage you have spoken of, the one who sent you to those ruins, I realized that it would be important to investigate that as well. That is why I sent my escorts with you.”

“W-wait so…” Garrett speaks up after listening to Kimno. “You… You were still going to follow us..?”

“… Yes.” She hesitantly nods. “As agents, we are allowed to change our missions if we feel that there is something much more important to be done. And… with the cervidae seeming to no longer be an issue, I thought that I would start investigating this. But then, the ruins…” She casts her eyes down a bit. “I apologize. I did not mean for my escorts to cause such issue. I never meant for them to cause harm in such a way. I had thought that their presence would prove a benefit, if anything.”

“So… what you said earlier.” Myla looks at the sheep. She’s calmer now, but you can tell that she’s still not totally accepting of all this. “You lied. You said you wouldn’t be following us anymore.”

“I… Yes.” Kimno nods again. “I apologize again. I was… I was unaware of just how much you distrusted me. I made a poor judgment. Even now, I understand if you cannot forgive me.” You tell her that it may be best if she really doesn’t follow you then. “I… Even if I were to stop following you myself, it is important for me to report my findings about that mage. I highly expect that the Empire would simply send another agent to investigate.” She looks up at you. “I know that you have little reason to trust me. But I promise to you that I have no desire to cause problems for you in the future. I cannot truthfully promise that others would do the same, so if you cannot trust me then…” She hesitates again, it obviously being difficult for her to say. “Th-then perhaps the wolf is right, and I will not judge you for it.” You blink at the sheep’s words, surprised at them, and unable to really make a response. Everyone is quiet for a while.

“Fucking hell…” Myla is the first to break the silence with a frustrated sigh. “I just wanted to get rid of this sheep and get a meal out of it too, and now she’s being all honest and crap.” She looks at Kimno for a moment. “Every part of me wants to say it’s ‘too little, too late’, but… Gah…” She looks over to you. “Okay, she’s already said that she’s fine with it, and I still don’t trust her. Besides, we can’t let her follow us. You already know how many issues that’ll cause. We can’t let her walk either, cause that’ll just cause even more issues.” You ask Myla if she still wants to just get rid of her. “… Yeah. I do. Because I just don’t see any other way for this to reliably work. The fact we skipped breakfast might be part of it too. I mean, it’s either that or keep her as a prisoner, which we just don’t really have the means to do.” Thinking for a moment, you realize that the idea of keeping her as a captive might work a lot easier if she was shrunk down. You offer the idea to Myla. “Er… We don’t really have a way to do that, do we?” You admit that you don’t at the moment, but you might be able to find someone who could help. Trying to lighten the mood a little, you say that she’d look a bit cute as a pocket sheep.

“Ah um…” Kimno seems a bit concerned at your suggestion. “I am… I am not so certain about that sort of plan. I feel that may be a bit… I am not sure if I want to be this ‘pocket sheep’ you speak of… M-maybe the wolf’s idea is better…”

“Eh? But…” Garrett looks at the sheep. “It’d keep you alive, yeah? Wouldn’t you want that?”

“I-I suppose but…” She shakes her head. “It just seems a strange solution…”


You know that you could get shrinking potions from Gina, though that’s not really a permanent solution. However, you may be able to find something if you investigated it. Of course, you could just let Myla have her way, though the wolfgirl seems less sure about it now. Of course, you can just let her go, and let her follow you, but then she will eventually find out about Faera. Once again, you consider your options. Perhaps there is another way as well…



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  1. God bless Garrett and his armor piercing question.

    So now that things have calmed down, let’s decide on what to do with Kimmo, I wanna keep her alive, but I wanna keep her away too. Let’s go with that option, if not, I guess the pocket sheep is an option too. (Kimmo is starting to remind me of Elykae, great. -_-)

  2. Hm, how will we transport her? how about we alter who carries her, via belly taxi. At least until we can get to the town and speak to Gina about the shrinking potion. Once that’s finished, we stuff Kimno into Myla’s cleavage like in the post Rayen did and be on our way to the Empire. Once there, we can get her enchanted to stay that small and forever be pocket sheep. And while we’re there we can get Myla fixed. And ask around for the best way to deal with anger management for her.

  3. Let’s try going with the shrinking, mostly because Kimno is uncomfortable with it. Like we can’t really reason with someone that said “kill me or i’ll rat you out”, so maybe we can reason with her once she is in a position she doesn’t like.

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