ARPG Extra Story 1-12

> Continue fighting

Lorre seems to understand that the human girl is a bigger threat to herself at the moment and switches targets. She starts casting again, focusing on her. It doesn’t take her too long to hit the girl with another impairment spell, similar to what she did with the lamia. With that, it should be much harder for her to see properly enough to use her bow effectively.

However, you still have to focus on the snake. With you now being in close combat, you pull out your blade and start focusing on trying to cripple his tail. With these two being mercenaries, you don’t have to completely defeat them. All you have to do is cause enough damage for them to decide fighting you is no longer worth it. You slash and stab at the long snake man’s tail, trying to do as much damage as you can in an aggressive manner. The human girl already seems willing to back off, so if you can just break the lamia’s will to continue, then you’ll have won. Your attack does seem to be starting to have some effect, as the man seems to be a bit shaken.


Glancing over, you can see the archer is getting ready for another attack at Lorre. She lets out another arrow, which catches the mage, though not quite as hard as last time. It’s likely becoming more difficult for her to target the elf.


While you did manage to do a lot of damage to the lamia, it hasn’t really stopped him. You’re caught a bit off guard as he slams his tail into you, rather than attacking with his weapon. The power of the blow knocks you backwards, and you stumble, falling onto your rear. You’re able to right yourself quickly, but that hurt quite a lot.



You’re starting to get worn out already, though the lamia is also starting to look to be in a similar state. You look over to the hooded man and realize that he is noticing this as well. He looks less certain about this fight, and is starting to back off. You worry that he might end up running if you spend too much more time with these two.

Of course, the fight isn’t quite in your favor at the moment. While the lamia might be getting worn down, the archer still looks fresh. The both of them may be slightly blinded by Lorre’s magic, but they’re still managing well. You wonder if you might need to change tactics.



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  1. Continuing to focus on the tail would be a good idea. That’s the biggest problem we have right now. Lorre should send up a flare of some kind to let our allies know where we are. She also needs to take out the archer. If she can suppress her movements, that would help.

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