ARPG 2-288

>Take Kimno with you

After some thought, you offer that keeping Kimno under watch would likely work out best, and finding a way to shrink her would be the easiest way to ensure that you can keep her under control.

“I am not so sure about this…” Kimno looks a bit nervous by your suggestion. However, you explain that with what she’s already admitted, you can’t really let her just leave. It’s either this or going with Myla’s idea. “I… I understand that. I just…”

“How about we just let her choose then?” Myla sighs, looking at the sheep. “Which would you rather have? Though…” She glances over at you. “You know keeping her with us is gonna make some issues, right? I mean, we won’t really be able to hide anything.” You realize that she’s probably talking about Faera. It’s likely that if you keep her, she will eventually find out about her.

“It is not much of a choice that you are giving me…” Kimno sighs. “I will have to choose to become your captive.” She looks a bit disheartened by the decision.

“W-well uh…” Garrett seems to notice this and speaks up. “If you’re coming with us, then you’ll be able to keep investigating anything we find, yeah? I mean, we’ll let you go eventually… R-right?” He glances over to you.


Turning to the sheep, you give her a nod. At some point, it is likely that you’ll be able to let her go free. Though you do warn her that if she does end up causing trouble, then you may have to just end up getting rid of her. “I… I understand.” She nods to you.

“And what if we can’t find a way to shrink her?” Myla asks, crossing her arms. “I mean, we can’t very well keep her like this. We’re not exactly organized enough for that sort of thing.” You admit that she’s probably right, but it may be best to just think about that whenever it may come up. “Right.” She sighs before turning to Kimno again. “So I guess you’re gonna be coming with us. This probably isn’t the best idea, but none of the plans really seemed that great, so I guess we’ll manage.”

“Yes.” Kimno nods before looking to you. “Will you be restraining me in any way?” You shake your head. She’s already said before that she’s a non-combatant, so you’re not too worried about that. And for now, it’ll be easy to keep an eye on her.

“Well, let’s just get moving then.” Myla starts walking again, with everyone following. “I guess we’re gonna have more things to deal with when we get to Erada now.”

You nod to that. You know that Gina has access to shrinking potions, but even a very powerful potion will only be temporary. It will be a good place to start though. Aside from that, there’s also Ken. He may have some sort of knowledge that could be of help here.

As you walk, you realize that you’ll need to figure out something with Faera while you investigate some ideas for Kimno, though you’d like to do that without the sheep finding out just yet. You pull Garrett off to the side to speak with him.

“Yeah? What’s up?” He asks. You explain that you’d like him to go and explain the situation to Faera when you get to Erada. “Oh, yeah! I can do that! What should I tell her?” You think for a moment and decide that he should tell her to stay at Kaiti’s place while you figure things out. You’ll stay with Kimno and Myla at your own apartment in the meantime. “Okay, got it, though uh…” He glances over to the sheepgirl. “What if she kinda figures it out? I mean, what should I say I’m doing if she asks?” You explain that he should just say that he’s going to explain things to Kaiti, since he’ll likely be doing that as well. “Oh! Yeah, that sounds good! Don’t worry, I can do that!” You give him a nod, thanking him.

It takes you some time to make the trip, but you make good time. You’re starting to get used to this road, after traveling it so much. It’s late afternoon by the time you arrive back at the city gates. “Right, so what’s our plan now?” Myla turns to you.

You turn to Garrett and ask him to go tell Kaiti about what has happened. “Oh, right!” He gives you a nod. “I’ll go tell her, though uh…” He glances over at Kimno. “Should I tell Kaiti about her?” You nod, saying that it would probably be best to give her the whole story. “Okay, got it!” With that, the centaur heads off into the city, with Bluebell on his back.

You are left alone with Myla and Kimno now, and it’s time to decide how you want to do this. “The potion girl has some of those shrinking potions, right?” Myla thinks for a moment. “I mean, from what I heard, you found that out the hard way. Maybe that frog could help too. Wouldn’t mind checking in on Jates too.” You nod, also offering that Ken could maybe have something. “The elf… Eh, maybe. I just hope he wouldn’t want us to ‘pay’ him again for it.”

“If I may…” Kimno speaks up. “After our words earlier, I admit that I may have been… a bit harsh with Oriz. If we could go see him, I would appreciate it. That is, if he still is at that inn. He may have already left…” You admit some worries that he might react badly to hearing that the sheep is being held captive by you. “Ah… Yes, I suppose but…” She pauses for a moment. “I still would like to speak with him, if you will allow it.”

You consider what you want to do.



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  1. We should stop by Gina to see if she has any shrink potions. If not, then to the alchemist. once that’s done, we go to the inn to try and find to find the birbman. I’m tempted to have Floria shrink the sheep down and put her between her breasts when they go to see the birb.

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