ARPG 2-289

>Go visit Gina

You’re hesitant to agree to see Oriz at the moment, so you decide to tell Kimno that you’d like to go speak with someone else first. You give her an excuse that you just want to make sure you speak to them before they close their shops, but really, you want some more time to decide how to deal with Oriz if things end up going badly when you do meet him. “Very well.” She nods to you. With that, you head into the market district. Your first stop will be Gina, as you know that she has some shrinking potions at least.

It doesn’t take you long to find her tending her little stall in the market. As you approach, she cheerfully greets you. “Oh! Floria, you’re back! How did things..?” She suddenly spots your new bunny-like features and makes a confused face. “Um… did something happen out there? Your ears…” She also notices the sheep with you. “And who’s this?” You give her a quick explanation of some things, though you decide to leave out anything about Elykae for now. You tell her about the strange device that altered your appearance, and that Kimno is just someone who is going to be traveling with you for a while, which isn’t really a lie. “I see! Well, at least you’re safe. Is there anything you needed, or are you just visiting?”

You ask her about the shrinking potions, like the one she accidentally gave you before. “Oh? Those? Um… Yes, I have some more.” She starts looking through her boxes. “I don’t have very many right now, but you could probably talk to Jutho and get some more.” She pulls out three vials of liquid and presents them to you. “Though I have to ask, are you going to be using them yourself?”

“Not exactly.” Myla speaks up. “How long do these last anyway? We kinda plan to use them to make sure that uh…” The wolfgirl thinks for a bit. “Well uh… we might be doing some… bounty hunting or something. Shrinking people down might make it easier to bring them in or something.” She lies, but it’s probably best that Gina doesn’t know that you plan to use them on Kimno for now.

“Oh, well…” The girl thinks for a moment. “These don’t last a huge amount of time. They’re similar to the one that I accidentally gave Floria, so they should last about a day. Of course, that depends on the person. Some people are a bit more resistant to potions.” You ask her if there is a way to get a more permanent effect. “Um… not really with potions. You’d have to use magic for a permanent shrinking. Jutho should be able to make some stronger ones though. I think the longest any potion can safely last is about a week. I bet he could do that.” You nod, and ask how much for the potions she has. “Oh, I guess I should actually charge you. I can’t just keep giving things for free, even if I kinda want to. Hm…” She thinks for a moment. “I will give you a discount though! How about… 60 gold for all three?” You nod to that, handing over the gold. You imagine that she’s giving you a pretty heavy discount. “Okay, here you go!” She takes the money and gives the potions to you.



With those, you now have some way to keep Kimno small for a little while, but it won’t last terribly long. The week-long potions that Gina mentioned could work a lot better though. “Oh um…” She speaks up once again. “If you do go see Jutho um… Well, that little girl that’s working with him is a friend of yours, right?” You nod, assuming she means Jates. “W-well um… There was a bit of an accident today… N-nothing bad, mind! Just um…”


“Did something happen to Jates?” Myla frowns.

“Don’t worry! It’s nothing bad!” Gina quickly shakes her head. “Jutho’s just um… He can be a bit clumsy at times, and there was a bit of an accident. That girl just looks a bit different right now. That’s all. It may have already worn off, to be honest. I just thought I would tell you before you show up, so that there’s no misunderstandings or anything.”

“Figures.” Myla shakes her head with a sigh. “She’s been there all of one day and she’s already having stuff like that happen.”

With the potions obtained, you bid the potion merchant goodbye and walk back out into the market. You pull one of the potions out of your bag and take a look at it for a moment. “Are you certain that this is how you want to do this..?” Kimno looks at the potion as well, a bit nervous. “I am still unsure about all this…”

“You made your decision already.” Myla crosses her arms. “Though you’re free to take the other option.” Kimno just sighs at the wolfgirl’s comment.

“If we must do this, I do ask that we first find some um… suitable clothing for me.” The sheepgirl glances to the side. “I have my doubts that whatever we end up doing will allow my clothing to shrink with me. Perhaps some clothing for sprites would work.” You note that she’s probably right. Sprites are quite a tiny race of people, though they’re a bit rare. Finding clothing might be a bit difficult. You offer that you might have better luck finding clothing used for dolls. Kimno, however, doesn’t seem very thrilled about that idea.

You also admit that you just hope that Gina didn’t get the potions mixed up again. You’d hate to accidentally give Kimno a sensitivity increasing potion, after all. Though for now, you need to decide what you’ll be doing next. With these potions, you can shrink Kimno at any time, though you wonder if it might be better to just continue seeking an alternative way to do it. You’ve still got Ken and Jutho who can potentially give you a longer-lasting option, and Kimno likely still wants to see Oriz. You consider your options…



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  1. Oy, we’re supposed to be inherently good, not taking ppl captive cause it would be inconvenient for us otherwise. (*sigh*) if we’re really gonna do this, let’s go check on Jates, make sure that she’s ok, you know? Then I guess she can go talk to Oriz before you-know-what.

    1. Well we’re not exactly “good”. We can’t forget the first interaction with Edris. Anyway, clocking up on her would be good, but we should send Myla to go see if birb boy is still there and explain the situation to him.

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