ARPG 2-291

> Let Kimno go with Myla

You think for a moment and decide to mention to Myla that you’ll need a place to actually put Kimno while she’s tiny like this. “Eh, yeah, I guess.” The wolfgirl nods. “Not so sure putting her in a bag is a great idea. Don’t want her getting hurt or anything. Plus, it’d be best to put her somewhere we can keep an eye on her.” She thinks for a moment before looking at you. “Just… don’t put her in your pants.” You blink at that in surprise. She just shakes her head. “I know you, Floria. You were thinking it.” You admit to yourself that you kind of were.

After a bit more thought, you get an idea. You look down at the tiny sheep and tell her that she’ll be going with Myla. “Ah, I understand.” She nods. “Then I will be able to speak with- Huh?” She stops speaking as you carefully place her into Myla’s cleavage, pushing her down until just her head and shoulders are poking out. “Wh-what is this?”


“I could ask the same thing.” Myla looks at you with a displeased expression. You quickly explain that it will be the easiest, and probably most comfortable place to put her for now. “You could have asked first at least.” The wolf sighs. “But yeah, I guess this works. Assuming it works for you.” She looks down at Kimno.

“Ah, i-it is very unusual but…” She sheep squirms a little. “It is not uncomfortable, so I suppose it will have to do. Though I cannot move very well…”

With that taken care of, you ask Myla if she’ll be fine on her own. “Of course.” You remind her about the fact that you’ve been targeted before by those cultists. “Yeah, I know. I’ll be sticking to main streets. Don’t worry. We’ll meet you back at the apartment.” With that, she waves and heads off on her own. You nod to yourself and continue walking towards Jutho’s place.

It doesn’t take you too long to arrive at the frog alchemist’s workshop. Stepping inside, you find him at a worktable, though a quick look around doesn’t show Jates to be here. You greet him, and he quickly turns to you. “Oh! It’s um…” He pauses for a moment. “It’s you! Um… I’m sorry, I’m a bit bad with names. You’re Jates’ friend, correct?” You nod, reminding him of your name. “Ah, right! Floria. Got it! Are you here to see Jates or do you need something from me?” You explain that it’s a little bit of both, but decide to ask him about a more long term shrinking potion first. “Hm… Yes, I can do that! Though I do need to ask why you need such a thing.” You decide to go with the explanation that Myla gave earlier, and tell him that you plan to do some bounty hunting, and that the potion would prove to be a good way to capture targets. “Ah-ha! I see! Of course! I may be able to come up with some other useful things as well then!” You ask him what he means. “I think it will be best if you wait for the surprise! Just come back by in the morning, and I’ll have everything ready for you!” You ask him how much it will cost. “Ah..?” He looks at you blankly for a moment. “A-ah, right. I guess I should probably charge you for it… Um… I’ll need to speak to Gina to really know what sort of prices are good. I’m quite bad at that sort of thing. Just come by tomorrow, and we’ll be able to properly discuss all that!” You give him a nod.

You hear a door open from the other side of the workshop, and see a figure come out, carrying a box. “Hey, frogboy, is this the right box?” You recognize the voice as Jates, but her form is quite different. She sets the box down before seeing you. “Ah, Floria? You’re… uh…” You look at her, quite a bit surprised by how different she looks. By the look of things, she has gotten transformed into an impure frog. Not only that, but due to her race being altered, it looks like her body shape changed as well, appearing more feminine and a bit taller, though still quite short. “I guess I should explain, huh?” You tell her that Gina had told you that an accident happened, but you don’t know anything else. “Well…” She glances over at Jutho and sighs. “Frogboy here is super clumsy and spilled a pretty powerful potion on me. Now I’m stuck like this for a couple days.” She looks down at her own body. “Of course, considering what I turned into, I’m still not convinced it was a complete accident.” Her tone of voice makes it obvious that she’s annoyed with the frog.


“A-ah, I’ve assured you already, Miss Jates!” He quickly tries to apologize. “I-it was just an accident, I swear! U-um…” He thinks for a moment. “It’s already a bit late. M-maybe it would be best to let you go home for the day? After all…” He looks over to you. “Your friend is here! I’m sure she wants to spend time with you! U-um…” He seems pretty flustered over this.

“Eh, fine.” Jates sighs. “I’m tired anyway, so let’s just go.” You give her a nod, and tell Jutho that you’ll be back tomorrow.

“Yes! Of course!” He nods back to you. “I’ll see you then!” He bids the two of you goodbye as you head outside.

“So…” Jates turns to you. “What happened to you, exactly?” She asks, looking at your new rabbit-like ears. “And the others? Myla?” You realize that you have a lot to explain to her. As you walk back towards your apartment, you give her a quick explanation of everything that happened back at the ruins, also telling her that Myla was going to go find Oriz. “Huh… I’m pretty happy I didn’t go with you guys.” You ask her how she’s been doing with Jutho. “Eh… He’s an idiot, but it’s fine. I’ve dealt with worse.” She looks at herself for a moment. “Though having this happen on like the second day working with him is kinda… you know.” You can’t really help but chuckle a little, which gets you a bit of a glare from the girl.

It doesn’t take you too long to make it back to your apartment, but by the time you do, it’s starting to become evening. Though as you approach, you notice a figure sitting outside your door. After a moment, you recognize it as Oriz. You approach him, a bit careful, as you don’t see Myla around. “Eh?” He notices you. “Ah, Floria?” Looking at him, he looks pretty upset. “D… Did you ever run into Kimno..?” You nod, but ask him why he’s here. “Um… W-when I came back here and talked to her… She…” He pauses for a moment before shaking his head. “S-sorry, I don’t really know what to do. I just thought that if I met up with you again, I might be able to do something…” You ask if he’s met with Myla yet. “Huh? Myla? No, why?” You realize that he must have been waiting here for a while, and that Myla and Kimno have missed him. They’ll likely come and meet you here soon, but it looks like you’ll have some time to speak to Oriz first.


“Uh… Floria?” Jates looks up at you, a bit confused. “Who is this?” You also realize that Jates hasn’t really met Kimno and her escorts before. You consider how you want to handle this…



3 thoughts on “ARPG 2-291”

  1. Jates lowkey likes her transformation cause it’s closer to her dream figure than her old body.

    Just tell Jates who he is, we’ve got no reason to lie to her, plus she seems pretty smart, so she’ll probably catch the lie. As for Oriz, tell him where to find Myla and the pocket sheep and nothing more, better he hears it from them and not us.

  2. We should tell him Myla and Kimno we’re looking for him. Since he’s alone we should invite him in. There we can explain the situation to them both. Oriz should be informed of what happened with ex-Elykae so that the story is the same. We should also tell him about Kimno’s current condition. Don’t want him freaking out when they meet up again. If he wants, he can join our group, though Myla may not like it.

    1. Let’s not invite him, our web of lies is starting to get tangled up as it is. Besides he’s on her side, not ours, so it wouldn’t be good for him to join us period

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